Gundam X Ep. 21: It’s Something My Late Wife Used to Say


Following the apocalyptic outcome of the 7th Space War, the Earth’s population is only 98,000,000. At a secret location, Aimzat meets with other men on the committee for forming the New U.N.E.. He believes that they need Newtypes to create a new era and thinks everyone will realize this after the Gundam Double X is completed. After a month at sea, the Freeden finally approaches the area where Garrod spotted the satellite system being used. Garrod tells Tiffa that she’s changed quite a lot lately, and she tells him he hasn’t changed at all. Sara asks Jamil for permission to expand their search area, and he tells her he is worried about the last enemy they encountered. At the secret meeting, the officers report on the status of world events. While Africa has been conquered, several Asian countries have formed an Alliance against the New U.N.E.. South America is a mess due to the colony drops on the Old U.N.E.’s headquarters, and North America is lawless and filled with Vultures. An officer notes that re-conquering North America is Aimzat’s jurisdiction, but he says they should be worrying about the Pacific Ocean. He reports that Jamil is approaching Zonder Epta and has a Newtype with him. The other officers aren’t concerned about Jamil and tell Aimzat that a single Gundam can’t change the world. Another officer questions Aimzat’s abilities based on his failure to secure the GX-Bits. Questions are also raised about Aimzat’s rumored attempts at contacting D.O.M.E. on the Moon. Aimzat returns to Zonder Epta, and both Shagia and Olba see that his meeting didn’t go well. Elsewhere, the Gundams return to the Freeden after an unsuccessful search. Garrod talks to Witz in the hangar, and Witz tells him that Tiffa’s comment wasn’t a compliment at all. On Zonder Epta, Aimzat tells Shagia and Olba that a man named Katokk Alzamille is being sent to lead a mission to capture the Freeden. The three board Katokk’s plane and find him sleeping with a book covering his face. Shagia points a gun at him as a test, and Katokk quickly fires back. Olba reviews Katokk’s record of disobedience and concludes that he could be a good soldier, but Aimzat isn’t impressed. Shagia and Olba discuss the situation where the new Balient mobile suits and the Gundam Double X are being produced. Shagia wonders if they can still use Aimzat to achieve their goal. Katokk and several other soldiers disguise themselves as fishermen as part of their plan to infiltrate the Freeden. The Freeden receives a distress call and closes in on Katokk’s boat. While drawing a picture, Tiffa senses something from Katokk’s boat.

Katokk’s boat is taken aboard the Freeden, and he tells Jamil that his boat was attacked by Orcs. Kid reports that it won’t take long to repair the damage, and Jamil asks Sara to take Katokk and his men to the guest room. At Zonder Epta, Aimzat’s fleet launches and heads for the Freeden‘s position. When Sara takes Katokk’s men to a darkened room one of them grabs hold of her, but she elbows him and locks them in the room. Waiting inside the room are Jamil, Garrod, Witz, Roabea, Rococo and Nine. On the bridge, Sara and Toniya thank Tiffa for warning them about Katokk. Garrod and Jamil interrogate Katokk at gunpoint, and Witz threatens to shoot them. Tiffa runs into the room to warn them that the enemy is coming. Seconds later, Olba and Shagia attack the ship. Katokk rushes Jamil and knocks him aside so that he and his men can escape. Garrod launches in the GX Divider, followed by Witz in the Gundam Airmaster. Roabea launches in the Gundam Leopard and stays on deck to fend off Olba’s attacks. The ship’s crew is issued firearms while Jamil, Rococo and Nine chase Katokk. Garrod is attacked by several Balients and wonders why they seem to fight differently than the other enemies he’s faced before. After being hit by several of them, he realizes that they and the Frost brothers are with the military. He then uses his harmonica cannon to destroy several Balients, but more appear and press the attack. Witz tries to help Garrod, but Shagia grapples onto him and tells him to worry about himself. Katokk blasts open a hatch and orders his men to escape. Jamil shoots the door open and corners Katokk. He asks Katokk what is happening around the world and wants to know if the U.N.E. has reformed. In her room, Tiffa senses danger and begins running. When Shagia sees Katokk’s men in the water, he concludes the mission is over and attempts to retreat. A Balient pilot blocks his path, but Shagia kills him. Olba kills Katokk’s men, and the two brothers escape. Katokk responds to Jamil’s question by pulling out a grenade. Tiffa rushes into the room and grabs hold of Katokk, telling him he can’t die. Katokk drops the grenade, and Jamil throws it outside before it explodes. Katokk asks Tiffa why she won’t let him die, and she tells him it’s because he’s a kind man.


Following the brief stop and Sains Island and the return of Ennil, the Freeden resumes its mission to find the mysterious island. Given the events of this episode, it looks like the island has found them. Also, it looks like the new Gundam Double X is the source of the satellite system test that Garrod witnessed earlier. The New U.N.E. is definitely making its presence known and is introducing new mobile suits such as the Balient. Their plan is to apparently re-unify Earth by conquering it, but it looks like they’re running into some problems. Aimzat doesn’t seem to be a very favored man in the New U.N.E. right now following his recent failures. What is D.O.M.E. exactly, and why is his attempt to contact it such a big deal? Also, to what end are the Frost brothers using him? And where does death wish having Katokk fit into it all?

Original Review: August 20, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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