Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 17: Precious Things


Miorine doesn’t think she can become president of the Benerit Group, and Prospera asks if she’s giving up already since she just declared that she wouldn’t let Prospera have her way with Suletta anymore. An angry Miorine agrees to take over Quiet Zero, but only on the condition that Prospera doesn’t involve Suletta any further in her plans. Prospera counter proposes letting Suletta participate in one final duel, but she wonders if Suletta will be able to give up the Gundam Aerial so easily. The next morning, Suletta walks with Miorine to class and Miorine asks what Suletta would do if she asked her to get rid of the Gundam Aerial. Suletta answers that she wouldn’t do it because it’s like family to her. Suletta then notes that it’s almost Miorine’s birthday and asks what she wants to do. She adds that celebrating a friend’s birthday is on her list, and Miorine answers that she’ll think about it. At the Benerit Group front, Shaddiq tells the co-CEOs of Peil that he intends to run for Group president and wants to form a partnership with them. They ask what’s in it for them, and he explains that he’ll support Gundams as a new core business in the Group. He would transfer GUND-ARM to their control, and this would benefit them since they secretly developed the Gundam Pharact in violation of the Cathedra Agreement. They note that Sarius wouldn’t support this and that the Council will also have an opinion, but Shaddiq promises to take the criticism. He notes that being in the Gundam business is what they most desire, and they realize he means Sarius isn’t coming back. Elan comes into the greenhouse and grabs Suletta, asking her to give him the Gundam Aerial. She pushes him away and says she doesn’t like him the way he is now. He then pulls out a stun gun and repeats his demand, but Guel grabs him from behind and pushes him away. Elan tries to attack, but Guel dodges and easily disarms. He tells Elan he won’t forgive him if he ruins the greenhouse, and Elan runs away, with Miorine spotting him in the distance. Suletta thought that Guel had quit school, but he explains that Lauda delayed processing the paperwork, which allowed him to return. Suletta gives Guel her condolences about Vim, and he tells her that he intends to rebuild the company because it’s the only remaining connection he has to his father. He asks Suletta if she knows about his company’s situation, and Miorine eavesdrops from the side of the greenhouse. Guel declares that he’s going to take over the company because he doesn’t want to lose anything else that’s precious to him. This will be his last time coming to the school, as he wanted to apologize to everyone in Jeturk House. Suletta asks why he’s telling her this, and he recites her motto and says he understands now how frightening it is to move forward. He says that he kept running from his father because he was scared, and now he can move forward because Suletta taught him how. Suletta is glad for Guel, and he tells her that he’s fallen for her. A flustered Suletta notes he said earlier that he didn’t like her, and he explains that he was embarrassed. Guel tells Suletta that he’s grateful to her and that she’s precious to him, but she tells him she has someone precious now. He responds that it’s nice to have someone to say that about, and Miorine comes out from around the corner. She declares that she wants Suletta to duel Guel for her birthday. Guel speaks to Miorine privately to ask what’s going on, and she tells him that she intends to run for Group president and wants his support. She offers to help with the rebuilding of Jeturk by being his fiance again. Guel sees that Miorine wants him to win the duel, and she tells him that she also doesn’t want to lose the things that are precious to her.

Suletta and Guel stand before Rouji’s Haro to declare their stakes for the duel. Secelia teases Guel that he’s come back to keep up his record of losing like a dog, and he counters that she should call him a lion since that’s the symbol of Jeturk House. Suletta states that if she wins she wants Jeturk House to help stop the harassment against Earth House that has gone on since the Open Campus incident. Guel then declares that if he wins, he wants the Aerial Rebuild for himself. Suletta is shocked, but Miorine tells her to let Guel try since it doesn’t matter if he loses. Miorine then gets into an elevator with Guel and apologizes for making him do this because she knows he likes Suletta. Guel answers that there’s more important things going on, and he asks if what Miorine said about Prospera is true. Miorine explains that Suletta never questions Prospera and was sent to Asticassia specifically to engage in these duels. Miorine wants to create a world where Suletta can be happy and free from Gundams. Guel whispers under his breath that there is no world like that. The members of Earth House prepare to transport the damaged Aerial Rebuild, which they can’t repair because they lack funds and also Nika isn’t around. Prospera apologizes to Suletta about having to leave for work and says she’s rooting for her. Miorine calls Prospera and tells her that she’s set everything up, and Prospera asks if she feels bad for Suletta. This irritates Miorine, and Prospera states that she’ll signal when things are ready. Guel cuts his hair and prepares to launch in the repaired and upgraded Darilbalde. He apologizes to Lauda for never having done anything for him as an older brother, and Lauda responds that he’ll still support Guel. He gets into his cockpit and forcibly stops himself from gagging when he’s reminded of the traumas of killing Vim and the death he saw on Earth. Secelia serves as the observer for the duel as Suletta and Guel are transported into position. Shaddiq watches and wonders if Miorine convinced Guel to do this. The co-CEOs of Peil also watch and conclude that Elan 5 failed since the Aerial Rebuild is back in action. Elsewhere, Elan hides out with Norea and is surprised to see Nika there, saying her Earthian friends were worried about her. He also mentioned that he realized during the Rumble Ring that Grassley and the Gundams were in cahoots, and he’s here now because he can’t go back to Peil. Norea tries to stab Elan with a pencil and tells him to get into a Gundam and die, but he counters that he wants to have a long life. Suletta and Guel recite the duel oath, and Secelia declares the start of the match. Suletta opens fire, and Guel uses a shield as a distraction to get in close and attack with his beam saber. However, he hesitates when he flashes back to the moment in battle when he killed Vim. Prospera boards a shuttle and thanks Belmeria for the help with Miorine. Suletta wonders if Guel is feeling well and deploys her bits, which she uses to blast off his shield and both arms. Suletta moves in to attack with her beam saber and causes Guel to have another flashback about Vim. He panics but then deploys his drone bits to repel Suletta’s drones and push her back. Guel clamps onto the Aerial Rebuild with a foot claw and attaches a drone bit as a new right arm, which he uses to slice off the Aerial Rebuild’s left arm. He falls back to avoid Suletta’s drones and attaches another drone bit to serve as a new left arm with a beam saber. Suletta deploys an override field to take control of two of Guel’s drone bits and turn them against him. The Aerial Rebuild glows white as Suletta says that she promised to win for Miorine, and now she wants to buy rings and have a wedding. Guel takes more damage and loses an arm as Suletta enhances her beam rifle by attaching bits to them. Miorine presses a button on her phone, and Suletta hears Eri’s voice saying “I’m sorry” before the Aerial Rebuild deactivates. Guel then launches one final attack and severs one of Suletta’s blade antennas, winning the match. Miorine opens the Aerial Rebuild’s cockpit from the outside, and Suletta starts to apologize. Miorine cuts her off and says she was the one who turned off the Aerial Rebuild because she wanted Suletta to lose. Miorine tosses back her keychain charm and says that Suletta was a good shield, but she can’t fulfill her obligations by losing. Suletta panics and asks Guel to duel with her again, and Miorine presses a button that removes Suletta’s Holder symbol from her pilot suit and changes its color from white to gray. Suletta starts crying as Miorine says goodbye. 


Suletta experiences two losses in one as her Holder title slips away and she learns that Miorine caused her to lose and is now no longer her fiance. I’m not a fan of the tired trope of saying deliberately hurtful things for someone to try to protect them, but Miorine has little choice in this situation. Suletta is so blind to Prospera’s manipulations that she can’t ever question anything her mother says. Miorine wants to release Suletta from the curse of Gundams so she can be happy, but she doesn’t realize that she’s not on Prospera’s level and is getting totally played. Guel fights in a totally different (and much calmer) way then we’ve seen before from him, but his PTSD prevents him from claiming a quicker victory. Still, he did well despite that setback, but in the end he wouldn’t have won without Miorine’s intervention. It’s a shame Suletta has to suffer this way, but there’s not really any other way to break Prospera’s hold over her.

Overall Rating

The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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