Gundam X Ep. 7: I’m Selling This Gundam!


Garrod and Jamil speed away from the nuclear power plant, but they aren’t traveling fast enough to escape the blast. Jamil tells Garrod to use the satellite cannon so that the force of the shot will propel them away. The two turn around facing backwards, and Garrod fires the Gundam X‘s satellite cannon. The two are quickly propelled away from the plant, but a chunk of rock smashes into the cockpit of Jamil’s Daughtress. Garrod flies the damaged Daughtress back to the Freeden, and Techs takes Jamil into surgery. He tells Sara not the move the ship, but she tells him they have to move into a safe position first. Garrod tries to apologize to Sara, but instead she slaps him. Garrod then goes over to Tiffa’s room and asks to come in, but she tells him she doesn’t want to see anyone. Elsewhere, Ennil takes a shower and grabs a gun when she hears noise. She opens the curtain and startles Zakot, who is standing there holding a bottle of wine. The two have a drink, and Zakot tells Ennil he was surprised she failed to get the Gundam X. Ennil explains that the power plant and her men were out of control. Garrod sneaks over to the infirmary and hides behind some boxes when Sara, Shingo, Toniya and Kid come out of the infirmary. Jamil’s condition has stabilized, and now Sara has to decide Garrod’s punishment. Toniya wonders why Garrod doesn’t work well with others, and Kid says it’s because he’s trying to impress Tiffa. They leave, and Garrod watches Tiffa go into the infirmary. Techs asks Garrod what he’s doing, and Garrod runs away and leaves the ship with the Gundam X. Elsewhere, three of Zakot’s men search a ruined city with their Daughtress HM Fire Wallaby units. As they search they uncover Witz’s gold, which was uncovered after the explosion of the power plant. Witz heads for the ruined city in the Gundam Airmaster to check on the gold he is storing for his family. Garrod wonders what he will do now and decides to return to his old return. The three Daughtress pilots collect all of Witz’s gold into a suitcase and prepare to leave. Witz arrives and blasts the gold out of their hands. He demands that they leave, but they refuse to go because they outnumber him.

The Daughtress pilots shoot at Witz and run off with the briefcase, so he transforms and chases after them. They then decide to call Zakot for reinforcements. The Freeden fires out a signal flare to call Roabea, and he sees the signal in town. Sara explains to Toniya that they can’t afford more than one pilot right now, and Toniya wonders if Garrod will return. Tiffa sits in her room in front of her canvas and prepares to draw something. Zakot’s ship heads for Witz’s location to provide reinforcements, but Ennil leaves because her only target is the Gundam X. Roabea picks up the Gundam Leopard from a maintenance shop, and the mechanic asks to take a picture so that he can be famous for repairing Gundams. Soon after Roabea leaves, Garrod arrives and asks to park the Gundam X at the shop. He also asks the mechanic to call information brokers because he plans to sell the Gundam X. The auction begins in a town square, and an old guy plans to take the suit by force. Garrod sets off a light explosion on the Gundam X’s body and explains that the entire suit is rigged with explosives. If he doesn’t use a remote by a certain time, the entire suit will explode. He opens the bidding at 50,000,000 and the old guy bids it up to 100,000,000. As he examines the Gundam X, Garrod informs him that the G-controller is sold separately. Ennil appears and offers 300,000,000 for the Gundam X and the G-controller. As night falls, Witz chases the Daughtress pilots into a dead end canyon. He demands again that they surrender, but they fire at him. Garrod sits with Ennil in a bar discussing his current situation. Despite her flirtation, he tells her that he hid the Gundam X so that nothing happens to him. Witz destroys the last Daughtress HM unit, but Zakot’s ship arrives with more mobile suit reinforcements. The Daughtress HM units surround Roabea and box him in with a flamethrower attack. He tries to fly away, but they engulf the Gundam Airmaster in flames. In the town, Ennil comes into Garrod’s room and sits down with him on his bed.


The cliffhanger from the last episode is resolved pretty quickly with Jamil taken out of action. Garrod and the whole crew realize he doesn’t fit in. Impulsive as usual, he takes the Gundam X to sell it for money. I don’t see the point, because what good is money on a wasteland planet? Ennil’s appearance at the auction and gigantic bid is a bit of a surprise. Her actions in this episode show she’s not so villainous as last time, unless she’s planning something. As for Witz, he’s certainly in some serious trouble with all of Zakot’s men shooting fire at him.

Original Review: June 27, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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