Gundam X Ep. 33: How Do You Know Who I Am?!


Pala takes Garrod to the asteroid base of Satelicon, an organization that opposes the political ambitions of the S.R.A. Garrod is taken away to the infirmary, and Pala hopes that he won’t die. On Cloud 9, Seidel rides in a parade through the city streets. He’s annoyed that Nicola brought Tiffa because he specifically ordered him not to bring her out in public. Tiffa asks Nicola why he brought her along, and he answers that he wants her to see the people who live in space. Tiffa senses danger ahead, but Seidel refuses to listen. One of the vehicles drives over a roadside bomb, and soldiers rush to protect Seidel. Nicola asks Seidel if he will finally acknowledge Tiffa’s abilities. Garrod wakes up thinking Tiffa is nearby, and he jumps out of his bed and smacks into Pala’s breasts. He asks her who she is, and she tells him that she saved his life. He tells her he has to go, but he falls down as soon as he tries to stand up. Pala tells him he shouldn’t move because he’s been asleep for five days. Garrod insists on leaving and says that with enough spirit he can overcome his wounds. Pala tells him spirit isn’t enough in reality and shows him the heavily damaged Double X. She offers to repair it on the condition that Garrod joins Satelicon and fights the S.R.A. Garrod agrees to join, and Pala tells him they’ll be assigned as partners because her G-Falcon can combine with Gundams. Pala reports to Commander Leuser that Garrod will be joining them. Garrod stares out into space, and Pala asks him if he’s thinking about Tiffa. He asks her how she knows Tiffa’s name, and she tells him that he said it over and over in his sleep. She asks Garrod if Tiffa is his girlfriend, and he tells her that Tiffa is the one he cares about. He asks Pala why she joined Satelicon if she had nothing to do with the 7th Space War, and she tells him that her parents were refugees who died at the time that Satelicon rescued them. Garrod understands because his childhood on Earth was much the same. In space, an S.R.A. Astrarza ship discovers the location of Satelicon’s asteroid base. Lancerow meets with Seidel and tells him they have to reconsider the upcoming Operation Dahlia. He accuses Seidel of using the plan to eliminate Satelicon to test inhumane weapons. Seidel tells Lancerow that as a soldier and former Newtype he has no right to speak in such a manner. Seidel asks Lancerow if he supports Operation Dahlia, and Lancerow says there’s a line no human must cross. Lancerow takes a walk in a garden and meets Tiffa. He asks her if she touched his mind, and she tells him she wanted to meet him because he reminds her of Jamil.

Garrod gleefully examines the repaired Double X and is given a normal suit by Pala. In space, a fleet of Astrarza class ships begins attacking the Satelicon asteroid base. A Crouda squadron launches from the fleet, and Satelicon deploys its Jenices in response. Satelicon officer Togusa Ein takes the Varona into space to fight off the S.R.A. Garrod insists on launching immediately, but the mechanics tells him they haven’t finished checking the Double X’s electrical systems. Lancerow searches the battlefield and wonders where the Gundam is. Seidel has dinner with Tiffa and asks her what her opinion is on the future of Newtypes. Tiffa asks him to abandon the power he is about to use because it will cause great sadness, but he refuses. Elsewhere, several Croudas use their beam cutters to slice into the Varona and destroy its bridge. Pala and Garrod launch just as the Varona explodes. Garrod and Pala are attacked by the Croudas, and he destroys one by blasting its front vernier. He tells Pala about the Crouda’s weakness, and they proceed to destroy several more. Lancerow and Garrod fire their beam rifles at each other, and the interlocking blasts knock them both away. Lancerow slams Garrod against an asteroid and asks him what Jamil is doing. Nearby, the Astrarza fleet prepares to fire particle reflex missiles to destroy Satelicon. Lancerow asks Garrod if Jamil is still with the U.N.E., and Garrod tells him that Jamil is fighting the New U.N.E. to protect Newtypes. Lancerow is surprised by this, and Garrod asks him where Tiffa is. Garrod tells him he won’t go back to Earth without Tiffa, and Lancerow is amazed that Garrod would come to space just for one girl. Pala blasts Lancerow’s Crouda and knocks him away. The Astrarza fleet fires the particle reflex missiles, and Lancerow warns Garrod to escape. As Satelicon explodes, Garrod is unable to activate the Double X’s verniers to escape the shockwave. Pala combines the G-Falcon with the Double X so that they can escape. She cries and tells Garrod that the S.R.A. is capable of far worse. Seidel is informed that Satelicon has been destroyed, which will allow him to proceed with Operation Dahlia. Nearby, final preparations are made on a massive colony laser.


With each new episode, you’d think this series was part of the Universal Century instead of being an Alternate Universe. Here we see Seidel’s true agenda, which is to use his colony laser to conquer Earth. He certainly isn’t the peace-loving leader he pretends to be, and he still refuses to acknowledge Tiffa. Even Lancerow questions him, which is dangerous for someone in his position. Garrod briefly joins up with Satelicon, but this AEUG-like rebel group is vastly outgunned by the S.R.A. Pala seems to be a female version of Garrod, and there’s a running gag in this episode of his face somehow constantly ending up between her breasts. Now that Garrod and Pala are fighting alone, what will they do against the S.R.A.?

Original Review: August 28, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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