Gundam X Ep. 2: I Will Give You Power


Witz’s Gundam Airmaster and Roabea’s Gundam Leopard move forward and attack Garrod. Garrod desperately searches for a weapon and pulls out the shield buster rifle, but it’s shot out of his hand. Witz tells Roabea to stay back, but Roabea insists that it’s his job too. Garrod hides behind a rock formation and gets an idea. He jumps up onto the rock face and warns Witz and Roabea that he’ll attack with the Gundam X‘s secret weapon if they don’t stop. While Jamil is worried, Witz and Roabea ignore Garrod and attack. The Freeden fires a signal flare to not attack the Gundam X’s cockpit, and Garrod gets another idea when he realizes what Jamil is after. He jumps out from behind another rock formation holding Tiffa in the Gundam X’s hand. He says he knows what they want and holds the ace of hearts. He then flies away, but Witz transforms his Gundam Airmaster and chases Garrod. The Freeden fires a missile at Witz and sends a message not to chase Garrod. Nearby, an information broker takes pictures and drives off. The information broker gives pictures of the Gundam X to a female mobile suit pilot named Vedoba Morute. He tells her that if she can capture the Gundam X undamaged, she’ll be the strongest mobile pilot in the world. If it is damaged, the parts can still be sold for a high amount of money. On the Freeden, Witz and Roabea wonder why Jamil is so intent on capturing Tiffa. They wonder if Tiffa’s secret can benefit them, but Sara and Toniya overhear them and threaten to report to Jamil. Roabea grabs Sara by the arm and asks her why she and the rest of the crew risked their lives to snatch Tiffa away from the Alternative Company. Garrod and Tiffa sit in front of a fire and eat food. After finishing his portion, Garrod eats Tiffa’s leftovers and nearly chokes on them. He asks Tiffa where she came from, but she says she wants to know about him. He tells her that he was born around the time the war ended, and that his father was a military engineer who died during the war. He explains the harsh conditions on Earth after the war with a nuclear winter that lasted for years. He says that after his town was destroyed, he went on his own to become a mechanic. Tiffa knocks Garrod to the ground just before Vedoba attacks with her Jenice Custom Slash Buffalo.

As Wedoba is about to fire at Garrod and Tiffa, several other mobile suits attack her. Vedoba sees that she’s been betrayed by her allies and vows not to let them get the Gundam X first. Garrod and Tiffa manage to get inside the Gundam X, and he uses his beam sword to slice a leg off of Wedoba’s Jenice Custom. The custom Daughtresses and Jenices then smash Wedoba’s cockpit and haul her mobile suit away. They then turn their attention to the Gundam X and attack Garrod. From nearby, the information broker comments that fools fight while intelligent people like himself stay on the sidelines and make money. From nearby, Shingo spots the battle and moves the Freeden. Roabea hits on Toniya when she tells him and Witz to prepare for battle, and Sara wishes them good luck. Alone, Garrod continues to fight against overwhelming numbers of mobile suits. He destroys several Daughtresses and Jenices, but more and more keep appearing, along with several landships. Garrod shouts out that he won’t die in this place, and he won’t let Tiffa die either. When the Gundam X is damaged, Tiffa tells Garrod that she’s going to give him power. Witz and Roabea launch from the Freeden and head for the battle zone. Tiffa begins to concentrate and activates the long-dormant satellite relay station on the Moon. Jamil senses what she’s doing and reaches out to her to stop, but to no avail. Witz and Roabea destroy several mobile suits as they approach Garrod’s position. The satellite system is activated, and Garrod prepares to use it. A high-energy microwave shoots out of the relay station and begins to charge the receptors in the Gundam X. Garrod unfolds the satellite cannon and fires once the energy levels are full. The satellite cannon unleashes an enormous wave of energy that destroys all the attacking mobile suits, the landships and nearby countryside. After the smoke clears, Garrod is amazed by the amount of destruction. Witz and Roabea think that so much power in a Gundam is too much. Everyone on the Freeden wonders what that attack was, and Jamil says it’s a 15-year-old nightmare. Garrod begins to speak to Tiffa, but she suddenly screams out in pain.


This episode picks up where the cliffhanger from the first one left off. For a mechanic, Garrod does pretty well as a mobile suit pilot against pros like Witz and Roabea. Tiffa’s background is still a mystery, but Witz and Roabea bring up a good point when they question why Jamil is so intent on capturing her again. This episode demonstrates how cutthroat the post-apocalyptic world is. Even someone like Wedoba is betrayed by her allies and killed so that her mobile suit can be sold for money. We also see the devastating power of the Gundam X’s satellite cannon. If it can destroy an entire space colony, it can certainly cause massive damage on Earth. There seems to be some mental damage too, as Tiffa apparently senses the agony of all the deaths caused by the terrible weapon.

Original Review: June 24, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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