Gundam X Ep. 39: The Moon Will Always Be There


As the war rages in space the Frost brothers send an infiltration force into the microwave system’s control room. The soldiers cut off D.O.M.E.’s control of the microwave system and switch it to manual mode. Shagia and Olba destroy all of D.O.M.E.’s G-Bits. Olba then transforms the Ashtaron Hermit Crab and unfolds the satellite launcher for the Virsago Chest Break to dock with. In the lunar base, Garrod and the others find themselves floating in a strange darkness. Everyone wants to know what’s going on, and a D.O.M.E. appears as a ball of light. He thanks Tiffa for coming to him, and she says that’s due to everyone understanding her. He notes that the Frost brothers refused to come, and Tiffa explains that they are interested in war instead of the truth. D.O.M.E. says that the last war was started because of differing ideas about Newtypes, and the new war is starting for the same reason. He says that’s to be expected when people are possessed by the illusion of Newtypes. Seidel demands to know how the first Newtype could say that Newtypes are an illusion. D.O.M.E. explains that he was a mutant, but the idea of Newtypes and their power possessed people. Jamil says that he saw the future and asks if that was an illusion too. D.O.M.E. tells Jamil that even if he did see the future, if he doesn’t work to make it a reality, it won’t happen. He says that it is time for people to forget about the past and make their own future. He also says that Garrod’s constant optimism allowed him to change all of Tiffa’s visions and make the future his own. He asks Tiffa about admitting her power and her desire for more power. Tiffa says she wanted more power to ensure that she and Garrod wouldn’t have a sad future. However, she says that now she just wants to live as an ordinary girl. D.O.M.E. tells her she can be an ordinary person if she throws away the word Newtype. D.O.M.E. then says he is leaving, but Bloodman wants to see more power and Seidel asks what he will do without Newtypes. In space, the microwave beam reaches the Gundams and charges the energy collectors in the Virsago Chest Break’s wings.

As Shagia is about to fire, Olba turns his attention to the three ships emerging from the lunar space docks. Bloodman and Seidel are both surprised that the fighting is continuing, and Seidel prepares to shoot Bloodman’s ship. Shagia tells Olba there will be a change in plans, and he turns around and destroys the Garbera. Bloodman is pleased at what the Frost brothers have done, but Shagia then destroys the Amanesel as well. Shagia proudly states that neither Seidel nor Bloodman are the winners, but they are. As they prepare to fire on the two armies, Garrod attacks them and forces them to separate. He engages in a beam saber duel with Shagia and asks him why he destroyed both ships. Shagia says that they still wanted Newtypes as their future, so they had to die. Garrod tells Shagia he should speak to D.O.M.E., but Shagia says there’s no need for that. Olba grapples onto the Double X so that Shagia can make the kill, but everyone else attacks them and saves Garrod. A squad of Daughtress Neos arrive to reinforce the Frost brothers, and Jamil and the others tell Garrod they will cover him. Nearby, Shagia and Olba dock again and receive another charge from the microwave system. The Double X appears before them, and Garrod takes control of the microwave and charges the Double X’s energy collectors. Shagia and Garrod fire at the same time, and the two energy blasts hit each other. The resulting explosion of energy damages the three Gundams and destroys the microwave system. Six months later, in AW 0016, Garrod and Tiffa say goodbye to Carris at a train station. Garrod asks Carris about his health, but Carris tells him he’ll be okay. As Garrod and Tiffa ride the train, they listen to a news report about negotiations between the New U.N.E. and the S.R.A. proceeding despite the continued fighting. In space, Jamil and Sara have joined the New U.N.E. and negotiate with S.R.A. representative Lancerow. On Earth, Kid, Pala, Shingo, Rococo and Nine own a mechanic shop named Freeden III. At a war hospital, Techs uses coffee to solve conflicts between wounded enemy soldiers. In the midwest, Witz shows Toniya the endless wheat fields of his family’s farm. Roabea and Ennil pull up in a jeep and say they’ll be living nearby. Witz asks Roabea what he’s doing with Ennil, and Roabea says it doesn’t matter. In a small town, Garrod and Tiffa watch the Newtype con artists trying to work a crowd. Nearby, Olba pushes Shagia around in a wheelchair. In space, the wrecked Double X floats in orbit around the Moon.


So that’s the final word on Gundam X. It should be obvious by now that this series doesn’t deserve the black sheep reputation that it has earned for being canceled. While we have a good ending here, I can’t help but wonder how much better it could have been if the series had run 10 more episodes as planned. The long-running question about Newtypes has been answered: they are merely mutants, not the next evolution of humanity. If the Frost brothers had heard that, perhaps they could have made amends for their misguided actions. Although this series is not part of the Universal Century, its last word on Newtypes serves as a fitting end to the UC Newtype saga. Even in entries as late as Gundam F91 and Victory Gundam, it’s quite evident that Newtypes aren’t the future of humanity. Zeon Deikun’s theory about Newtypes was wrong, and D.O.M.E.’s answer is just as good an explanation as any future UC series could provide. Despite the quick ending of the war and the main storyline, there’s a nice epilogue showing what happened to everyone. Aside from the Frost brothers, everyone has a happy ending. Some may think happy endings don’t go well with Gundam, but it’s not necessary for everyone to die. The whole theme of this series is that if you believe in something you can make it happen. Despite living in a hellish post apocalyptic world, Garrod believed in his future and made it a reality. It’s kind of a shame that optimism couldn’t save the series from its early demise, but at least it ends on a good note.

Original Review: September 7, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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