Gundam X Ep. 9: As it Rains in the Streets


Roabea jokingly asks Witz if they should commit double suicide with the Freeden, but Witz says he has important treasure on the ship. They suddenly come under a beam attack, and the Gundam Ashtaron‘s atomic scissors grab onto the Gundam Leopard‘s cannon. Witz turns around and sees the Gundam Virsago emerging from the fog. Olba says they can take their revenge, and Witz shoots at Shagia while Roabea breaks free and fires missiles at Olba. Ennil sees the arrival of the Frosts and doesn’t have a problem with it because it allows her to focus on the Freeden. On a nearby hilltop, Garrod watches the battle and thinks about what happened earlier with Jamil. Ennil jumps on the Freeden‘s deck and is about to shoot the bridge, but Garrod destroys the Daughtress HM Command‘s machine gun with a shot from the Gundam X‘s beam rifle. Shingo wonders where Garrod has been, and Toniya comments that he was probably waiting for a chance to come back. Several Daughtress HMs attack Garrod, but he destroys them all. Sara orders Shingo to set course for a nearby lake so they can escape the fire. Witz transforms the Gundam Airmaster to flight mode and gives Roabea a ride so they can rendezvous with the Freeden. Before the Frost brothers can give chase, they’re attacked from behind by Daughtress HM pilots who want to capture their Gundams. Roabea tells Garrod that he certainly changes his mind quickly with things, but Garrod says he doesn’t worry about that stuff. Witz warns them to stay on guard until the ship is clear of the lake. In the infirmary, Jamil wakes up and asks where he is, but Techs tells him he isn’t in heaven. Tiffa tells Sara that she has to turn the ship around, but Sara doesn’t think her reasons are good enough. Jamil calls the bridge to get an update on the situation. He tells Sara to do as Tiffa suggested, and Sara asks if Tiffa’s advice is better than everyone else’s judgment. Jamil tells her it’s what he’d do without anyone’s advice. Toniya looks ahead and is shocked when she spots Zakot standing on the surface of the lake. Zakot welcomes them to the burning lake, and his Trieste class landship rises out of the lake. The ship fires several shells of artillery into the water, which ignites it and creates a ring of fire around the Freeden. As the fire burns, Shingo reports that the hull’s temperature is rising quickly, but Jamil says everything will be ok.

Shagia destroys the last of the Daughtress HMs, but he’s annoyed that he had to use up all the energy for his megasonic gun. Olba tells Shagia that he’ll help him and says they should go where the Freeden is. Ennil attacks Garrod with her beam saber, but he blocks with his shield buster rifle. At the same time, Shagia and Olba attack Witz and Roabea. Ennil knocks Garrod to the shore and says that her friends can live if he does what she says. She tells him she likes him and knows that he regrets what he did, but he says that isn’t true and knocks her away. Garrod repeatedly attacks with his beam sword, and Ennil tells him it’s not too late because she can do something about his loneliness. Garrod slashes at Ennil in the air, and when he falls he barely avoids missing the Freeden‘s bridge. Ennil rushes at Garrod, but he says the ship is his home and slices off one of her arms. Jamil signals Garrod with a spotlight and tells Sara to go at full reverse on his signal. Roabea and Witz see Jamil’s signal and fire at the Frosts as they pull back. Jamil gives Sara the signal, and Shingo begins moving the ship a full reverse. As the Freeden pulls back, the Trieste increases its artillery barrage. Shagia wonders why the Freeden is running away, but he sees the Gundam X floating above the lake and tells Olba that the battle is over. Jamil fires a signal flare, and Garrod activates the satellite system. The microwave beam comes down from the Moon and reaches the Gundam X’s energy collector. Garrod then pulls away, and the microwave beam hits the water. The beam heats up the water, causing a massive explosion that destroys the Trieste. As the lake water begins to fall down as rain, Techs congratulates Jamil for his idea. Later, everyone visits Jamil in the infirmary, and Techs says they want to hire Roabea and Witz to stay on as private pilots while Jamil recovers. Witz says he doesn’t have any other place to hide his gold, and Roabea says he’s tired of drifting around. Jamil tells Garrod that if he’s going to stay on the Freeden, he can’t just do as he pleases. As punishment, he’ll have to take care of Tiffa. Tiffa enters the infirmary with a portrait of a city surrounded by mountains and says they have to go there. Jamil realizes that she thinks a Newtype must be there. Nearby, Olba comments to Shagia that the Freeden has now become their rival. Olba says they’ll have to be cautious to make sure things don’t interfere with their mission. Later, Garrod joins Tiffa on the deck and finds her with the lipstick. He asks her what she’s doing with it, but she says it’s a secret.


Garrod has finally decided to take action and return to save the Freeden. It’s a common theme in Gundam – people like Amuro Ray and Uso Ewin both tried to walk away from their comrades, but in the end they both came back and fought alongside them again. There’s quite a lot of action in this episode, with the Freeden‘s Gundam team taking on Ennil and the Frost brothers simultaneously. Ennil is definitely angry at Garrod for shooting at her, but she seemingly reaches out to him again. He rejects her again because he thinks of the ship as his home, which seals their rivalry. As for Zakot, his idea to lure the Freeden into an acid water lake was good, but he became overconfident. The Frost brothers both discuss their “mission” here, which will be covered again in the future. The end of the episode also features a tidbit for the future with Tiffa’s painting of a mountain city where there’s supposedly a Newtype.

Original Review: August 11, 2000

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Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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