Gundam X Ep. 11: Don’t Think, Just Run!


Carris holds his beam saber just above the cockpit of the Gundam X and tells Tiffa that what happens next is up to her. Tiffa runs onto the Freeden‘s deck and is picked up by the Bertigo. Jamil runs to the deck, and Tiffa asks him to say goodbye to Garrod for her. The Bertigo flies off, and Ennil is annoyed that Carris didn’t kill Garrod. In the infirmary, Sara and Toniya bandage up Witz and Roabea while Techs examines Garrod. Garrod screams in his sleep, and Techs explains to Jamil that Garrod’s injuries are mental. Witz wants to rescue Tiffa before Garrod wakes up, but Jamil reminds him that the Gundam Airmaster and Gundam Leopard are still being repaired. In the mobile suit hangar, Kid examines the damaged Gundam X and has an idea about his spare parts. He meets with Jamil and explains that now would be the best time to upgrade the Gundam X because it needs more varied armaments. Jamil approves, and he also asks Kid and Techs to help him dispel his cockpit phobia. In Fort Severn, the Bertigo and Juracgs march through the streets triumphantly. The citizens cheer Carris on, believing that he rescued Tiffa from Vultures and is keeping the city safe. Tiffa asks Carris what he plans to do with her, and he tells her that they’ll both be saviors. In the Freeden‘s bar, Witz comments that Garrod is too depressed, but Roabea thinks it’s not surprising given his loss. Witz thinks Jamil should’ve said something about the Newtype since he used to be one. Sara says that many people died because of Newtype power, and Jamil was mentally scarred by it so they can’t ask him. In the mobile suit hangar, Jamil gets out of the Daughtress‘ cockpit and breathes heavily. Kid tells him not to push himself, but Jamil says he has to break the phobia. At Fort Severn, Nomoa orders Carris to stay away from Tiffa until her powers can be studied. Carris objects, and Nomoa tells him he has to put all his personal feelings aside if he wants to unite the world. On the Freeden, Jamil returns to the bridge and asks Sara for a situation update. She tells him it will take three days to completely repair the Gundam X, and it will take time for Garrod to learn the new systems. She says she’s also worried about the Frost brothers attacking since the Freeden isn’t at full fighting strength. Elsewhere, the Frost brothers land their transport plane inside a large transport plane and meet with an officer named Aimzat Kartral. Shagia asks how everything is progressing, and Aimzat tells him that the Government Reconstruction Committee is moving forward and will soon establish the New United Nations Earth. He says that Newtypes will be important for the New U.N.E., and Shagia says he wants to let the Freeden gather up Newtypes so he can steal them away. Olba is concerned by the Freeden‘s mobile suit force, but Shagia vows to destroy their Gundams.

On the Freeden, the mechanics collapse as they continue to work on the Gundam X. Jamil apologizes for the trouble, but Kid says they’re doing it because they love it. He says that all their work will be for nothing if Garrod doesn’t show up, and Jamil says he’ll take care of that. He goes into Garrod’s room, picks him up by his shirt and says they need to talk. Kid collapses in Techs’ arms after finally completing work on the Gundam X Divider. The Frost brothers approach the Freeden, and Toniya tells Sara that she can’t find Jamil or Garrod. Jamil and Garrod drive through the snow in a jeep, and Jamil tells Garrod he’s a brat for being so depressed over losing a girl. Garrod insists that isn’t the problem and says he didn’t expect Carris to be so strong and he doesn’t have any special powers himself. Roabea and Witz open fire at the Frost brothers, but they dodge the attacks. Kid wakes up in the infirmary and runs back to the hangar because he has to finish something in the GX Divider’s cockpit. Jamil stops the jeep next to a frozen lake and throws the G-controller onto the lake. He tells Garrod that this is his last chance if he wants to return. Garrod says he’ll die if he falls into the frozen water, and Jamil tells him he can do it without any special powers. Shagia knocks Witz down and fires the megasonic gun. Witz jumps in time to dodge the blast, but it hits the Freeden‘s port side engine. Jamil drives off, and Garrod slowly begins walking on the ice. Techs tells Kid to stop pushing himself, but Kid stabs his leg with a screwdriver so he can stay away. Garrod reaches the G-controller and is happy to retrieve it, but he jumps up and down and causes the ice to crack. Jamil returns and tells Garrod to just run without thinking. Garrod runs to the shore with the ice quickly cracking beside him, but he manages to reach safety. Roabea runs out of ammo, and Witz is knocked out of the sky. Shagia says they have too much power, and Olba says they’ll have to die for that. Garrod and Jamil return to the Freeden, and Garrod jumps into the cockpit of the GX Divider. Shagia prepares to fire the megasonic gun to kill Roabea and Witz, but Garrod shoots at him with his beam machine gun. Garrod lands in front of Witz and Roabea, and the Frost brothers are shocked to see that the Gundam X has been upgraded. Garrod charges forward to attack the Frost brothers.


The cliffhanger from the last episode is resolved with Garrod’s life saved, but Tiffa is lost in the process. Garrod’s confidence is also shot since he was defeated by Carris and lost Tiffa. Jamil decides to do something about that with an interesting exercise. He’s also working on a personal matter himself, which is to conquer his cockpit phobia. There’s also a big revelation regarding the Frost brothers. It turns out they’re not random villainous freelance mobile suit pilots. Instead, they work for the Government Reconstruction Committee that is planning to establish a New United Nations Earth. Their goal is to get Newtypes, so Shagia is content to let the Freeden do all the work for him. The two of them beat down Witz and Roabea pretty badly, but lucky for them, Garrod arrives just in time to save them with the new and improved GX Divider.

Original Review: August 17, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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