Gundam X Ep. 16: Because I’m Human, Too


Tiffa has a dream of herself walking into the ocean and witnessing a satellite cannon attack from far away. She then begins to sketch a drawing of a coastal area with a rock shaped like a dragon’s claw. Near the city of Wellgrass, Shingo, Rococo and Nine supervise the sale of three Daughtress suits to a client. In the Freeden‘s mess hall, Garrod selects several items for Tiffa’s breakfast. He greets everyone in the mess hall and stops at Witz and Roabea’s table. Sara and Toniya also stop by, and Garrod asks Roabea why he’s eating in. Toniya asks Witz why he looks glum, and he tells her to shut up. Toniya tells Garrod not to be a jerk like Witz because Tiffa doesn’t like guys like that. Roabea asks him how things are going with Tiffa, and he advises him that he should make a move instead of crying about it later. Garrod delivers the tray to Tiffa’s room and finds her unconscious on the floor next to her drawing. In the infirmary, Techs concludes that she collapsed from shock due to some stress. Jamil sends the Gundams out to the San Lucas coast to search for the dragon’s claw landmark. Witz spots some girls on the beach and gets an idea. On the bridge, Jamil apologizes to Sara for dragging everyone along on his obsessive quest to find Newtypes. She tells him it’s okay because no one on the ship has a place to call home. Garrod locates the dragon’s claw rock along the coast, and the Freeden heads for his position. In the lounge, Roabea gives new swimsuits to Sara and Toniya. He tells them he thought it’d be a good idea to have them since they’d be near the water. Toniya wonders if they’ll fit, and Roabea brags that he can tell a woman’s measurements on sight. He also gives Garrod a bag with a swimsuit for Tiffa. Sara wonders if the recreation is a good idea, but Jamil comes into the lounge and says everyone could use a rest. He warns everyone to stay near the shore to avoid Orcs. Whereas Sea Vultures salvage things from the ocean, Orcs simply attack and raid. In the mobile suit hangar, Kid tells Rococo and Nine that they have to waterproof the GX Divider because it’s their only suit that can fight properly underwater. On the beach, Toniya and Sara go for a swim while Garrod, Kid, Roabea and Witz sit underneath a table. In her room, Tiffa hears a voice calling out to her.

While everyone else plays in the water, Garrod sits alone at the table. Sara and Toniya come over to him, and Toniya teases him by asking him to rub lotion on her back. She thinks he’s sad because Tiffa isn’t with him, and Sara says that Tiffa hasn’t opened her heart to them yet. Tiffa then speeds away from the ship in a small boat. Garrod immediately launches in the GX Divider, followed by Witz in the Gundam Airmaster. Jamil warns Garrod to avoid combat because the Orcs have the advantage underwater. Garrod locates Tiffa’s boat, which is being pursued by three Orc ships. Orc leader Dorza Baroy is surprised that two Gundams have come his way, and he sends out his Daughseat underwater mobile suits to capture them. Garrod and Witz try to block the route to Tiffa and come under attack from the Daughseats. Garrod is knocked underwater and loses his divider shield. He tries to shoot at a Daughseat, but his beam machine gun only has half its power underwater. Another Daughseat appears from behind and grapples him. Witz wonders where Garrod went as he fends off attacks from two other Daughseats. Dorza orders one of the Daughseats to destroy the GX Divider’s cockpit. The Daughseat fires four torpedoes aimed at the cockpit. Suddenly, several dolphins surround the torpedoes and use their screeching to confuse the sonar and cause them to misfire. One of the torpedoes hits the Daughseat holding Garrod, allowing him to escape. He jumps out of the water and uses his beam sword to slice apart one of the Daughseats. Witz grabs Tiffa and everyone escapes. Dorza vows that next time he’ll be prepared to capture the Gundams. At night, Garrod finally returns to the ship after retrieving his beam machine gun and divider. He sees Tiffa sitting by the shore and hides behind a rock to watch her. She speaks to several dolphins and thanks them for saving Garrod. Garrod is shocked when Tiffa takes off her clothes and swims with the dolphins. A white dolphin appears, and Tiffa sees that the others were protecting it. The white dolphin points its nose at the Moon, and Garrod watches the laser beam for the satellite system come down to a distant location. He realizes that a Newtype somewhere is using a Gundam X.


This episode marks the beginning of the ocean arc. Witz and Roabea act pretty strangely at the beginning of the episode, but no one seems to know why. The reason is they are still thinking about what they encountered on their time off from the ship. Roabea also shows off his talent of being able to measure girls visually, which Witz and Garrod think is really no talent to brag about. It looks at though Garrod really wants to approach Tiffa, but he is too nervous to do so (which is understandable). Tiffa acts rather strangely in this episode too, risking her life and talking to dolphins. In this episode we’re also introduced to Orcs, and specifically a group led by Dorza Baroy, who looks like he’s in the wrong series. Finally, the beam from the Moon creates a new plot development. Somewhere out there is another Gundam X with a Newtype controlling it. It’ll be only a matter of time before Garrod and friends find them.

Original Review: August 19, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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