Gundam ZZ Ep. 38: The Iron Wall of Jamru-Fin


The La Vie en Rose approaches the Moon, and Bright gives Emary a letter to deliver to Judau and the others. Elsewhere, the Nahel Argama deploys cameras to search the surrounding area that is filled with junk. Beecha wants to go to Side 3 and fight the Neo Zeon, but Judau says there are probably traps and that they should wait for more intelligence. They start to argue, and Judau says that Leina will scold them if she hears that kind of talk. Emary misses Bright and decides to launch a signal flare. Nearby, pilots Dale, Danny and Deune test out the new Jamru-Fin mobile armor. They spot La Vie en Rose‘s signal flare and decide to test out their skills before they meet up with Mashymre on the Endra II. Milly scolds Emary and tells her that sending out a signal flare is likely to attract the enemy. The Jamru-Fins are detected, and Emary orders battle stations. On the Nahel Argama, Judau launches in the ZZ Gundam, followed by Roux in the Zeta Gundam and Elle in the Mega Rider. As the Jamru-Fins attack, Judau jumps onto the Mega Rider and tells Elle to fire where he says. He is able to sense the location of the Jamru-Fins, and Elle fires and nearly hits them. The Jamru-Fins escape, and the Nahel Argama docks with La Vie en Rose. Emary tells everyone that she has a letter and video from Bright. Beecha reads the letter, which contains orders to defeat the Neo Zeon. The letter says that if they don’t they will be considered rebels and will be prosecuted by the AEUG and EFF. Judau agrees to do it, but he wants to be paid so that he can send Leina to a good school. Everyone freaks out at what he says, and Emary plays Bright’s video. Bright tells them they can stand on their own and should use their judgment. Beecha thinks to himself that Judau has gone insane.

On the Endra II, Mashymre argues with an old Principality of Zeon pilot named Satou. Satou only wants to defend Side 3, but he insists on doing things his way. Mashymre then meets with Dale, Deune and Danny and sends them out into battle. He tells Illia that he has a plan for her. Satou and other old Zeon pilots launch in new Schuzrum Dias suits, followed by the Jamru-Fins and Illia’s ReGelgu. Illia orders Satou to attack, but he ignores her and fights without her. Judau launches in ZZ Gundam, followed by Elle in the Mega Rider and Roux in the Zeta Gundam. Torres tells Beecha that he should go out too, but Beecha says that as captain he must stay behind. As Judau and the others approach the enemy, they are almost hit by fire from La Vie en Rose. Judau encounters the Jamru-Fins, and they pull a three-in-one attack on him to create the illusion they are one mobile armor. Satou tries to destroy the Nahel Argama‘s bridge, and Illia snipes him and blames the Nahel Argama to rally the pilots behind her. As the battle thickens, Mondo launches in the Gundam Mk-II to join the fight and destroys a Schuzrum Dias. Judau tries to fight the Jamru-Fins, but he isn’t able to even touch them. Torres argues with Beecha about launching, and Emary tells Beecha that if he doesn’t defend his ship no one will respect him. He stops arguing and launches in the Hyaku-Shiki to help Judau. Beecha is overwhelmed and has one of his feet blown off. The voice of Leina tells them to calm down, and Judau tells Beecha he can predict their movements. They fire precisely and damage the Jamru-Fins. Illia orders a retreat, and Judau tells Beecha he can sense that Leina is still alive and isn’t a spirit.


I find it kind of odd that Bright would leave the brand new Nahel Argama in the hands of a bunch of rowdy kids. I don’t think he’d have ever done that back in the One Year War with Amuro and all the others. We’re introduced to three new pilots here, and their three-in-one attack reminds me of the Black Tri-Stars from the original series. Mashymre shows more of his sinister side with his little plan with Illia to kill Satou and blame the AEUG. Judau mentions Leina several times, and since no one else knows she is alive, they think he’s gone crazy. Judau seems to be manifesting more Newtype powers, as he hears Leina’s voice and is able to predict the moves of the Jamru Fins. How powerful he will eventually become is anybody’s guess.

Overall Rating

Gundam ZZ Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yumiko Suzuki
Minoru Onoya
Hidemi Kamata
Meigo Endo
Ken Terasawa

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mika Akitaka
Makoto Kobayashi
Hideo Okamoto
Yutaka Izubuchi
Hajime Katoki
Yoshinori Sayama
Masahiko Asano
Mamoru Nagano

Character Designer:
Hiroyuki Kitazume

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

47 episodes

Japan 03.01.1986 – 01.31.1987


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