Gundam X Ep. 35: The Light of Hope Will Never Be Extinguished!


Shagia and Olba attack, so Garrod separates the Double X from the G-Falcon. Shagia attacks Garrod with the Virsago Chest Break‘s claws and knocks away Garrod’s beam rifle. Pala destroys several Daughtress Neos, but she’s chased by Olba’s Ashtaron Hermit Crab. Garrod fights off several Daughtress Neos with his beam sword until Shagia grapples him and tells him to stop. Shagia tells Garrod that his useless resistance will lead him to prison just like the rest of his friends. On Earth, a train speeds across the wasteland carrying the imprisoned Freeden crew. Kid wonders where they are going, and Ennil thinks they will be taken to a prison in Siberia. Techs helps wounded Jamil and tells him he could have avoided injury if he’d returned to the military as he was asked. Jamil says he can’t do that and wants to be with them. In space, Garrod continues to fight against Shagia and the Daughtress Neos. Olba grabs onto the G-Falcon and threatens to crush the cockpit, so Garrod surrenders. Shagia tells Garrod he wants to kill him now, but someone wants to see him on Earth. In Europe, Bloodman is informed that Garrod and the Double X have been captured. He wants to see the Double X in action before sending it to Kursk, Russia where the other Gundams are being sent. In Kursk, the three Gundams are trucked along a road under the guard of a Balient squad, but a plane approaches from behind. After landing at an airbase, Pala says that the Earth is a nice place. Garrod says that the Earth is too nice for the New U.N.E., so Olba slaps him. Pala is thrown into a hangar while Garrod and Tiffa are taken to meet with Bloodman. Bloodman thanks Garrod for destroying the colony laser, and Garrod tells him he didn’t do it for the New U.N.E.’s sake. Bloodman tells Garrod he wants peace and would like to know what happened in space. Garrod agrees on the condition that Jamil and the others are freed, and Bloodman agrees. Shagia and Olba communicate telepathically and wonder if Tiffa will see into Bloodman’s mind. Tiffa is brought into the room, and Bloodman asks her to tell him about Seidel. She refuses and tells Garrod that Bloodman has no intention of keeping his promise. She also says that Bloodman is as twisted as Seidel is.

Tiffa looks into Bloodman’s heart and senses D.O.M.E. Bloodman becomes angry and tells Tiffa she has misused her Newtype abilities. He says that he doesn’t care if Newtypes are evolved humans or not. All he wants is to control their power for his benefit. He says that Tiffa’s stubbornness is the sort of thing that led to Jamil’s death. Garrod asks if Jamil is already dead, but Tiffa tells him it’s okay. In Siberia, the train stops and the New U.N.E. soldiers force everyone out. The Freeden‘s crew is lined up against a long ditch for execution. As the soldiers prepare to fire, Carris appears in his Bertigo and kills the soldiers with his vulcans. In the confusion, the crew attacks the soldiers and fights back. Several Balients attack Carris, but a squad of Juracgs arrives to help him. Carris and the Juracgs destroy the Balients, and the New U.N.E. soldiers are all captured. A New U.N.E. carrier plane and a Balient squad approach, so Jamil, Witz and Roabea retrieve their Gundams. Jamil and Witz take to the sky to fight off the Balients while Roabea helps the Juracgs on the ground. Jamil and Witz fly to the carrier plane to help Carris. Witz and Carris destroy the carrier’s engines while Jamil fires the harmonica cannon at the forward section. Afterwards, Carris explains to Jamil that Fort Severn joined the North American opposition forces against the New U.N.E.. While monitoring the New U.N.E.’s movements, Carris heard about their capture and came to help. Toniya mentions that Garrod and Tiffa went to space, and Carris informs them that the two were captured and brought back to Earth to see Bloodman. Carris also tells them that he got their Gundams back for them. Shagia and Olba meet with Bloodman and ask about the colonies. Bloodman explains that the colonies have more advanced technology, and he wishes they could have united Earth before facing the S.R.A. Shagia and Olba tell Bloodman he will be a great leader to inflate his ego. On Cloud 9, Seidel’s advisors recommend signing a peace treaty with the New U.N.E.. Lancerow suggests rethinking their Newtypism, and Seidel refuses. Garrod and Tiffa escape and rescue Pala. They then run to the hangar where the Double X and G-Falcon are being stored.


Well, a lot of things happened in this episode. Garrod finally meets the infamous Bloodman, who proves that he is just as deranged as Seidel. Whereas Seidel has built a cult of worship around Newtypes, Bloodman only sees them as tools to be used in war. Tiffa again mentions D.O.M.E. and notices that both leaders have been thinking about it. Perhaps it is a secret weapon both are planning to use. The surprise appearance of Carris was nice, as I wondered what happened to him. He came just in time to save the crew. That whole scene with the train execution definitely gave of some Nazi vibes. Now, war is inevitable as both sides show they aren’t interested in peace.

Original Review: September 2, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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