Gundam X Ep. 38: I am D.O.M.E… I Was Once Called a Newtype


As the 8th Space War begins, the Freeden II escapes from the Earth’s atmosphere and heads for the Moon. The Frost brothers fight off several Croudas, and Shagia tells Olba he wants to enjoy the battle for a while. Lancerow fights the New U.N.E. nearby and wonders what happened to the future he saw 15 years ago. Sara reviews the operation’s plans with everyone on the bridge of the Freeden II. Jamil asks everyone to make sure they come back alive. In the hangar, Witz vows he will come back alive. Ennil embarrasses him by asking if he’s coming back for Toniya. Roabea jumps in and says he has to come back because he hasn’t heard his answer yet. In an elevator, Sara asks Jamil what he plans to do after the operation. He says that he wants to find the answer about Newtypes, and Sara declares to him that she wants an answer to something else. Carris asks Garrod and Tiffa what they will do after the war, and Tiffa says she will be with Garrod. Garrod says he wants to see lots of places and meet people before thinking about his future. Elsewhere, Lancerow fights with the Frost brothers and dodges most of their attacks. Olba knocks the Crouda away with the Ashtaron Hermit Crab‘s atomic scissors, and Shagia charges in for the kill. He is stopped just short of reaching Lancerow when the microwave beam cuts between them. Both armies watch the microwave beam cut across space and reach the Double X. As the Double X charges, both sides retreat temporarily out of fear of the twin satellite cannon. With the path to the Moon now open, the Gundams, the Bertigo and the G-Falcon launch from the Freeden II. Ennil tries to come along, but Witz and Roabea tell her that her Jenice Custom can’t keep up with them and she should instead defend the Freeden II. As Garrod and the others head for the Moon, both armies receive orders to destroy the Gundams. Roabea falls behind to fight off the New U.N.E.’s Daughtresses and Balients while Witz and Pala fight off the S.R.A.’s Croudas. Jamil orders everyone else to protect Garrod and Tiffa. Tiffa warns Garrod of danger, and he barely dodges a blast from the Virsago Chest Break‘s megasonic gun. Ahead of them, the Frost brothers and a large force of Daughtress Neos block the path to the Moon. Shagia states that he will not allow Garrod to reach the Moon.

Garrod, Jamil and Carris come under attack from the Daughtress Neos. At first, Carris assumes that the Daughtress Neos only have beam cutters, but he quickly discovers that the cutters also double as beam rifles. Garrod is forced to fight off several Daughtress Neos, along with the Frost brothers. He asks them if this is the war they wanted, and Shagia tells him war is the best way to change the world. Shagia destroys Garrod’s beam rifle, and Olba destroys his shield and tells him they need to correct Newtypes and Oldtypes. Tiffa senses that they have enough hatred in their hearts to destroy the world. Olba grapples onto Garrod, and Garrod asks them why they want to destroy the world. Shagia explains that they were born with a power above ordinary humans that was ignored because they weren’t Newtypes. For that, they will destroy the world and remake it in their image. Garrod breaks free of Olba and wildly punches at both brothers. Olba manages to grab the Double X by its feet, and Shagia charges his megasonic gun. Jamil flies in front of Garrod to take the blast, but Lancerow attacks and cancels out Shagia’s attack. Lancerow tells Jamil that he is helping them because he is willing to bet his future on Garrod and Tiffa. Garrod and Tiffa head for the Moon and are guided to the base by three G-Bits. Garrod asks Tiffa to bring everyone who needs to see the truth. Tiffa reaches out to D.O.M.E., and the G-Bits move out. They fail at capturing the Frost brothers, but they capture the Garbera and Amanesel and send a message to cease all fighting. The G-Bits guide the Freeden II, the Amanesel and the Garbera down to separate space docks on the lunar surface. As soon as they leave, the Frost brothers break the cease fire and head for the microwave station. The parties from the three separate ships are brought together in a large room. Jamil and Lancerow meet face-to-face for the first time and shake hands. Seidel asks Bloodman to explain what D.O.M.E. is, and Bloodman says that D.O.M.E. was the first Newtype, who was dismantled on the genetic level and placed into a computer system. Bloodman and Seidel’s dogmas clash, and Jamil tells them both to shut up. He tells Seidel that Newtypes aren’t God and shouldn’t be used to advance some doctrine. He then turns to Bloodman and tells him that Newtypes aren’t tools to be used by Oldtypes. Tiffa then says that D.O.M.E. is still alive and asks it to reveal everything. The patterns in the room then light up, and a glowing light appears and introduces itself as D.O.M.E. (Depths Of Mind Elevating).


Things are starting to get really good now that the series is just about to end. There’s quite a lot of action in this episode, and we finally get to see all the Gundams fight in space. As expected, Lancerow made his defection by deciding to help Jamil. Also, it looks like Jamil was ready to sacrifice his life to save Garrod. If this series had been directed by Tomino, it’s likely Jamil would have died. Luckily for him, this isn’t a Tomino series. The Frost brothers reveal their motives to Garrod, which have been in play the whole series. The truth about Newtypes is about to be revealed, but the Frost brothers won’t be there to hear it because they’re so consumed with hatred. We’ll see what happens in the last episode.

Original Review: September 7, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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