Gundam X Ep. 34: I Can See the Moon!


During the 7th Space War, the S.R.A. abandoned construction of the colony laser. Fifteen years later, it’s nearly finished. Garrod and Pala hide at the abandoned Lodge Bay rescue station. Pala tells Garrod that it’ll be difficult to rescue Tiffa on their own. Garrod wants to use the satellite cannon somehow, but Pala reminds him that they are on the wrong side of the Earth’s orbit. Garrod examines the location of the colony laser and has an idea. He thinks that the S.R.A. comes up with some horrible weapons, and Pala tells him that the U.N.E. is no different with their satellite cannon. At Cloud 9, Lancerow meets Tiffa in the garden. He tells her that he is to be decorated for destroying Satelicon, and he isn’t happy about being part of Seidel’s propaganda. He tells Tiffa that he met Garrod, and she’s glad that he’s safe. He says that if he had met her and Garrod earlier he could have been like Jamil, but he can’t do anything. Tiffa tells him that Garrod taught her that the future is something each person makes with their own hands. Nicola joins them and tells Lancerow that Seidel is waiting for him. Lancerow asks Tiffa and Nicola to come with him because he doesn’t feel comfortable being alone with Seidel. After the ceremony, Seidel has tea with Tiffa, Lancerow and Nicola. Seidel asks Lancerow what happened to the Double X, and Lancerow lies and tells him it was destroyed at Satelicon. Seidel tells Tiffa that no one will rescue her and that her future is in his hands, but she tells him that no one can own the future. Seidel asks her if she feels her power comes from being a Newtype, and Tiffa tells him she doesn’t consider herself a Newtype. Seidel labels her as a mutant, but Nicola objects and says she really does have the ability. Seidel refuses to acknowledge her and says that he defines what a Newtype is, and if he says she isn’t one, then she isn’t. Tiffa feels a strange power and sees D.O.M.E. on the Moon before passing out. Later, Seidel decides to show Tiffa the power of the colony laser to make her feel pessimistic. Nicola and Lancerow believe that Seidel will eventually kill Tiffa, and Lancerow reveals that Garrod is alive. Propaganda is broadcast on Cloud 9 stating that the New U.N.E. is polluting Earth and wants to conquer space. Seidel’s flagship Garbera heads for the colony laser, and Garrod flies around the Earth until he spots the Moon in the distance.

Garrod positions himself in front of the Moon while Pala heads for the location of the colony laser. Garrod deploys the twin satellite cannon and receives a laser lock from the Moon, followed by the microwave energy. Once the Double X is fully charged, he turns to face the colony laser and fires with the help of Pala’s targeting data. The blast from the twin satellite cannon passes over the colony laser and destroys many of the mirrors positioned over it. Technicians report to Seidel that the colony laser received minimal damage, but it will take 17 minutes to recharge it. Garrod sends a message to Seidel stating that he will destroy the colony laser unless Tiffa is released. Seidel refuses because he knows the satellite cannon can’t be fired again so quickly, but Garrod fires again and grazes the colony laser. He then sends another message stating that the next shot will hit the colony laser. Seidel can’t risk the destruction of the colony laser, and he decides that Tiffa is worthless to him anyway. An S.R.A. shuttle rendezvous with the G-Falcon and transfers Tiffa over to Pala. Tiffa asks Pala who she is, and Pala says she is a friend of Garrod’s. After the G-Falcon takes off, Seidel orders a squad to be assembled to destroy the Double X. Once the G-Falcon reaches Garrod’s position, he fires the twin satellite cannon again and destroys the colony laser. He then gets out of the Double X’s cockpit and hugs Tiffa in space. He tells her that he’ll always be with her no matter what. On Cloud 9, Lancerow and Nicola hope that Garrod and Tiffa were able to escape safely. Lancerow comments that their preparations for war are down to nothing again thanks to Garrod. He thinks that must be due to training from Jamil, and he also thinks that Garrod’s recklessness is the kind of thing that will change the world. Nicola wonders if they will ever see Garrod and Tiffa again, and Lancerow thinks they will. The Double X combines with the G-Falcon and prepares to enter Earth’s atmosphere. As they are about to descend they are attacked from the direction of the sun. A New U.N.E. fleet emerges from the other side of Earth’s orbit, led by the Frost brothers in their upgraded Gundam Virsago Chest Break and Gundam Ashtaron Hermit Crab.


With each new episode, you’d think this series was part of the Universal Century instead of being an Alternate Universe. Here we see Seidel’s true agenda, which is to use his colony laser to conquer Earth. He certainly isn’t the peace-loving leader he pretends to be, and he still refuses to acknowledge Tiffa. Even Lancerow questions him, which is dangerous for someone in his position. Garrod briefly joins up with Satelicon, but this AEUG-like rebel group is vastly outgunned by the S.R.A. Pala seems to be a female version of Garrod, and there’s a running gag in this episode of his face somehow constantly ending up between her breasts. Now that Garrod and Pala are fighting alone, what will they do against the S.R.A.?

Original Review: September 2, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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