Gundam X Ep. 4: This Operation is a Race Against the Clock!


As Garrod heads back to the Freeden, Sara runs out to inform Jamil that Tiffa’s condition has changed. In the infirmary, Techs explains that her nervous system has started to collapse suddenly. He estimates that if they don’t get her to a proper treatment facility, she’ll die within a week. Jamil decides that the best thing to do is take Tiffa back to the Alternative Company. On the bridge, Witz and Roabea say they’re not interested in attacking a place they just attacked. Sara tells Jamil that everyone has always followed his orders without question, but this time it’s different. She wants to know why he’s so interested in Tiffa and why they have to risk their lives for her. Techs calls Jamil and tells him that Tiffa’s condition has worsened and that she’ll die in two days. Jamil takes the helm from Shingo and begins to move the Freeden. He explains that fifteen years ago he was a U.N.E. mobile suit pilot. He says that the U.N.E. introduced their Gundam series of mobile suits in the war against the S.R.A. The Gundam X and its GX-Bits were their secret weapon that they deployed when the S.R.A. threatened their colony drop. Jamil piloted a Gundam X and destroyed the colony that set the massive colony drop in motion. He says that Newtypes like himself were used during the war, and now he wants to help Tiffa and any other Newtypes he finds. He’ll do anything so that they won’t be used like he was by the U.N.E.. The bridge crew accepts Jamil’s reasoning, but Witz and Roabea both decide to leave. They don’t like Jamil’s story or his ideology, but Olba agrees to stay and help. As they walk through the corridors, Garrod gets in their way and blocks them. They say they’re not taking him with them if that’s his question, but he says he wants them to help Jamil. Witz tells Garrod to get out of the way or be hurt, but Garrod doesn’t move. Witz then kicks Garrod and knocks him down. Garrod grabs onto Witz’s foot, so Witz kicks him in the head and knocks him away. Garrod looks at him with disgust in his eyes and walks off. After they leave, Garrod sneaks into the infirmary to visit Tiffa. He tells her that he misjudged Jamil and realized that Jamil values her more than he does. He tells Tiffa not to die and leaves for the night.

The Freeden fires out a red signal flare requesting help from other Vulture ships. Three ships respond to the call, captained by Jamil’s comrades Ross Armando, Greets Joe and Rosa Intenso. They all agree to help him and come aboard the Freeden to discuss their plans. In a meeting room, Jamil gives a briefing and explains his battle plan. The other Vulture ships are to attack from the sides as a distraction while the Freeden comes in from the front. Olba sits in the back of the room and telepathically relays the entire battle plan to Shagia. Shagia informs Von that the Freeden will be coming in from the front. He wonders if they will use the Gundam X, and he asks Von if he can borrow several men. After the meeting, Jamil walks down a corridor with Shingo, Toniya and Sara. He tells them that they’ll attack at night and use the Gundam X to destroy the Alternative Company’s forces. Toniya asks if Garrod will be piloting the Gundam X, but Jamil says he will. Olba listens from nearby and telepathically contacts Shagia with the latest information. Shagia heads out in his Gundam Virsago, followed by four Daughtresses. In the Freeden‘s mobile suit hangar, mechanics Rococo and Nine examine the Gundam X. Nine wonders if they will have to repair the mobile armor, but Rococo says that Olba is fixing it himself. When they leave, Garrod sneaks in front of the Gundam X to look at it. Chief mechanic Kid Salsamille asks Garrod what he’s doing, and Garrod pushes him away. Kid steps on Garrod’s foot, and the two begin fighting. Rococo and Nine see them fighting and tackle Garrod. Kid calls Garrod “Gundam Boy,” and the others tell Garrod that Kid is the ship’s chief mechanic. Jamil comes over and asks what’s going on. He tells Kid he’s going to pilot the Gundam X, and Kid asks him if he beat his cockpit phobia. Jamil looks away in shame and tells Garrod it’s an after effect of the war. Suddenly, Olba destroys the side wall of the mobile suit hangar and flies out. He transforms his mobile armor into the Gundam Ashtaron and uses his atomic scissors to break open the infirmary and grab Tiffa. As he flies off, Shagia arrives with his Daughtress squad. He then charges the Gundam Virsago’s megasonic gun and fires it at the Freeden.


Not surprisingly, this episode ends with another cliffhanger. Here we finally discover the secret of Jamil’s past and his connection to the Gundam X. Fifteen years ago, he was the Gundam X pilot who fired the fateful shot that changed history. Carrying those kinds of memories explains why he’s such a quiet and reserved guy, but it also explains why he is so intent on helping Tiffa. Witz and Roabea don’t seem interested and give Garrod a good beating for trying to stop them. Olba’s infiltration finally plays out when he kidnaps Tiffa and runs off with her. Will Garrod be able to save her?

Original Review: June 25, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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