Gurren-Lagann Ep. 23: Let’s Go, This is the Final Battle


One week after preventing the moon’s fall, Simon officially introduces Viral to the rest of the Brigade as Gurren’s new pilot. Viral explains that, while he isn’t letting go of his past, he wants them to understand that humans aren’t the only ones who want to protect the Earth. However, to Viral’s surprise, none of the other Brigade members seem to have any problems at all with his joining the team. Leeron gives the group a presentation describing all they’ve learned over the last week–the Cathedral Terra had been stolen by the Anti-Spirals and disguised as the moon to act as part of their Human Extermination System. Along with Gurren-Lagann and Arc-Gurren, the massive warship is powered by Spiral power–the power of evolution. As for the Anti-Spirals themselves, they were originally Spiral beings themselves, but came to believe that the use of Spiral power would lead to the destruction of the universe. Simon informs the group that preparations are being made on Cathedral Terra to probe for the location of the Anti-Spiral homeworld, which apparently exists outside of normal space. Meanwhile, Rossiu finds himself returning to the site of his home village, where, to their mutual surprise, he runs into the old Village Elder, Magin. They sit down to talk, and Rossiu returns Magin’s old holy book. Magin asks if he ever managed to read it, but Rossiu tells him that he was never able to find a match for that particular language. Magin is somewhat amused that the book which he used to rule the village turned out to be full of nonsense. Rossiu muses that even things regarded as treasure can turn out to be trash. Magin tells him that that is part of what makes humans so fascinating. Rossiu suddenly gets a serious look on his face and tells Magin that that is something he cannot agree with. Back at the capital, Kinon runs around in a panic looking for Simon. When she finds him, she tells him that Rossiu sent her the full surface reconstruction plan, but on the last page there was a message for her in which Rossiu thanked her for her friendship and told her to get along with her new co-workers. Noting that Rossiu has seemed somewhat depressed since coming back from space, Kinon fears he may do something rash. She tells Simon that Rossiu wasn’t trying to use him for selfish means, and recounts how she heard him sobbing to himself after the trail. Back in Adai Village, Rossiu leaves Magin behind, telling him he received reports of instability in this area and he wants to ensure that his birthplace would not be destroyed. Magin calls after Rossiu, telling him that he thinks he did well. Rossiu eventually reaches a large, empty chamber and produces a handgun. Rossiu feels that he must be judged for the sin of nearly sacrificing so many lives for no good reason. 

Simon and Kinon race to Adai Village in Gurren-Lagann, fearing the worst. Their combined concern for their friend suddenly causes Gurren-Lagann to become enveloped in a green light. As Rossiu puts a gun to his head, he is shocked to suddenly see Gurren-Lagann bursting out of a portal which opens up before his eyes. As Gurren-Lagann touches down, Simon comes flying out of Lagann’s cockpit, warning Rossiu to clench his teeth. Simon’s fist connects with Rossiu’s face and sends him flying several meters across the room. As Rossiu collapses in complete shock, Simon asks him if that opened his eyes. Simon tells him that everybody makes mistakes, and when they do, it’s okay for somebody to punch them–there’s no need to punish yourself. Even if you think you’ve done something you can’t fix, as long as you keep kicking and struggling, you can keep moving forward. Simon asks Rossiu what was wrong with trying to do something he, himself, couldn’t do? Simon offers Rossiu his hand, and after a brief pause, Rossiu accepts it. Kinon rushes over and embraces Rossiu, in tears. Later that day, Lordgenome’s head reports that they have successfully located the Anti-Spiral homeworld somewhere between the tenth and eleventh dimension. To the surprise of everyone assembled, their destination looks rather a lot like Nia’s engagement ring. Lordgenome attempts explain about the fundamental ambiguity of the universe, but the information flies right over the heads of the Team Dai-Gurren. Lordgenome tells them that once a thing has been recognized, and its dimensional coordinates are known, they can warp there in an instant. Simon tells them that Gurren-Lagann is capable of warping, but worries that their enemy can warp as well–will the Earth be safe without Gurren-Lagann? Rossiu reassures Simon, telling him that he will worry about protecting the Earth for the time being. Kittan looks forward to putting an end to the trembling of the surface by destroying enemy headquarters. With the decision made, Kittan goes to say goodbye to his sisters and young niece. Seeing Kittan so pumped up, Dayakka tells Kiyoh that he needs to talk to her about something. Before he can make his request, however, Kiyoh preempts him and tells him he can go–this is the Team Dai-Gurren’s final battle, after all, so how would it look if Dayakka of Littner Village wasn’t there? As the Cathedral Terra prepares to move out, it first fires a couple of drill tethers into a dimensional rift and pulls the original moon back into its proper orbit, thus ensuring that the Earth will not be adversely affected by the massive ship’s disappearance. Near the capital building, Rossiu, Kinon, and Gimbley see Simon and Viral off in Gurren-Lagann. Rossiu promises Simon that he will ensure that humanity prospers, no matter how much struggling it takes. The group is surprised by the sudden appearance of Old Coco with a large bundle–the flag of the Team Dai-Gurren which flew from the deck of the Dai-Gurren during the battle of Teppelin. Simon thanks him and promises to bring Nia back. Before leaving the atmosphere, Simon flies Gurren-Lagann past Kamina’s grave and tells Kamina that he’ll be going now. Carrying the flag into space, Gurren-Lagann plants it on the deck of the Cathedral Terra. Simon strolls on to the bridge of his new flagship, now wearing a familiar cape with the Team Gurren’s logo, and orders the Hyper Galaxy Dai-Gurren to prepare for takeoff. Viral notes that the name suits them much better than Cathedral Terra. Looking over his crew, Simon tells them that as long as they have the unity of the Team Dai-Gurren, nothing can stand in their way. 


This episode seems to be a transition episode more than anything else. Rossiu is given some much-needed closure, as well as an extremely satisfying ‘correction punch’ from Simon and is, not surprisingly, left to take care of Earth in the Brigade’s absence. We learn that the Anti-Spirals were once Spirals themselves, but aren’t really given much more new information. Simon’s new outfit is very reminiscent of what he was wearing in the prologue, so many episodes ago–and with that, the stage is set for the final battle. This certainly isn’t a bad episode, but after a series of tense episodes, the sudden slow pace is a little jarring. 

Overall Rating

Gurren-Lagann Info

Hiroyuki Imaishi

Kazuki Nakashima
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Shouji Saeki
Kurasumi Sunayama
Masahiko Otsuko

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yoh Yoshinari

Character Designer:
Atsushi Nishigori

Musical Composer:
Taku Iwasaki

27 episodes; 2 compilation movies

Japan 04.01.2007 – 09.30.2007
U.S. 07.28.2008 – 11.11.2008

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.01.2008 – 04.25.2009


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