Gundam X Ep. 37: Freeden, Lift Off!


Pala sits down to eat with Ennil and Toniya and tells them they shouldn’t look so depressed even if a war is about to start. Toniya explains that after the 7th Space War, life was very difficult on Earth. She remembers the unending winter that blocked the sun until she was seven years old. Jamil asks Tiffa if there is any chance for peace with the S.R.A. but she tells him that Seidel won’t budge from his course. Garrod asks Carris to get him some information about the S.R.A. and Jamil says that the actions of the S.R.A. will determine the future. On Cloud 9, Seidel is informed that the New U.N.E.’s fleets have launched from Earth. Lancerow receives a prerecorded message from Nicola stating that he has probably been executed as a political dissident. Nicola tells Lancerow that he and other Newtypes need to forget about the ideas of Oldtypes and make their own future. Elsewhere, Nicola is brought before a firing squad and is executed for opposing Seidel. Seidel sets out in his flagship Garbera to lead the fleet, but his real intention is to make contact with D.O.M.E. on the Moon. On Earth, Shagia and Olba tell Bloodman that Seidel is personally leading his fleets. Bloodman tells them that his personal flagship is almost ready to launch. After they leave, Olba tells Shagia that sooner or later they’ll have to contact D.O.M.E. since it possesses the ultimate secret about Newtypes. At the opposition base, Jamil and Carris observe reports that the S.R.A. fleet has finally started moving. Witz gives Toniya a ring, but he runs away in embarrassment when Ennil sees him. Toniya and Ennil discuss the situation, and Toniya thinks the ring is too sudden. Ennil doesn’t think so because Witz wants to make things clear before the war begins. Nearby, Roabea asks Sara to explain how she feels about him. She hesitates, and he knows that she is still pining for Jamil. She apologizes for being unfair, but he tells her he can wait. Garrod joins Tiffa as she watches the Moon. He looks at the stars and says he can’t believe people would still want war. Tiffa tells Garrod she couldn’t stand to be alone again and asks him to promise her he won’t die. Garrod tells her he’ll always be with her and kisses her. In space, Bloodman’s flagship Amanesel leads the way for the New U.N.E. fleet.

Later, Toniya rushes into the situation room and says that there’s a problem with Tiffa. Garrod runs to the infirmary and finds Tiffa unconscious. Toniya says that Tiffa is sleeping as if she were dead. Tiffa finds herself in a dark place and is approached by a glowing light. She recognizes the light as D.O.M.E. and understands that it wants her to come to it. The light then shows her the location of D.O.M.E., which is underneath the microwave relay station on the Moon. Tiffa then wakes up and asks Jamil to take her to the Moon. In the mobile suit hangar, Garrod discusses the situation with Witz and Roabea. Roabea asks how they will get to space, and Garrod tells him that Carris is negotiating with the opposition leaders to use the spaceship. Kid yells at them for not working on their Gundams and points out that Pala is working on her G-Falcon. Shingo then runs into the hangar to tell everyone the news that the S.R.A. fleet is heading for the Moon. In space, Seidel speaks to the ships of his fleet and explains they are going to the Moon to capture the Old U.N.E. base and prevent use of the satellite system. Garrod asks Carris how the negotiations are going, and Carris explains that the opposition doesn’t want to interfere in a war between the S.R.A. and the New U.N.E.. Sara asks Jamil if the S.R.A. can take over the Moon base, but he tells her it’s protected by an automated defense system. A squadron of Croudas launches from the S.R.A. fleet and heads for the Moon, where they immediately come under attack. D.O.M.E.’s dormant G-Bits attack and destroy all the Croudas. Lancerow sees the G-Bits and wonders what kind of power is on the Moon. Seidel stubbornly orders another squad to launch until he is informed that the New U.N.E. fleet approaches. Bloodman says to himself that D.O.M.E. is a moot point because neither side can approach it. On Earth, Kid and the rest of the crew secretly load the Gundams onto the spaceship. Garrod asks Carris if it’s okay for him to come along because he can’t return to the base now. Carris tells him it’s okay and hands the control of the ship to Jamil. Jamil asks what the name of the ship is, and Carris tells him it’s Freeden II. Jamil orders the Freeden II to launch, and the ship speeds along the mass driver and heads for space.


Things are really heating up now. Both the U.N.E. and S.R.A. are in space, and the battle for D.O.M.E. has begun. It’s a shame that there are only two episodes left, because this is the most interesting part of the show, and it would have been great to have it run another 10 episodes. Surprisingly, there isn’t too much action here, but instead lots of romance. Witz proposes to Toniya, Roabea puts the moves on Sara, and Garrod finally kisses Tiffa. I see Lancerow defecting very soon here. With his friend Nicola dead, he has even more reason to hate Seidel. Doesn’t everyone? The new Freeden II is really nice looking, and it’s too bad we only get to see it in action for two episodes. Oh well.

Original Review: September 6, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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