Gundam X Ep. 3: My Steed is Vicious


Tiffa continues to scream and passes out in Garrod’s arms. The Freeden approaches, but Jamil wants to get in closer. Toniya worries that Garrod will fire again, but Jamil assures her that he won’t be able to fire again so soon. Garrod tries to fire the satellite cannon again, but there’s no energy available. Jamil fires a wire gun at the Gundam X and swings over to it as Garrod thrusts away. Jamil opens the cockpit and holds Garrod at gunpoint. When Garrod tries to reach for a gun, Jamil shoots him in the arm and tells him he has no right to either Tiffa or the Gundam X. The Gundam X is taken aboard the ship, and Jamil hands Tiffa over to Dr. Techs Farzenberg for treatment. Techs informs Jamil that a little bit more would have killed Tiffa. Jamil walks over to where Witz and Roabea are holding Garrod. Garrod demands that he let them go, and Jamil comments that Garrod talks big. He explains that Tiffa is a Newtype and can read minds. As such, she is feeling the pain of all the people who died in the battle. Garrod blames Jamil and breaks free of Witz and Roabea. He tries to punch Jamil, but Jamil decks him in the face and knocks him out. The next day, the Gundam Virsago piloted by Shagia Frost attacks the Daughtress units defending the Alternative Company. Shagia destroys several Daughtresses and asks to meet with Von Alternative. Shagia meets with Von and introduces himself as a freelance mobile suit pilot. He says that he knows all about the Vultures recently attacking the Alternative Company and kidnapping Newtype Tiffa Adill. Shagia knows that harnessing the power of the Newtype would make the Alternative Company the most powerful industrial organization in the After War era. Von pulls out a gun from his desk, but Shagia throws a chess piece at him and knocks the gun out of his hand. Shagia tells Von to hire him because he knows how to get Tiffa back. On the Freeden, Sara and Toniya have a look at Garrod in his cell. When they leave, he picks the door lock and uses a special powder to knock Shingo out. When Shingo wakes up five minutes later, Garrod is back in his cell. Techs finds flowers by Tiffa’s bed and prepares to throw them away, but Jamil asks him to leave them there. He tells Jamil that Tiffa is still in a critical stage and that it will be several more days before she recovers.

Von yells at his men for not having found Tiffa yet, but he also criticizes Shagia for just sitting around. Shagia says that he is working and will find Tiffa by using tarot cards. An explosion is set off near the Freeden, and Toniya wonders if they’ve been discovered. Jamil checks the monitors and sees that several Septem mobile suits are chasing a mobile armor. Several more Septems join the pursuit and split off when they spot the Freeden. Jamil orders Witz and Roabea to launch in their Gundams and fight off the Septems. After they launch, Jamil goes down to Garrod’s cell and brings him up to the bridge to watch how professionals fight. The mobile armor is damaged by the Septems, and Witz and Roabea attack them. A Vulture ship appears on the horizon and begins attacking the Freeden. Roabea decides to take on the Vulture ship and glides over to it. The Gundam Leopard jumps onto the Vulture ship and destroys the bridge with missiles. Nearby, the Gundam Airmaster singlehandedly takes on the remaining Septems and destroys them all. Roabea continues his assault on the Vulture ship, and it fires an orange flare to signal its surrender. Garrod watches the battle and is amazed by how Gundams fight. After the battle, the damaged mobile armor is brought aboard the Freeden. The mobile armor’s pilot, Olba Frost, thanks Jamil for his help and says that he wants to show his appreciation. Witz suggests that he work on the ship for defense like they do. Olba asks if he can do that once his mobile armor is repaired. Toniya runs over to introduce herself, and Sara wonders if he’ll be a problem. Later at night, Jamil visits Tiffa in the infirmary and spots more fresh flowers by her bed. On the deck, Olba telepathically speaks with his brother Shagia and tells him how to beat Von in the chess game they’re playing. Shagia tells Von that Olba is with Tiffa now. Garrod uses his powder to put Shingo to sleep and get flowers. When he finishes, he finds Jamil standing behind him. Jamil asks him why he doesn’t escape, and Garrod answers that he won’t leave Tiffa alone. Olba sneaks into the infirmary and injects Tiffa with a mysterious substance.


We see that the devastating power of the Gundam X’s satellite cannon doesn’t come without some consequence. Tiffa goes into a state of shock as a result of the pain she feels from the dead. This is similar to the Newtypes of the Universal Century who have a violent reaction to massive death. We’re also introduced to two new villains: the brothers Olba and Shagia Frost. Shagia pilots his own Gundam and makes quite a show at the Alternative Company. Olba manages to infiltrate the Freeden with ease as part of their plan to get Tiffa back. The question is, what did he inject her with, and what are their true motives for working with the Alternative Company?

Original Review: June 25, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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