Ideon Ep. 17: Battle on the Ape Planet


Prehistoric ape-like men watch the Solo Ship in fear. Various crew members head out on the three Ideon units but have difficulty piloting it. Locked up in a cage, Cosmo and Kasha are upset at Bes. Meanwhile Gije’s ship, the Gero Zan, finished with its investigation of planet Solo, meets up with the Dorowa Zan. One of the Buff Clan soldiers duels in a fencing match with Harulu and loses. Gije battles her afterwards. Harulu asks Gije to tell him about the results of his investigation. Lotta brings Lou to the bridge and tells everyone he’s sick with a fever. Lin goes and gets the nurse of the ship, Rapoh, who says he has measles and needs a vaccine to get better. Rapoh says he’ll die in four days if they can’t get him help. Sheryl tells Bes they need to head to a planet with a vaccine. Gije tells Harulu about his investigation on Solo. He says that energy is being emitted from the points where the Ideon and Solo Ship were discovered. Gije wonders if the they were developed to control the Ide. Harulu wonders how such a small ship can contain energy capable of destroying the entire universe. The Solo Ship crew works on repairs. Sheryl tells Bes that the Ideon’s power will be greater with more pilots, and that Deck being aboard the last time had an effect. Gije heads out to capture one of the Ideon units for Harulu. He departs the Dorowa Zan with a number of Zigg Macks and Zlow Jicks. They head down to the planet of the apes. Kasha tells Cosmo of the planet where she was raised and how as bad as Solo was, it still was a lot better. Cosmo tries to dig out of the cage with his knife. Karala and Lin bring them their food, which consists of just a cup of water and a piece of bread. Karala says they’re locked up because the Solo Ship depends on them so much. She tells them about Lou being sick. The Buff Clan forces approach the Solo Ship while repairs are still being done on the Ideon. The three Ideon units are sent out with inexperienced crew members piloting them. The Buff Clan has some initial success and deals damage to the Solo Ship, although the Ideon’s barrier manages to protect them somewhat.

Gije deals heavy damage to the Ideo-Buster. Aboard the bridge Sheryl studies the Ideon gauge which isn’t working as well. Bes wants to use the DS Drive to escape to the planet Ajian. Karala says they should distract the enemy with a laser image of her and let Cosmo and Kasha return to piloting. Sheryl and Lin let Cosmo and Kasha free. Kasha initially does not want to go since she’ll just be locked up again anyway. Sheryl convinces her to head out. Two Zigg Macks are able to grab onto the Ideo-Buster. Suddenly a laser image of Karala appears in the sky, asking for the Buff Clan’s commander. Karala says that they have a dying baby aboard and requests a cease fire. Cosmo gets aboard the Ideo-Delta and Kasha soon follows on the Ideo-Buster. Cosmo immediately has success against the Buff Clan’s Zlow Jicks however the Ideon sign doesn’t appear to be activated. Gije decides to let the three Ideon units dock which will give them a moment to attack. The three Ideon units line up with each other and start transforming, although the Ideon sign still won’t appear. With its barrier failing to work, the three units won’t dock and the Ideo-Nova is quickly captured. Karala thinks they need to DS Out from this planet as soon as possible. Cosmo and Kasha attack the Zigg Macks that have taken the Ideo-Nova captive. The Ideo-Nova and Ideo-Buster dock and are able to knock away the Zigg Mack. The rest of the Ideon docks, but the Ideon gauge still doesn’t go up. Gije attacks the Ideon with his Zigg Mack, but the Ideon is able to easily toss it away. Gije has his forces retreat. The Ideon returns to the Solo Ship, which ascends into space. The Solo Ship heads into Null Space, with its destination being the planet Ajian. Harulu wonders if Gije is strong enough to take on the Giant God. Aboard the Solo Ship, Cosmo asks Kasha why she decided to help. She’s not sure herself but knows that they can’t keep running away like this. Everyone watches over Lou, who is still very ill.


Another average episode that while not too bad, isn’t exactly that great either. Cosmo and Kasha being locked up comes back to haunt the Solo Ship as their replacements do horribly in battle. Luckily by the end of the episode Cosmo and Kasha are able to save everyone. Kasha is as annoying as ever by initially refusing to head out. Gije returns to the scene after being absent the last half a dozen episodes or so. This episode also starts a new storyline with Lou being sick, which leads the Solo Ship to head to the colony planet Ajian, which we’ll see in the next episode.

Overall Rating

Ideon Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Toshifumi Takizawa (movie 2)

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Yuuji Watanabe
Hiroyasu Yamaura
Arata Koga

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koichi Sugiyama

39 episodes; 2 movies

Japan 05.08.1980 – 01.30.1981

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.10.1982 – 08.10.1982


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