Gundam X Ep. 22: A Ghost from 15 Years Ago


At Zonder Epta an alert is raised when Ennil’s Esperansa flies over the island. She had incorrectly assumed the island was uninhabited and now finds herself under attack. In the control room, Aimzat asks Shagia and Olba for a report. Olba explains that they have stopped testing the Double X and are moving it into storage. As Ennil dodges an attack, she flies over a transport truck and discovers the Double X. On the Freeden, Jamil tries unsuccessfully to interrogate Katokk. Katokk remembers Jamil’s reputation from the war as a hero, but he thinks that Jamil’s mission to protect Newtypes is ridiculous. Techs asks Jamil how things went, and Jamil answers that he is bad with people from Katokk’s generation. On the bridge, Toniya and Sara discuss Tiffa’s inability to sense anything now. In the mobile suit hangar, Kid explains to Garrod, Witz and Roabea that a Newtype is required only once to register the Flash System. After that, anyone can use the satellite cannon at will. Therefore, there they may not be a Newtype on the island they’re looking for. Garrod, Witz and Roabea launch in their Gundams to continue the search. Ennil believes she has escaped safely, but the Frost brothers close in on her and attacks. She blasts her way through a derelict oil tanker to shake them, but they catch her and cripple the Esperansa. Shagia charges his megasonic gun to destroy the Esperansa, but he comes under attack from Garrod and Witz. He is able to fire the Gundam Virsago‘s megasonic gun at the Esperansa before escaping with Olba. Ennil is rushed to the Freeden‘s infirmary, and she tells Toniya she saw a Gundam. Using the Esperansa’s data recorder, Sara extrapolates a course for Zonder Epta. Jamil visits Katokk to explain his reason for protecting Newtypes. He says that he doesn’t want to repeat the tragedy of the past, but he also feels that being with Newtypes eases his pain. Katokk understands that, but he still blames Jamil for the tragedy that led to the end of the world. He tells Jamil that the ghost from 15 years ago is waiting on Zonder Epta. On Zonder Epta, Aimzat watches as loads of new Balient mobile suits are unloaded to step up the island’s defenses. Olba reports to him that the Freeden is approaching, so Aimzat initiates the operation to capture the ship.

In the mobile suit hangar, Garrod, Witz and Roabea examine the combat data on the Balients and discuss strategies on how to fight them. While drawing, Tiffa senses something, and the ship immediately comes under attack. Shagia and Olba approach the ship leading a large squad of Balients. Garrod’s GX Divider and Witz’s Gundam Airmaster head for the air while Roabea’s Gundam Leopard stays on the ship’s deck. Katokk uses plastic explosives hidden in his pack of gum to break the lock on his cell door. He then knocks out the man guarding the cell and takes his rifle. On the bridge, Jamil decides the ship will stay in its current position until the Balients are destroyed and the Moon sets. Shagia asks Olba to lure the Freeden closer to the satellite cannon’s range, but he is interrupted when Garrod attacks them both. Katokk comes up to the bridge and takes everyone hostage. He then orders Jamil to move the ship towards Zonder Epta. On Zonder Epta, Aimzat has the Double X unloaded from its transport trailer. Jamil asks Katokk why he’s doing what he’s doing, and Katokk says he wants Jamil to feel the pain he did. He then says that his family was on the colony Jamil destroyed, so he wants Jamil to feel what it’s like to be a victim of the satellite cannon. As the Double X establishes a laser lock with the Moon, the Frost brothers and the Balients retreat. The microwave then hits the Double X and begins to charge energy. Aimzat calls Jamil and tells him he has three minutes to disarm and surrender. Although the Double X can’t actually fire, Aimzat knows that the bluff will work on Jamil. With no other options, Jamil surrenders. He then tells the crew he may not live to see the next day’s sunset. Katokk tells Jamil that he’s fighting himself since the Double X is based on the combat data from Jamil’s old Gundam X. The surrender flare is fired, and the Frost brothers force Garrod and the others to disarm as well. Tiffa comes to the bridge with a drawing, and Katokk is shocked to see it’s of his dead wife and daughter. Tiffa tells him that she drew it for him because she wants him to believe. The Freeden then sails into Zonder Epta’s port, surrounded by the Frost brothers and many Balient units.


Well, quite a lot certainly happened in this episode. Finally, we get to see the Gundam Double X. Aimzat had a good idea by powering up the satellite cannon and using it to bluff Jamil. He says it’s a bluff that won’t work on anyone else, and he’s right. If anyone knows about the terror of the satellite cannon, it’s Jamil. It’s interesting to see the good guys lose sometimes Also, it’s finally revealed why Katokk is always rambling on about his dead wife and kid. He blames Jamil for their deaths, and he is actually right in doing so. Since they are dead, he has no reason to live, and that’s why he’s always looking for a reason to die. The Frost brothers actually win a battle in this episode, but only because Jamil surrendered. It’s a shame because Garrod was fighting so well against them. Jamil’s surrender was something I wasn’t expecting. I’m definitely waiting to see what happens next.

Original Review: August 22, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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