Gundam X Ep. 19: It’s Almost Like I’m Dreaming


Tiffa stops humming the mysterious song and passes out. As soon as she does, all the machinery begins to operate again. Garrod quickly strafes and fires several rounds of his bazooka at the Polypeimos. The submarine is damaged, and Marcus decides to surface before it sinks. Garrod tries to pursue Marcus, but Olba blocks his path. Garrod fires off more bazooka rounds at the Gundam Ashtaron, but Olba easily dodges them. Roabea breaks away from the Daughseat III units and destroys them Witz’s help. Shagia telepathically contacts Olba and tells him that this time their primary purpose isn’t to destroy the Freeden. Olba escapes and asks Marcus to follow him. Garrod wants to pursue the Polypeimos, but Witz and Roabea tell him that the Freeden will sink if he doesn’t return to help. In the infirmary, everyone gathers around Tiffa’s bed to hear Jamil’s story. Jamil explains that during the war Lutil was his superior officer and friend. He says that she trained him to use the Flash System that allowed a Newtype to control Bit mobile suits. He also says he’d heard that her mind was damaged during the war, and Tiffa suddenly wakens and says that’s correct. Techs tells everyone that Tiffa isn’t herself, and she asks Jamil if he heard about the L system. Shagia telepathically informs Olba that the Old U.N.E. designed the L system as a way to boost Lutil’s psychic ability and render all machinery inoperable within a certain radius. Sara comes to Jamil’s office and asks him what his relationship with Lutil was. He tells her that if he says anything he fears he will lose a precious memory. Garrod eavesdrops while walking by, and Sara tells Jamil she can understand his feelings. In the mobile suit hangar, Garrod gives Jamil the G-controller so that he can look for Lutil. Sara finds Roabea playing pool in the lounge and tells him he can’t be in there during an operation. He tells her to shut up and then quickly apologizes. He says to her that he saw his girlfriend the other day, and when Sara asks if he was dumped, he says that the girl died suddenly. He supposes that’s the reason why they should help Jamil find Lutil. The Polypeimos is detected on sensors, and the GX Divider launches, followed by Witz in the Gundam Airmaster and Roabea in the Gundam Leopard. When Garrod walks onto the bridge, everyone is surprised and realize that Jamil must be piloting the GX Divider this time.

Jamil and Witz close in on the submarine, and Olba tells Marcus to launch his mobile suits. The Daughseat III units head out and attack Jamil. He swiftly dodges their attacks and destroys them, and Toniya comments in front of Garrod that Jamil is a real GX pilot. Sara wonders if Lutil can help with by using the L system, but Tiffa says that if she does, her power will be noticed. Shagia telepathically instructs Olba how to remove the amplifier ships so that Lutil can’t use the L system. Jamil destroys the remaining Daughseat III suits and closes in on the Polypeimos, but he comes under attack from the air. Toniya picks up a number of large ships nearby. A large U.N.E. fleet led by Aimzat’s carrier Doritea appears and launches its Daughtress Flyer mobile suit squads. Roabea can’t believe the Orcs are so well armed, and Jamil says they’re not Orcs. The Daughtress Flyers overwhelm the Gundams, and Garrod orders the ship to move forward. Lutil possesses Tiffa again and says that Jamil has good friends who are willing to fight for her. She mentally contacts Jamil and suggests that they use the Flash System. He tells her that he can’t use it anymore, but she assures him that she can help. The Daughtress Flyers press their attacks, and Jamil concentrates with Lutil to activate the Flash System. On the Polypeimos, the GX-Bits activate and break out of the cargo hold. Jamil then directs the GX-Bits to destroy most of the Daughtress Flyers. Shagia asks Aimzat if they should keep fighting, and Aimzat orders a retreat. Marcus and his men abandon the Polypeimos on a small raft, and Olba kills them to keep the operation secret. Lutil asks Jamil to finish things, so he destroys the GX-Bits. Later, Lutil tells Jamil that she’s dying but was glad to see him. Jamil places her in a coffin and buries her at sea. Sara tries to speak to him, but he tells her he wants to be alone.


This is without a doubt the best episode so far of the ocean arc, and it may be the best episode of the series up to this point. We get to see some insight into Jamil’s character and his dedication to protecting Lutil. Although he doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s clear that he was in love with her and felt quite a bit of pain regarding her. Roabea feels the same way about his past and brings up the events of episode 15 to Sara. Aside from the action, there’s some major developments. We see for the first time the muscle that the New U.N.E. has, and they’re not ones to mess with. They will definitely be major players in the conflict in the near future. Also, Olba demonstrates the bloody lengths that he and his brother will go through for their mission. They use people like chess pieces and kill them as if they were nothing.

Original Review: August 20, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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