Gundam X Ep. 29: Look At Me


Tiffa has a dream where she is running in a field of flowers towards Garrod. She hugs him from behind and asks him to look at her, but he ignores her completely. When she wakes up, Jamil comes to her to ask a favor. On the Freeden‘s bridge, Toniya and Sara discuss Jamil’s desire to find the Newtype Labs that Aimzat wanted to send him and Tiffa to earlier. In the mobile suit hangar, Kid repairs the heavily damaged Gundam Leopard and wonders if it’d be easier to just upgrade it. Witz notices that Roabea seems more spirited than usual and asks if something happened in Estardo, but Roabea says nothing happened. Kid watches them and notices that everyone has changed. At night, Tiffa watches Garrod working on the Double X, but he doesn’t notice her presence. Elsewhere, a pilot named Abel Bauer reports to the Frost brothers. They tell him they’re secretly testing Newtypes for the Newtype Labs, but up to now all previous candidates have failed. Olba examines Abel’s test results and thinks he might have a chance of activating the Flash System. Shagia asks Abel where he’s previously served, and Abel answers that he fought on Sains Island during the Pacific campaign. On Sains Island, Ennil singlehandedly takes on the New U.N.E. with her Jenice Custom. Jamil has a drink with Techs, and Techs tells him that the loneliness Tiffa feels over Garrod is hindering her ability. He thinks that Garrod has started to realize what kind of world he’s in, and as a result Tiffa is left alone. An emergency alert is sounded when a New U.N.E. transport plane flies overhead. Shagia and Olba launch in the Gundam Virsago and Gundam Ashtaron, followed by Abel in the Rasveht. They tell him they will support him from behind because the battle is his. Garrod launches in the Double X, followed by Witz in the Airmaster Burst. They both attack Abel, but he quickly dodges their attacks. Garrod is distracted by the Frost brothers, which allows Abel the chance to sneak up on him and punch him. Roabea yells at Kid to repair the Gundam Leopard, but Kid says he can’t do it so quickly. As Abel continues to fight, the Frost brothers abandon him. Olba asks if that’s okay, and Shagia tells him there’s a theory that someone must feel the fear of death to awaken their Newtype abilities. Abel continues to fight alone, and Garrod and Witz begin to gain the upper hand. With his life in jeopardy, Abel’s Newtype abilities awaken and activate the Flash System. Several Rasveht Bits activate on the transport plane and join Abel in battle. The Bits surround Garrod and Witz, and Jamil realizes they’re fighting a Newtype using the Flash System. Shagia congratulates Abel for becoming a Newtype, and Abel says the real battle is about to begin.

Abel uses his Rasveht Bits to attack Garrod and Witz. They realize that the Bits are quick and move very efficiently. Abel watches the battle and feels as though he’s inside all the Bits. Tiffa senses Abel’s power and feels it is different from Carris and Lutil. Kid holds back Roabea from taking the GX Divider, and Jamil says he’ll use it. Abel fires a shot directly at the Double X’s cockpit, but Jamil negates the shot with a blast from his beam machine gun. He tells Garrod and Witz that they are fighting a Newtype using the Flash System and Bit mobile suits. Witz says they have to figure out which one is piloted, and Jamil tells them to split up to confuse Abel. Abel anticipates what Jamil is doing and begins attacking the Freeden. Tiffa is knocked aside in an explosion in a hallway, and she tells Techs she has to help Garrod. Abel continues to attack the Freeden, and Sara orders everyone to prepare for evacuation after a fire breaks out in the engine room. Garrod decides that he will distract the Bits by flying away to have them chase him. He manages to destroy some of them, but the rest press the attack and damage his thrusters. As the Double X descends rapidly, Abel tells Garrod he doesn’t know his limits and will have to learn a lesson. He pulls out his beam saber and slices apart Garrod’s shield. The Bits activate their beam sabers and simultaneously swipe at the Double X’s body. Tiffa runs onto the deck and calls out to Garrod to look at her. He turns his head and sees that Tiffa is pointing to the real Rasveht. Garrod throws his beam sword at the Rasveht and beheads it, which deactivates all the Bits. As the Double X continues to fall, Jamil tosses the divider to Garrod to use for emergency thrust. Abel attacks again and tries to kill Tiffa, but Garrod slices his arm off. Shagia calls Abel and tells him he has to retreat, and Abel does so begrudgingly. Abel lands his Rasveht near a lake and is amazed he can use the Flash System. He is surprised when he opens his cockpit and finds Shagia and Olba there pointing a gun at him. Shagia tells Abel he will kill him for becoming a Newtype, but Abel doesn’t understand. Shagia tells him that if he can’t figure that out he’s not really a Newtype. Shagia then kills Abel and destroys the Rasveht. Olba asks what they will do now that they’ve eliminated all the New U.N.E.’s potential Newtypes, and Shagia tells him their next target is the Newtype Labs. On the Freeden, Garrod holds Tiffa’s hand as she sleeps.


Although the Estardo arc is over, its effects are still playing out. Ever since the appearance of the New U.N.E., Garrod has changed. He’s gone from being his usual optimistic happy-go-lucky self to someone who’s jaded and world weary. Perhaps it’s as Techs says and he’s just realizes what kind of world he’s in. As a result of this change in Garrod, Tiffa has become lonely. It’s here that we see for the first time that Garrod’s feelings for her aren’t one-sided and that she feels the same way about him. Of course, the both of them are too shy to say anything openly. Although the three card playing maniacs are dead, the Frost brothers send out one last candidate to fight Garrod. This time, Abel proves to be a real Newtype and awakens his abilities. As expected, the Frost brothers’ secret agenda was to kill all of the New U.N.E.’s potential Newtypes. At the end, Garrod realizes that Tiffa is reaching out to him. Perhaps he’ll go back to the way he was before Zonder Epta.

Original Review: August 24, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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