Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 21: What We Can Do Now


With Belmeria as prisoner, Guston takes a shuttle to Asticassia and tells someone over the radio to send “it” to the Benerit Group’s head office front because he has an idea about the pilot. Inside the battered school, students live in temporary tents while cleanup continues. Suletta hands out blankets to students and is asked by Secelia why she’s doing this. Suletta explains that she’s doing this because she can move, and when Secelia asks if she’s changed, Suletta answers that she probably has. Felsi tells Guel that Petra is still in critical condition and she can’t reach Lauda. Kenanji reports to Rajan about the attack on Asticassia, and Rajan notes that it was a failure on their part to not realize that Shaddiq was harboring extremists. Kenanji presumes that the Space Assembly League will make a move, and Guel walks in and asks if Miorine has returned. Guel finds Miorine lost in thought, and her hands shake as she asks where she went wrong. Guel tells her not to blame herself and tells her they have to set the Group’s direction. Miorine visits Shaddiq in custody and he offers his condolences on her becoming President. He then asks about Sabina and the others and Miorine reports that they’re safe. He tells Miorine to go easy on them because everything was his plan. Miorine comments that his plan to put Earth on equal terms with Space was dazzling, which is why he did it the wrong way. Shaddiq counters that someone had to do it, if only so that there aren’t more people like him in the future. He asks if she thinks he’s despicable for using cowardly methods, but she answers that she’s just as guilty. Two girls complain about the quality of their rations, so Suletta offers them tomatoes, which they think taste delicious. Chuchu offers tomatoes to the two girls she’d previously knocked out for pranking Suletta. Nuno asks how they have all these tomatoes when the greenhouse was destroyed, and Suletta explains that she kept them refrigerated in Miorine’s room. Suletta thinks they should hand out the tomatoes since power is unstable, and Chuchu agrees. The Earth House members divide up the tomatoes to distribute to other students. Martin takes Nika aside and says he wants to talk to her one more time. She tells him she plans to drop out once the recovery is over, as she plans to turn herself in and make amends. She intends to study after that and not give up on her dream of bridging Earth and Space. Martin starts crying and says he didn’t want to punish Nika, but he didn’t know what else to do. Nika states that if she were alone she’d have given up, but meeting everyone changed her. Martin tells her that she can always come to him if she’s in trouble. Guston approaches Suletta and identifies himself as an agent of the League. At the League’s Front, the co-CEOs of Peil blame Grassley for the unrest on Earth and in Space and call the Benerit Group a threat to peace. An armed intervention to dissolve the Group is proposed and approved by unanimous consent. The League then dispatches multiple spaceships and Cargore mobile suits for the mission.

Guel asks Kenanji if he’s found any info on Prospera’s whereabouts, but he answers that she deleted all data on Quiet Zero from Shin Sei’s computers. He asks Rajan about the Mobile Suit Development Council and Cathedra, but Rajan tells him they’ve decided to side with the League. Sarius calls Miorine and tells her she should’ve learned more from Delling, so she has to cut of Grassley and pin all the blame on them. He tells her to consider the Group’s continued existence first, but she doesn’t want to sacrifice anyone else. Guston has Belmeria explain to Suletta and Earth House how Prospera plans to use Quiet Zero to take control of all systems that use Permet. Nuno notes that there’s basically nothing that doesn’t use Permet these days. Guston adds that Prospera plans to use Quiet Zero to create a gigantic data storm network within the Earth Sphere. He says that if control of the fronts is lost it could lead to massive casualties, and Elan eavesdrops from outside the building. He wants Suletta’s help to stop Prospera, but Suletta thinks that reasoning with her mother will be impossible. Guston doesn’t understand how that could be, and Suletta reveals that she’s not Prospera’s real daughter. Ojelo asks if she’s adopted, and she clarifies that they’re genetically related. Suletta explains to everyone that Prospera only cares about Ericht, who lives on in the Gundam Aerial, and that she’s a repli-child created from Ericht’s genes. She recounts how after the Vanadis Incident Prospera fled to Mercury, and as Ericht’s body was about to die, Prospera used GUND technology to transfer Ericht’s biometric code to the Gundam Aerial. Suletta adds that Prospera is trying to create a place where Ericht can leave freely and that she was just a key used to get to that point. Suletta states that she loves Prospera and that it’s because of her mother that she got to come to Asticassia and meet everyone. However, she knows that what Prospera cares about most is Ericht and that she won’t listen to her. Guston then reveals that the League recovered the Gundam Calibarn during the Vanadis Incident and that he wants Suletta to pilot it. Belmeria speaks up and notes that the Gundam is dangerous because it has no filter against data storms. Guston counters that it’s the only option, and Nika tells Belmeria to back up since her Gundam experiments at Peil sacrificed many pilots. Belmeria says that’s not what she wants and falls to the floor crying, saying that she wished she died 21 years ago with everyone else. Nika tells Belmeria that she’s too selfish and that Suletta can’t pilot the Gundam. Suletta wonders why she never noticed until now that she wasn’t affected by the Gundam’s curse because Ericht was the one taking it on. Belmeria explains that Ericht was the only one able to fully synchronize with the data storm, which is why Suletta was never affected. Suletta wants to talk to Ericht and Prospera one last time, and everyone notes the dangers that poses. Suletta explains that while handing out tomatoes she realized that even if she doesn’t gain anything, she has to do what she can. Suletta tells Guston to take her to the Gundam. Elsewhere, Prospera connects the Aerial Rebuild to the core of Quiet Zero and activates it. The League fleet detects Quiet Zero at Lagrange 2 and moves to intercept. The Aerial Rebuild glows and takes control of the unpiloted Gundnodes, and the League launches its Cargores in response. The Gundnodes begin their attack run and easily destroy the Cargores. Quiet Zero begins building the data storm network by connecting to the Gundnodes to create a field around the League fleet. The fleet’s ships and suits become inoperable, making them easy targets for the Gundnodes. Within minutes, the Gundnodes wipe out the entire fleet. Prospera thanks Ericht and says that the world she’s building for Ericht is finally beginning. Miorine cries at the further loss of life and her role in it. Guston hears the news about the fleet, and Chuchu demands that he take them all with him. She’s still opposed to the plan, but she doesn’t want to let Suletta go alone, and Martin speaks up that he’ll never abandon anyone again. Elan casually walks in and says he’ll help them, but he won’t pilot a Gundam. He then apologizes for everything he did to Suletta, and she accepts. She asks him about the previous Elan, and he offers up as much as he knows. Lauda stands in front of the Gundam Schwarzette and angrily blames Miorine for all the bad things that have happened.


It’s expected that this episode would mostly slow its pace after all that has transpired in the previous two episodes. The school is not in great shape, and students have been forced to live in tents on the lawn. We learn that Petra is actually alive, and it seems like quite the cop out given that the previous episode made it seem like she died. Suletta shares the truth about her life and Prospera with everyone in Earth House, and it demonstrates in part how she’s grown through all the adversity she’s experienced in the last few episodes. She no longer blindly believes in Prospera’s mantra, and she recognizes that Prospera is devoted only to Ericht. This is in sharp contrast to Miorine, who is on a downward trajectory and consumed with all the guilt of the deaths at Quinharbor and now outside Quiet Zero. Both were the result of getting played by Prospera, so the question now for Miorine is, what will she do to atone? Lauda is similarly in a downward spiral and blaming Miorine for everything, so it looks like he’s going to take the Gundam Schwarzette for himself and make some big mistakes. We also learn of the existence of the Gundam Calibarn, which was seized 21 years ago in the Vanadis Incident. Suletta is willing to pilot this suit that could kill her, but maybe it won’t. She is a clone of Ericht, and if Ericht could fully synchronize with the data storm, maybe Suletta can as well (and better withstand the effects by not being a toddler). The last few minutes demonstrate the shocking power of Quiet Zero, which of course is ominously shaped like a coffin. We seem to be heading toward a final showdown between Suletta and Prospera, and if that’s the case, it would be the first time that the protagonist’s Gundam becomes the final boss.

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The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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