Gundam X Ep. 14: Can You Hear My Voice?!


Garrod jumps into the Bertigo‘s cockpit and sees that Carris’ gun wasn’t even loaded. Carris is then rushed into Techs’ infirmary for an operation. At Fort Severn, Nomoa is furious when he is informed that Carris was taken captive by the Freeden. Below the city, workers attach power cables to the Patulia to charge it with energy. Ennil finds it ironic that Nomoa has lost his Newtype just when he is about to resurrect the Patulia. Nomoa admits that many of the Patulia’s abilities can’t be used without a Newtype, so Ennil offers to get Carris back. On the Freeden, Garrod finds a trail of blood on the floor while on his way to the bathroom. He follows the trail and wonders if Carris has left the ship. He jumps into a jeep to search for Carris and is joined by Tiffa. They drive in the night snow and find Carris collapsed on the snow nearby. Garrod tells Carris he’ll die out in the snow, and Carris says that is what he wants. Garrod yells at him because he wanted to be a Newtype, and he says dying won’t change anything. He tells Carris that he can come back with them on the Freeden and stay there. Carris agrees, and Garrod jokingly asks him not to start anything with Tiffa. He also tells Carris that he doesn’t want to fight him again because he’s too skilled. Just then, Ennil appears with a squad of Juracgs and attacks. Garrod and Tiffa stick Carris in the jeep and head back for the ship. Jamil rushes to the bridge and orders Witz and Roabea to sortie immediately. The Juracgs fire at the jeep, but Ennil finds they are hesitating for risk of hitting Carris. Ennil then jumps ahead of the jeep and shoots it to knock it over. Another Juracg grabs Carris, and Ennil pulls in next to Garrod to take him. As she reaches for him, Roabea attacks her from behind. The Juracg carrying Carris escapes, followed by Ennil. The remaining Juracgs stay behind to guard her escape and are destroyed by Witz and Roabea. With Carris returned, Nomoa places him in a control capsule and powers up the Patulia. The ship-sized mobile armor breaks out of its cavern and destroys most of Fort Severn. The Patulia opens to its attack mode and begins to fire wired beam cannons at the city. On the Freeden, Jamil sees they are too late, and Toniya wonders why someone would destroy his own city. Jamil answers that Nomoa wants his revenge on the people of Earth and is punishing them. On the Patulia, Nomoa tells Ennil that Carris’ mind is being replaced by information from the Patulia. In his mind, Carris calls out everything to stop.

On the Freeden, Kid makes some final adjustments and attaches extra weapons pods to the Gundam Leopard. Garrod launches in the GX Divider, followed by Witz in the Gundam Airmaster and Roabea in the Gundam Leopard. Tiffa tells Jamil that she can hear Carris’ voice. Carris feels his mind fading away and calls out for someone to help him. Nomoa sees the Gundams approaching and vows to destroy them. Garrod, Witz and Roabea immediately come under fire from the beam cannons and are forced to separate. Each of them destroys several cannons, but more keep appearing. After being blasted several times, Garrod realizes he is wasting time and needs to head for the main body. He flies out towards the Patulia while Witz and Roabea cover him. The attack proves too strong, and Garrod is forced to hide behind a building. He sees that if Carris is controlling the Patulia, he’ll have to defeat him. He calls out to Carris and asks him to remember the promise they made to never fight each other again. Suddenly, the Patulia stops all its attacks. Nomoa responds by increasing his control over Carris, and the Patulia fires directly at Garrod. Jamil and Tiffa appear in the Bertigo and save Garrod. Jamil tells Nomoa that the war is over and asks what the point is of continuing the hate. Nomoa responds that without the war his life has no meaning, so he has to look to the past instead of the future. Tiffa says such a thing is wrong and calls out to Carris. The Bertigo is damaged, and Garrod gets close enough to fire the divider and break into the ship. Ennil decides to escape, and Nomoa pulls a gun on her. Garrod smashes into the control room and rips out the Carris’ capsule. As Ennil escapes, Nomoa commits suicide. The Patulia then crashes into Fort Severn and explodes. On a nearby hilltop, Shagia and Olba watch the action. Olba asks about Carris, and Shagia tells him the New U.N.E. doesn’t need worthless artificial Newtypes. Olba regrets that their bodies couldn’t activate the Flash System, and Shagia tells him their search will continue. Carris decides to stay in Fort Severn and help rebuild the town. He says his goodbyes, and Techs explains that Carris will suffer from Synapse Syndrome for his delusions of Newtype power. Garrod says everyone is like Carris because they want power, but Tiffa thinks there is hope.


Well, that’s the end of the Fort Severn arc. Overall, the arc seemed to provide more character development than it did story advancement. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s quite welcome. In episode 11, we learned of the plan to resurrect the U.N.E. and discover the true mission of the Frost brothers. We also learned that Nomoa was a former S.R.A. member bent on getting his revenge. His mad desire for his revenge cost him his life and the lives of many innocent civilians. Garrod matured quite a bit during this saga. In the beginning he was still a kid, but now he’s more of an adult because of his experiences. Also, I think he emerged as a better pilot from his difficult battles with Carris. Hopefully there will be more developments like these with the next story arc.

Original Review: August 18, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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