Gundam X Ep. 18: The Sea of Lorelei


During the 7th Space War, the U.N.E. conducted the secret project codenamed Operation L in the Pacific Ocean. The secret project, which included Newtypes and GX-Bits, was forgotten after the apocalyptic end of the war. In the present, a Sea Vulture ship is attacked by the Orc submarine Polypeimos, captained by Marcus Guy. The Polypeimos deploys several Daughseat III mobile suits, which attack the Sea Vulture ship and cripple it. Marcus watches from the deck of the Polypeimos when suddenly Olba’s Gundam Ashtaron emerges from the water. Olba grabs Marcus with his scissor claws and tells him he wants to perform a salvage operation in the Sea of Lorelei. Elsewhere, the Freeden docks with a Sea Vulture freighter to take on supplies. On the bridge, Sara examines maps to try to pinpoint the location where the satellite system was accessed. Jamil believes that when they get close enough Tiffa will be able to provide them with more information. Tiffa goes out onto the deck to help out, and Techs gives her medical supplies to take to the infirmary. A Sea Vulture crewmember tells Garrod that Tiffa is probably as pretty as the ghost woman from the Sea of Lorelei. In the Freeden‘s lounge, Garrod tells everyone about the legend of the ghost woman. Roabea says that if ghosts really did exist, at this point they’d outnumber the living. Sara explains that Lorelei is a legend about a siren who caused ships to crash with her voice. Techs begins to recite a poem about the Lorelei legend when the lights suddenly turn off and everyone panics. Kid turns the lights back on and laughs at everyone. Garrod is embarrassed when he finds himself holding Tiffa after the lights went out. Later, Sara tells Jamil she’s embarrassed whenever she sees Garrod and Tiffa together. She asks Jamil if he was ever like that, and after a long silence he says he’ll tell her later. Deep underwater, the Daughseat III suits salvage several GX-Bits and discover the L container. Olba telepathically reports to Shagia that things are going well, and Shagia tells him that Aimzat wants them to activate the Flash System. He also says that the second test is set to begin. Marcus’ men open the L container and discover a young woman in a capsule. On the Freeden, Tiffa senses something. In the mobile suit hangar, Jamil looks at the GX Divider and pulls out a picture of his younger self and the woman in the capsule. Tiffa comes into the room and asks him to change course to the Sea of Lorelei.

Garrod, Witz and Roabea come to the bridge when they hear the ship is heading for the Sea of Lorelei. Garrod wonders if the ghost will appear, but Jamil suggests he worry about the hurricane they are sailing straight into. On the Polypeimos, Olba telepathically sends an image of the capsule to Shagia, who says he will investigate the matter. Marcus calls Olba to the bridge when the Freeden is picked up on sonar. Marcus wants to attack and rob the ship, and Olba sees they have no choice. As the Freeden rocks in the violent water, it is hit near the starboard engine by a torpedo. In her room, Tiffa asks Garrod to not be surprised by things from now own. The Orc submarine is picked up on sonar, and Jamil orders the Gundams to scramble. Kid gives Garrod a special hyper bazooka that will work better underwater than the beam machine gun does. Garrod and Roabea head underwater while Witz stays on the deck to protect the ship from any torpedo attacks. Several Daughseat III units launch from the Polypeimos and attack. Garrod is able to destroy several of them with his bazooka, but more appear. A few of them fire torpedoes at the Freeden, but the Gundam Leopard intercepts most of them. Tiffa comes to the bridge with her hair down and holds Jamil’s hand. Two Daughseat III suits grab hold of Garrod, but he stabs them both in their cockpits with his beam sword. He spots the Polypeimos and moves to destroy it, but he is grabbed by Olba’s scissor claws. Olba greets Garrod and tells him he plans to destroy him and the Freeden against his brother’s orders. The Polypeimos fires four torpedoes at the Freeden, and neither Witz nor Roabea are able to intercept them. Tiffa tells Jamil everything will be okay, and she begins to glow and hum a mysterious song. As she hums, the capsule on the Polypeimos begins to activate. The torpedoes veer off course, and all machinery suddenly stops operating. Tiffa asks Jamil if he knows who she is, and he recognizes her as his friend Lutil Liliant from the war.


After two episodes so far, we have a true standout in the ocean arc. The Frost brothers are back, and this time they’re salvaging a secret U.N.E. Newtype project from the war. This secret project involved Jamil’s friend Lutil and quite a number of GX-Bits. What this secret project’s purpose was is a mystery, but what is clear is that Tiffa has been possessed by Lutil. This happens just at a time when Tiffa is changing and starting to become less withdrawn. The involvement of the Frost brothers means the New U.N.E. is behind them, and they are also responsible for accessing the satellite system. Perhaps the Frosts want the GX-Bits to use the satellite cannon on their own.

Original Review: August 19, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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