Gundam X Ep. 17: Find Out For Yourself


The white dolphin tells Tiffa that it hates humans, but it leaves when she tries to ask it why. The next morning, Garrod explains to Jamil that he saw the laser lock from the satellite system coming down from the Moon. Toniya asks what that means, and Jamil explains that there’s probably a Newtype somewhere with a Gundam X. The Freeden then takes off over the Pacific Ocean to head for Sains Island. On the Sea Castle, Dorza orders his mechanics to install the D-Navi systems on all the Daughseats to help in capturing the Gundams. A mechanic explains that for the price of all those D-Navis they could have Gundam class suits, but Dorza insists on real Gundams. Garrod collects Tiffa’s food and asks her to come to the mess hall next time because she’s too withdrawn. He takes it back as soon as he says it, but she agrees with him. He panics when he sees a ship approaching, but Techs explains to him that it’s just a Sea Vulture ship. Aside from getting some supplies, Kid buys underwater conversion parts for the Gundam Leopard. He asks about radar, and an old man tells him the best system is Dorza’s D-Navi. He explains that the D-Navi system uses a living dolphin’s brain for detection and is therefore in high demand. Garrod asks about the white dolphin, and the old man tells him it has special abilities. In another part of the sea, Dorza’s ships follow a group of dolphins in hopes of capturing them. The dolphins suddenly change course, and the white one appears in front of the ship. Dorza then focuses on capturing it and wonders if the Gundams will appear. In her room, Tiffa senses that the white dolphin is in danger. She goes to the bridge to warn Jamil and finds Garrod talking to everyone about the white dolphin. He says that it has special powers like Tiffa and Jamil, so he thinks they should help it. Tiffa backs him up and explains that the white dolphin hates humans because they hunt her kind. Jamil decides to help, so Garrod launches in the GX Divider, followed by Witz in the Gundam Airmaster. Unfortunately for Roabea, Kid has yet to finish the underwater conversion parts for the Gundam Leopard. Dorza sends out his Daughseat forces to capture the Gundams. The Daughseats fire missiles from underwater, but Garrod and Witz dodge them.

Garrod dives underwater and is hit from both sides by torpedoes. Three Daughseats approach him from the front and fire more torpedoes. He tries to avoid them, but they continually bash him with their extendable arms. In the air, Witz comes under attack from the Daughseats and Dorza’s ships. He fires at the Daughseats, but they dive down to use the water as a barrier. Jamil orders Kid to speed up the preparations for the Gundam Leopard’s underwater conversion. Garrod fires his harmonica cannon at the Daughseats, but they manage to avoid his attack. The Daughseats aim for Garrod’s cockpit, and he wonders if they are trying to capture the suit. Witz continues to come under attack and nearly crashes into the water after being hit. The white dolphin speaks to Tiffa and says it doesn’t understand why humans are able to kill each other. Dorza’s ships begin firing on the Freeden, and Witz changes course to help the ship. A Daughseat jumps out of the water and blasts Witz out of the sky. He falls into the water, but Garrod grabs hold of him. The two are surrounded by Daughseats. A Daughseat pilot prepares to fire, but the white dolphin swims in front of Garrod’s cockpit. It then lets out a shriek that disables all the D-Navi systems. Jamil wonders if that is the white dolphin’s special ability. Roabea launches in the Gundam Leopard with special underwater equipment. He fires several torpedoes at the Daughseats, which allows Garrod and Witz to return to the air. Roabea continues to fire torpedoes and destroys two of Dorza’s ships. In the air, Witz does several fly by attacks and destroys the Sea Castle. Garrod uses his harmonica cannon to force the Daughseats out of the water so that he can destroy them with his beam machine gun. Later, the crew stands on the deck and watches the dolphins swimming. The white dolphin tells Tiffa that the world is on the brink of a new era because life is always changing. Jamil wonders if the white dolphin is a Newtype in the truest sense, and Techs tells him that dolphins have no concept of killing their own kind. Tiffa tells Garrod that she will be eating in the mess hall from now on. He reaches out to hold her hand, but he then pulls his hand back.



The second episode of the ocean arc continues the story of Dorza and the dolphins. Newtype dolphins are a strange development, but they could be explained as a mutation from the war. As far as character development goes, there is some for Tiffa, as she decides that she can no longer be withdrawn from people. That was something she definitely needed to change. There is an interesting underwater battle in this episode, and Garrod shows how much he has improved since the start of the series. Roabea finally also gets to enjoy some underwater combat and sinks two ships. Although Dorza and his Orcs are out of the way, there’s still the bigger question to answer: who is using the satellite system, and where?

Original Review: August 19, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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