Gundam X Ep. 8: I’ll Make that Boy Pay!


The Daughtress HM pilots continue to attack the Gundam Airmaster with their flamethrowers. Zakot orders his men to fry the cockpit and get the gold away from Witz. A transport plane appears from above and begins firing at the Daughtress HM units. With several of the units destroyed, Witz takes the opportunity to escape and destroy several more units. Zakot orders his men to pursue, but he stops and realizes all his mobile suits have been destroyed. Witz gives a thank you signal to the transport plane, but he doesn’t know that the Frost brothers are the pilots. In the hotel room, Garrod holds Ennil at gunpoint and asks her what her objective is. He accuses her of wanting to kill him and steal the Gundam X, but she approaches him and tells him it must be hard to be alone. Ennil places her hand on Garrod’s, and he fires the gun. The bullet barely misses Ennil and hits a wall, and Garrod tells her to leave. Ennil leaves the city in her Daughtress HM Command and can’t believe what Garrod has done. She returns to Zakot’s ship and slaps him when he offers her more wine. Inside her room she vows to never forgive Garrod. On the Freeden, Toniya sees Roabea approaching and is surprised that Witz is flying overhead. They explain the situation to Witz, and he isn’t happy it because he wanted them to store his suitcase. Toniya accidentally opens the giant suitcase, and everyone is surprised by the massive amount of gold. Sara asks Witz how he saved up so much, and he threatens to kill anyone who touches it. In the infirmary, Techs reports to Sara that Jamil is recovering well. Toniya comes to Witz’s room and gives him back his family picture. She tells him the youngest brother looks cute, and he explains that his youngest brother died two years earlier from the Colony Sickness. Roabea jokingly tells Sara that she’s more beautiful than last time, and she asks him not to make fun of her. Tiffa visits Jamil in the infirmary, and Techs tells her she has to understand people’s feelings. Garrod watches couples and families in the town and realizes that what Ennil said was right. Elsewhere, Shagia and Olba visit the maintenance shop and spot the pictures of Garrod’s Gundam X. Olba is surprised because he didn’t expect to find it so quickly.

Zakot prepares to send out mobile suits to search for the Gundam X, but Ennil tells him she has a better idea. She knows that Garrod still feels guilty about leaving the Freeden. On the Freeden, Kid, Rococo and Nine work to repair all the fire damage on the Gundam Airmaster. In the town, Garrod runs into an alley and pulls out his gun when he suspects he is being followed. On the Freeden‘s bridge, Roabea tells Sara that she looks like his dead mother. He asks her to dinner and says he’s serious, but Tiffa interrupts them when she begs Sara to move the ship. Suddenly, the ship comes under attack from several Daughtress HM units. With the Gundam Airmaster still under repair, Roabea goes out alone with his Gundam Leopard. He chases after the Daughtress units and attacks them. From a nearby hill, Ennil has several information brokers watch the battle. In the town, Garrod tries to surprise the person following him, but the old guy from the auction jumps off of a nearby rooftop. He knocks Garrod’s gun out of his hand and kicks Garrod in the back when he dives for it. The old guy asks Garrod where the Gundam X is, and Garrod says he forgot because the old guy hit him. The old guy punches him in the face and pulls out a knife. A shot rings out, and the man runs away scared. Garrod stands up and sees that the shot was fired by the Frost brothers. Garrod reaches for his gun, but Shagia shoots it away. Roabea chases the Daughtress units into a forest and is surrounded by an entire squad. They use their flamethrower tactic to cover the Gundam Leopard in flames. Garrod has tea with the Frost brothers, and Shagia tells him to pilot the Gundam X until he dies. They consider themselves artists and never lost a battle until they met Garrod. They want to fight him again to fix that mistake. Garrod doesn’t believe them, and Shagia kicks away the gun Garrod is holding underneath the table. They threaten to attack the Freeden, but Garrod says he doesn’t care. The information brokers arrive in town with info about the Freeden‘s battle, and Garrod runs off. The Freeden is trapped by fire, and Witz launches to help Roabea. The Frost brothers take off in the Gundams from the mechanics shop, and Garrod activates the Gundam X to chase after them.


A good episode overall. From last time, one might think that Ennil was about to make a move on Garrod. It seemed she was about to, but he had to be a fool and shoot at her. Now he has yet another enemy to deal with. And the Frost brothers act quite strangely in this episode. They help Witz in battle for no reason at all, then they show up and help Garrod. Are they so sore about the last battle that they want to make sure they have revenge on everyone involved? Does anyone really buy that puffery of their’s about being artists? I think they have an ulterior motive aside from a simple rematch, but that’s unclear right now. Well, we’ll have to see what happens now and what Garrod does.

Original Review: August 11, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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