Gundam X Ep. 5: You Pull the Trigger


Shingo moves the Freeden just enough to dodge the full force of the Gundam Virsago‘s megasonic gun, but the ship’s main engine is still damaged in the process. The three other Vulture ships position themselves in front of the Freeden and send out their mobile suit forces. In the Freeden‘s mobile suit hangar, Garrod run towards the Gundam X and is stopped by Jamil, who reminds him it won’t work without a G-controller. Garrod asks Jamil to hand it over, and Jamil asks Garrod what he’s fighting for. Garrod stumbles at first and says Newtypes, but then he says he just wants to save Tiffa because he likes her. Jamil then gives Garrod the G-controller, and Kid reminds him to take the beam rifle and shoulder vulcan. Garrod then launches in the Gundam X and finds himself facing off against Shagia. Shagia quickly attacks Garrod, leaving him little room to do anything other than evade. On the bridge, Toniya thinks Jamil is performing poorly until he comes up to the bridge and everyone realizes Garrod is piloting the Gundam X. Shagia relentlessly attacks Garrod and destroys his shoulder vulcan. Garrod attacks Shagia recklessly and ends up wasting all the energy in his beam rifle. As Jamil watches the fight, he remembers that he used to be like Garrod. Outside a town, Roabea has a drink next to his Gundam Leopard. Elsewhere, Witz hides gold that he is collecting to help support his family. Olba delivers Tiffa to the Alternative Company and tells them to treat her for APM. He then tells Von he is returning to the battle to help Shagia finish off the Vultures. After Olba leaves, several helicopters bring the massive S.R.A. mobile armor Grandeene closer to the Alternative Company. Garrod continues to fight against Shagia and can barely hold up. Shagia knocks Garrod down and prepares to kill him with the megasonic gun, but several Septems attack him. Shagia turns his attention to them and destroys them all with the megasonic gun. He fires again at Garrod, but this time Garrod is able to get up and dodge the attack. Jamil asks Sara how much longer until the Moon comes out, and she tells him it’ll be another ten minutes. Garrod attacks Shagia with his beam sword, but Olba arrives and blocks the attack with the Gundam Ashtaron‘s atomic scissors. Garrod backs off and vows he won’t die until he rescues Tiffa.

Olba attacks Garrod, and Garrod dodges and fires back with his chest vulcans. Shagia tries to attack him from behind, but Garrod manages to dodge him. Olba attacks again, and the two brothers then come at Garrod head on. Garrod loses track of Olba, who swoops in from behind and grapples the Gundam X with his atomic scissors. Shagia decides that he will only kill Garrod and keep the Gundam X, so he pulls out his beam saber and aims for the cockpit to make a killing blow. As he gets closer, he is suddenly attacked from the ground by Roabea’s Gundam Leopard. Witz appears from behind Olba in the Gundam Airmaster and attacks, allowing Garrod to escape. Garrod thanks them for coming back, and Roabea tells Garrod he’s screwed things up badly. At the Alternative Company, Tiffa wakes up and has visions of Von performing experiments on her. He tells her that the After War world needs a revolution, and understanding her Newtype power is essential for the future. Von is informed that the Grandeene has arrived, so he goes outside to examine it. The Grandeene is a massive S.R.A. mobile armor equipped with a photon particle torpedo launcher. With the Grandeene, Von plans to kill the Frost brothers along with the Vultures. As Garrod and the others continue to fight, they suddenly come under attack from the Grandeene’s photon particle torpedoes. The Freeden and the other Vulture ships begin moving in an attempt to dodge the destructive volleys. Garrod wonders what to do, and Sara tells Jamil there’s three more minutes before moonrise. Tiffa mentally contacts Jamil and suggests combining their powers. Jamil jumps onto a hoverbike and rides out to the Gundam X. He tells Garrod that he will mentally communicate with Tiffa to get the firing coordinates for the Grandeene. Garrod says a mistake will kill Tiffa, and Jamil tells him he’d pull the trigger himself if not for his cockpit phobia. Jamil is able to see the Grandeene and gives Garrod targeting info. The Frost brothers attack from behind, but Roabea and Witz attack them. Garrod fires the satellite cannon and destroys the Grandeene, along with Von and his staff. Garrod then flies out to Tiffa and brings her back to the Freeden.


Well, some interesting things occur in this episode. Garrod is beginning to show that he cares for Tiffa and is no longer the loner type. His skills as a pilot also increase as he manages to fend off both of the Frost brothers for an extended amount of time. That’s quite a feat, considering that they are experienced and he’s just an amateur. This world seems to be full of betrayals, as Von was ready to kill the Frost brothers along with the Vultures. What we still don’t know is why the Frost brothers helped Von in the first place. On the side, we learn that Witz has a family, which explains why he moves from job to job to get money. At the end of this episode, Garrod and Tiffa return to the Freeden, so I guess that means they’re part of the Vultures now.

Original Review: June 26, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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