Gundam X Ep. 23: My Dreams Come True


Inside Zonder Epta, the Freeden‘s crew is divided up and loaded onto buses. Aimzat asks Tiffa to come with him, but Garrod gets in his way. Shagia then grabs her, and Olba trips Garrod when he tries to run towards Tiffa. Jamil yells at them not to touch his men, but Aimzat reminds him that he’s not the one giving orders. He then leaves and takes Tiffa and Jamil with him. Garrod asks Katokk if he enjoyed having his revenge, and Katokk punches him. Garrod stands up and says he’s come to understand that adults drag people into problems that existed before they were born. Katokk then grabs Garrod by his jacket and throws him to the ground. Aimzat holds a video conference with other New U.N.E. officers and tells them he wants to send Tiffa and Jamil to the Newtype Labs. They tell him that his work will have to remain secret for now because the timetable for declaring the founding of the New U.N.E. has been moved up. Because of resistance in Asia, they want to declare the New U.N.E. to lower enemy morale. Aimzat protests, but he is told the decision came from New U.N.E. leader Fixx Bloodman himself. In their cells, the crew discusses Jamil’s secret code. Garrod and Jamil don’t understand, so Shingo explains that when Jamil said he wouldn’t see the next evening’s sunset, he meant they would try an escape the next night. In the infirmary, Techs informs Ennil that they are planning to escape. Garrod breaks into a ventilation shaft to examine the area. Aimzat eats dinner with Jamil and Tiffa, but they don’t touch their food. Jamil accuses Aimzat of wanting to use Newtypes like the Old U.N.E. did, but Aimzat tells Jamil that their goals are the same. Katokk barges in and tells Tiffa a joke and drinks her tea. He then returns to his room and looks at Tiffa’s drawing. He thinks to himself that after speaking to Newtypes, they seemed no different from ordinary people. Garrod returns to his cell and draws up a map to plan their escape. Kid asks what they will do about Ennil and says he doesn’t trust her. Ennil sneaks out of the infirmary and goes to Aimzat’s office. She offers to tell him about the crew’s plan to escape in exchange for Toniya’s safety.

The next day, Aimzat tells Katokk and the Frost brothers to wait until the crew tries to escape. Katokk sees that the reason for this is so that Aimzat can violate his orders and kill the Freeden‘s crew. Olba and Shagia later discuss the situation and see that Aimzat is making his move by secretly contacting the Newtype Labs on his own. Later, Katokk visits Tiffa in her room and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him she’s had a vision where she won’t see him or her friends anymore. Katokk then tells her that his story about Jamil killing his family was lie because the S.R.A. killed everyone in that colony before Jamil destroyed it. Although Katokk found that out later on, he continued to blame Jamil as a way to ease his pain. Tiffa tells him that she knew that already, as did Jamil. Elsewhere, Garrod and the rest of the crew break out of their cell and arm themselves with machine guns. They storm the hangar where the Gundams are kept and find it is empty. Kid spots some recent tire tracks, and several soldiers run into the hangar and begin firing. In the infirmary, Techs is held at gunpoint and regrets that he trusted Ennil too much. Ennil is then held at gunpoint alongside him and realizes Aimzat betrayed her. Roabea fires a bazooka at a door to blast it open for Garrod. Garrod captures a soldier and learns that Tiffa and Jamil are on the transport ship Berkomo that is about to leave the port. Garrod goes to the port and runs alongside the ship to rescue Tiffa. Olba and Shagia fire at him, so he jumps onto some crates to hide from them. Katokk then appears and asks Garrod if he wants to change the future. He tells Garrod that the three Gundams are on the container being towed by the Berkomo. The two board a small boat to pursue the Berkomo. Garrod asks Katokk why he’s helping now, and Katokk says he wants to prove Newtypes wrong. Shagia and Olba attack, and Katokk plants a grenade on the boat. He and Garrod jump off the boat as it explodes and use a wire gun to latch onto the container. Aimzat orders the Frost brothers to destroy the container, and they damage it enough to sink it. Garrod wonders what they should do now, and Katokk suggests going after the Double X on the Berkomo.


One certainly can’t say there’s a lack of action in this series. Aside from all the action, there’s some important developments. In this episode we are introduced to Fixx Bloodman, who is apparently the leader of the New U.N.E.. We also learn that the New U.N.E. is about to be publicly declared to gain support for their war effort in Asia. There’s also quite a bit of scheming going on here. Aimzat is making his own move, but it’s also apparent that the Frost brothers are using him. Katokk is the wild card here, because he decides to help Garrod. It turns out that Jamil didn’t kill his family, but it’s understandable that he would choose to believe a lie to ease his pain. Garrod is left without a mobile suit to use at the end of this episode, but it looks like he’s going to steal the Double X next time.

Original Review: August 22, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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