Gundam X Ep. 36: The Next War Will Be a War of Our Design!


Garrod, Tiffa and Pala escape from the airbase near Bloodman’s mansion. Pala asks Garrod where they should go, so Garrod asks Tiffa to guide them to Jamil. Elsewhere, Jamil and the Freeden crew travel on Carris’ airship heading in the direction Garrod is coming from. Pala finds it amazing that they haven’t encountered the enemy yet, but Tiffa senses danger. They suddenly come under attack from the Frost brothers and a squad of Daughtress Neos. Olba asks Shagia if they can kill Garrod this time, and Shagia tells him they’ve already done a favor for Bloodman. Garrod separates the Double X from the G-Falcon and is attacked by both of the Frosts. Pala tries to assist him, but she’s forced to contend with the Daughtress Neos. Garrod dodges the fierce attacks of the Frost brothers, and Tiffa tells him he just has to hold out a little while longer. Garrod tries to shoot Shagia, but Olba grapples him from behind. Nearby, Jamil launches from the airship in the GX Divider, followed by Carris’ Bertigo, Witz’s Airmaster Burst and Roabea’s Leopard Destroy. Shagia pulls out his beam saber to kill Garrod, but Jamil and the others blast him. They quickly destroy the Daughtress Neos, and Shagia decides to retreat. While locked in a beam saber duel, Olba tells Garrod that he and Shagia will be victorious if there’s another war. After returning to the airship, Garrod greets everyone and introduces Pala. He then tells Jamil what happened in space and asks what D.O.M.E. is. Jamil doesn’t know, and Garrod wonders if Lancerow does. Jamil remembers his fights with Lancerow and the vision he had of the future at the end of the war. Later, Tiffa notices that Jamil seems down, and Carris thinks that’s due to the disparity between Jamil’s vision and the present reality. Garrod wonders just what a Newtype really is and why people want them so badly. He thinks about how it’s possible that the New U.N.E. and S.R.A. could have just drastically different views about Newtypes. Pala chases Kid for messing with her G-Falcon, and Carris wonders if it is their responsibility to find the answers to the questions about Newtypes. Shagia and Olba confess their crimes to Bloodman and tell him they believe in his ability to lead. He admits to them that he doesn’t acknowledge Newtypes and he doesn’t want to sign a peace treaty with the S.R.A.

Kid shows Pala a computer illustration showing that the G-Falcon can combine with all the Old U.N.E.’s Gundam types. It can combine with the Airmaster Burst for high mobility, or it can combine with the Leopard Destroy to make it capable of flight. The airship approaches the resistance base in New Orleans, Louisiana. Techs spots a mass driver, and Carris explains that the base once belonged to the Old U.N.E.. He also says they are repairing a spaceship to eventually head to the colonies. Jamil asks Carris to give him some time to consider what he will do next. Carris informs them that the opposition has information from all over the world they can use. In space, Lancerow’s fleet prepares for battle drills, and one of his officers wonders what the point is. At Cloud 9, Nicola meets with Seidel and implores him to reconsider peace with the New U.N.E.. Seidel refuses because he believes they can win a war with the New U.N.E.. He asks what would happen to Newtypism if they accepted peace, and Nicola tells him it’s time to reconsider Newtypism. Seidel then has Nicola arrested on charges of sedition. On Earth, Shagia and Olba notice that the New U.N.E. assembly is pushing for peace against Bloodman’s wishes. They decide that they will help Bloodman to further their goals. The officers leave in a plane escorted by a Balient squad. The Frost brothers head them off and destroy them with the Virsago Chest Break‘s megasonic gun. They then report to Bloodman that the plane was destroyed by an S.R.A. bomb. He sees exactly what they did and uses it as an excuse to go to war with the S.R.A. At the New Orleans base, Roabea tests out the abilities of the Leopard Destroy docked with the G-Falcon parts. Pala messes around with Kid, and Garrod notices they’ve become fast friends. Carris runs up to Garrod to tell him that the New U.N.E. is heading into space. Garrod remembers what Olba told him and realizes that the Frost brothers have manipulated events to set off a war between the New U.N.E. and the S.R.A.


It seems like the politics involved in this struggle are starting to heat up. Bloodman wants war, and the Frost brothers are playing him like a fool to meet their own ends. Bloodman really is a fool for trusting the Frost brothers, especially after they admitted to killing so many fellow soldiers to get to their current position. He must really be a fool to think they don’t intend to kill him too. Seidel also wants war, and he has Nicola arrested for trying to talk some reason into him. Of course, Lancerow is also walking on thin ice and has to watch himself. This new storyline involving a war between the two powers is interesting, and it’s a shame the series didn’t run its course to play out this last arc. At least there’s still three episodes left to go.

Original Review: September 6, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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