Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 7: Shall We Gundam?


Nugen, one of the co-CEOs of Peil, acknowledges to Sarius that the Pharact is indeed a Gundam. She asks Sarius what he’s proposing, and he explains that he wants both companies to cooperate and figure out what Delling is up to. In the greenhouse, Miorine bonks Suletta on the head for being distracted while trying to snip a tomato off a vine. Miorine asks Suletta if she’s really that worried about Elan, and she notes that he hasn’t been to class since their duel. Miorine asks Suletta if she enjoys butting into other people’s problems, and when Suletta asks if she’s ever worried about others, Miorine answers that her only concern is getting out of here and going to Earth. Miorine tells Suletta that she’ll fail her exam again if she doesn’t stay focused. The two then receive invitations to an incubation party, which Miorine explains is only for students who belong to the houses of the three main branches of the Benerit Group. She adds that Suletta would have to give a speech as the Holder, and Suletta gets the idea that Elan will probably go to the party and she can speak to him there. Martin and Nika come to the party and feel out of place, but Miorine tells them that doesn’t matter since they’re guests of the Holder. Suletta arrives and complains that the dress she borrowed from Miorine feels tight. Miorine explains to everyone that the incubation party’s purpose is for people to pitch new startup ideas within the Group and seek seed funding. If the proposal raises the targeted amount, the company is created, but Miorine thinks none of the ideas will be funded because they’re old-fashioned. Elsewhere, the real Elan complains about having to clean up the mess left behind by his double, and the Peil CEOs explain that the next test subject isn’t ready yet. Suletta tells Miorine that people are staring at them, and Miorine tells her to act confidently. Shaddiq comes over to greet them, and Suletta asks if they’re friends. Shaddiq is surprised that Miorine came with Suletta and is doing something for somebody else. Suletta is surprised to see Prospera and introduces her to Miorine. Prospera comments that she was impressed by Miorine’s display at the last Group meeting, and she thinks she owes Aerial’s status to Miorine’s actions. Prospera asks Suletta to get her a drink, and she firmly grips Miorine’s hand and asks if things have always been like this between her and Delling. Miorine asks why she wants to know that, and Prospera answers that she just wants to get along with the bride’s family, if a marriage happens. Prospera mentions how Delling ended the Vanadis Incident 21 years ago and banned the existence of Gundams, but Miorine dismisses that as past glories. Prospera asks what’s so unforgivable about Delling, and Miorine answers that he makes decisions on his own about her without saying anything. She also thinks about her mother’s death and proclaims that she’ll never accept Delling as her father. Prospera laughs because Miorine’s dress, the space she lives in, and the respect she receives from others all comes from being Delling’s daughter. Prospera tells her she should throw away her pride, and Suletta accidentally knocks over several glasses and breaks them. Lauda looks at her with disgust and gets a call from Vim, who reminds him to act as instructed. Elan appears in front of Suletta and offers a handkerchief to help with the spill. Sarius greets Delling as he exits the elevator, but Delling walks by without saying a word.

Nika wonders if she should take food from the tables, but Shaddiq places a plate on her tray. He then lowers his voice and says he owes Nika thanks, and she nervously replies that it was nothing at all. Suletta apologizes to Elan and says she was worried after he didn’t show up for their meeting. He explains that he’s on a leave of absence due to company business and apologizes for worrying her. Suletta asks if she’s coming back to school, and he answers that he will. He then offers to escort Suletta to the stage for her speech. The lights then dim for a special presentation from the CEOs of Peil: Nugen, Kal, Nevola and Golneri. Nugen turns the stage over to Suletta and Elan, and the floor opens and they rise up on an elevated platform. They introduce Elan as the pilot of the Pharact, and Suletta as the Holder and pilot of the Aerial. Suletta stumbles at first but then says she plans to learn as much as she can at school. The CEOs quiz Suletta about her piloting, and Nugen mentions that Elan said he felt a strange response during their duel, as if their machines became entangled. Suletta answers that she did, and Nugen raises Suletta’s platform even higher into the air. Nugen then declares that the Aerial is actually a Gundam, and the other co-CEOs admit that the Pharact uses the GUND Format. Nugen mentions that only Gundams react in that way to other Gundams, which removes all doubt. Suletta insists that the Aerial isn’t a Gundam, and Vim asks what Peil intends to do since building a Gundam is prohibited by the Cathedra Agreement. Nugen responds that they’ll dispose of the Pharact and dissolve the development team, and Vim counters that Shin Sei should do the same. Miorine realizes that this was a trap to get rid of the Aerial. Elan plays along and says that the Aerial’s developer should be allowed to explain, and Suletta calls out for Prospera. Elsewhere, Prospera asks Lauda what was so important that they needed to discuss it outside the party. Lauda answers that Vim wants to renegotiate their previous deal. Party guests gossip about the Aerial as Suletta pleads with them to listen to her. Miorine interrupts the chatter by declaring that she won’t let anyone dispose of Aerial, which is superior technology that defeated Jeturk and Peil suits. Sarius tells her that they can’t overlook an inhuman machine that kills its pilot, and Miorine notes that Suletta is alive and well. Miorine then pulls up a presentation and proposes a 240 billion plan to purchase the development teams of Shin Sei and Peil to merge them into a new company: GUND-ARM, Inc. Miorine declares that the new company will place a priority on protecting humans, and that the company will revitalize the Group’s finances. Not one person moves to invest in her idea, and Delling tells Miorine there’s no value in her proposal because she has no credibility. Delling tells her to get out, and Miorine tells Suletta she’s going to protect her. She runs over to Delling and demands that he invest in the company and lend her his credibility. Delling comments that she can’t run away and that the Gundam’s curse is heavier than she thinks. Miorine sees on her phone that Delling has made an investment, which causes others to invest until GUND-ARM is fully funded, which infuriates Vim. Afterward, Prospera apologizes to Suletta and thanks Miorine for what she did. Prospera comments that her daughters are in good hands with Miorine, and they shake hands again. Suletta asks Prospera if the Aerial is a Gundam, and Prospera casually admits that it is.


Following the duel between Suletta and the “fake” Elan, this episode switches to a lot of corporate maneuvering. A trap is laid to definitively out the Aerial as a Gundam and make sure it’s eliminated, but Miorine ruins those plans by proposing GUND-ARM, Inc. It’s not clear why Delling would support this company when he’s been so firmly anti-Gundam in the past, but there’s a hint in his line about the “Gundam’s curse” that suggests more is going on that we haven’t seen. Prospera comes off as quite intimidating in her first conversation with Miorine, and she’s very nonchalant at the end about just admitting to Suletta that the Aerial is really a Gundam. It’s clear that Prospera is playing a very long game here to get her revenge, and that Suletta has no idea what she’s mixed up in. The only questions are, how long will it take Suletta to learn the truth, and how devastating will it be? Additionally, Shaddiq comes across quite shady in his conversation with Nika, and what is he referring to that he’s thankful of and she’s nervous about?

Overall Rating

The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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