Gundam X Ep. 6: It’s Offensive


Two Daughtress High Mobility suits and a Daughtress HM Command piloted by a young woman named Ennil El explore an old U.N.E. nuclear power plant. After scavenging for rare parts, Ennil and her men leave when the reactor goes critical. As they escape, the reactor overloads and sets off a nuclear explosion. Afterwards, Ennil meets up with a Vulture named Zakot Dattonel. He’s glad that she’s found rare parts because they’re irreplaceable and no one is willing to risk entering old power plants. Ennil doesn’t mind doing it because with most of the human race dead, polluting the environment isn’t a major concern. Zakot tells Ennil that he has a new job for her, but she tells him she’d like to rest. He tells her she won’t pass this up and shows her a picture of Garrod and the Gundam X. He tells her it’s an old U.N.E. secret weapon, and she decides to take the job. Elsewhere, the Freeden travels upriver to an old U.N.E. mobile suit factory. Jamil speaks with Tiffa to see if she can locate other Newtypes, but she is unable to. As Jamil leaves Tiffa’s room, he finds Garrod, Rococo and Nine spying outside. He tells them they should be working instead of goofing off. Everyone rushes back to the mobile suit hangar, and Kid scolds them for not having a professional attitude. He also tells Garrod that he should participate in mobile suit maintenance, but he feels he can’t expect much from Garrod. The Freeden reaches its destination, and the crew prepares to bring a Daughtress aboard the ship to sell in San Angelos. Garrod sits in the Gundam X’s cockpit and stews over his continued feuding with Kid and his inability to see Tiffa regularly. Shingo yells at Garrod to tow the Daughtress, so Garrod begins pulling hardly on the line. The Daughtress carrier crashes into one of the hangar’s pillars and injures some of the crew. Garrod tries to apologize in the infirmary and runs off. He’s scolded on the bridge and again runs off. When Jamil leaves the bridge, Sara begins to ask him a personal question and backs off. At night, Garrod sits alone on the ship’s deck. Sara sees him by himself and thinks that everyone’s way of life is difficult at time. From nearby, Ennil and her men watch the Freeden.

Tiffa is woken up when Toniya knocks on her door. Toniya explains that Garrod is acting strangely and seems depressed. She tells Tiffa that only she can cheer up Garrod, and she can do so by making herself pretty. Toniya puts on some lipstick and gives it to Tiffa, but Tiffa doesn’t want to put it on. In the infirmary, Jamil talks with Techs about life and war. Techs remembers a girlfriend he had who died during the war. He says that looking at Garrod reminds him of himself when he was younger. He feels that everyone is misjudging Garrod and that Garrod will do something irrational to make up for the accident. On the bridge, Garrod accesses the ship’s database and pulls up a map of the area. He then launches in the Gundam X without telling anyone. Ennil and her men watch Garrod leave the ship and follow him. Sara traces Garrod’s database access and discovers that he’s heading for an old U.N.E. nuclear power plant near San Angelo. Jamil orders Shingo to move the ship back and fire a signal flare to warn others of danger. Roabea and Witz see the signal from their respective locations and wonder what happened. Despite his cockpit phobia, Jamil launches in the Daughtress to go after Garrod. Garrod arrives at the nuclear power plant and thinks he’ll find some good stuff, but he is immediately attacked by Ennil and her men. The Daughtress HMs attack Garrod and hit the reactor, setting of a critical reaction. Garrod slices one of their arms off and dodges Ennil’s attacks. As the Freeden moves away, Rococo asks Sara to help him pass out radiation suits. Garrod destroys one of the Daughtress HMs and sets off a chain reaction of explosions near the reactor. Ennil decides it’s too dangerous and escapes. Garrod is surrounded by pillars of fire when Jamil arrives and tells him to escape. Garrod asks if the reactor is going to explode, and Jamil tells him to shut up and move. As Garrod and Jamil escape, the reactor goes critical and sets off a nuclear explosion.


It seems everyone wants to have the Gundam X. In this episode we’re introduced to Ennil El, a young woman who clearly likes her stylish leather outfits. We also have quite a bit of character development for Garrod here. Everyone on the ship understands what’s going on, but he doesn’t. He’s not used to being around people and has awkward interactions with them. This is evident when he tries to apologize for the accident he caused and is unable to. His inexperience leads him to further irrational actions, and it’s left to Jamil to bail him out. That’s not an easy task when you have to deal with nuclear explosions.

Original Review: June 26, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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