Ideon Ep. 24: Strike the Infiltrating Guerillas


The Buff Clan ship Gabro Zan heads towards Kyaral. Gije and Daram discuss their strategy. They plan to attack the Solo Ship while it attempts to resupply on Kyaral. Kyaral colonists complain as they watch the Solo Ship fly by. Kitten tells Cosmo that the people of Kyaral still blame them for the battles that have been occurring. Cosmo says the Buff Clan is the true cause. Cosmo says they’ll go once they get re-supplies from the Kyaral base Stagra but Kitten says they won’t hand anything over. Parkinson goes to see Bes and is surprised that he was able to find Stagra. He still refuses to provide the Solo Ship with any supplies. Bes pulls out a gun and forces Parkinson to let the Solo Ship inside the base. The Ideon gets off the ship and lands while the Solo Ship continues on. Cosmo talks to Kitten aboard the Ideon’s cockpit. The Solo Ship lands and is immediately met by defense forces from Stagra. Hatari gives Parkinson a microphone in order to have him tell the defense forces to put down their weapons, but Parkinson instead tells the defense forces to continue to stand up to them. Kitten tells Cosmo she’ll help him get supplies as long as they leave soon afterwards. The Gabro Zan descends onto Kyaral and launches a number of forces, including Gije’s Ganga Lubu. The Ganga Lubu lands near Stagra and sends out a large amount of Gadakkas. Kitten goes to see the Kyaral defense forces and tells them to provide weapons to the Solo Ship. The defense forces refuse, but suddenly an alarm sounds due to the Buff Clan attack. The Buff Clan attacks one of the entrances to Stagra while Gije leads his squad of Gadakkas inside through another entrance. Gije quickly comes across the Ideon which appears to be unoccupied and decides that they are going to steal it. Gije reports his plans to Daram, who says not to rely too heavily on mecha. Cosmo, heading towards the Ideon on a hovercraft spots the Buff Clan’s Gadakkas and wonders what’s going on. The Buff Clan soldiers kill one of the crew members inside the Ideon. Cosmo realizes that the Buff Clan is trying to board the Ideon. Cosmo contacts Bes, who is still having problems with Parkinson. Gije heads into the Ideon’s cockpit and starts attempting to pilot it. Kasha, located elsewhere realizes that Gije is aboard the Ideon. Some of the Buff Clan soldiers are sent to take care of her. Cosmo manages to take out one of the Buff Clan soldiers aboard the Ideon but is unable to get inside.

Soldiers report to Daram that the Giant God has been seized by Gije. Daram heads out on his own Ganga Lubu as the Gabro Zan continues to battle the Kyaral forces. Kasha and Tekuno head to one of the cockpits where Moera is. Supplies are loaded onto the Solo Ship. Parkinson still thinks that Kyaral has enough forces to fight on their own. Kitten tells him that he has to realize that Kyaral is destroyed and they need the Solo Ship’s help. Bes heads out to help Cosmo in taking back the Ideon. Cosmo continues to have difficulty getting inside due to the Buff Clan soldiers shooting at him. The Ideon starts walking under Gije’s control. Cosmo and Bes grab ahold of the Ideon’s leg. The Solo Ship heads towards the Ideon and finds it aiming at them! Parkinson finally submits and says he’ll ally with the Solo Ship. Gije fires at the Solo Ship as Daram nears the entrance to Stagra. The Solo Ship, still able to move, is continuously attacked by the Ideon but the barrier protects it. Karala tells Hatari they should ram the Solo Ship into the Ideon. Cosmo makes his way through the Ideon towards the cockpit but finds the entrance locked. Bes and other soldiers work on defeating the Buff Clan soldiers elsewhere in the ship. Cosmo blows up the entrance to the cockpit just as the Solo Ship rams into the Ideon. Cosmo nearly falls out of the Ideon due to the impact, but is able to close the exit and defeats Gije’s companion. Gije and Cosmo duel each other. Daram watches, confused, as the Ideon units split apart and crash into the ground. Cosmo hits Gije with his knife and the wounded Gije retreats. Gije throws out a retreat signal and returns to his Ganga Lubu. Cosmo tells Kasha they should recombine the Ideon. The Ideon docks back into its humanoid form and attacks the Buff Clan forces, but is soon attacked by both sides by the enemy. The Ideon rushes into Daram’s Ganga Lubu and hits it with multiple blows. Gije launches a missile attack then soon retreats. Cosmo fears that another nuclear bomb may have been hidden on them, but nothing occurs. The battle over, Parkinson proclaims that its all over for Kyaral. Cosmo says they feel despair as well but must continue to fight. Kitten asks why they haven’t simply handed over the Ideon, but Cosmo says they would be killed if that happens. Karala says that the forces they have been fighting seem to be a private corporation rather than the actual military and that they should be smaller and easier to fight back against. Daram scolds Gije for not being able to take the Giant God despite him knowing the most about it. Daram says that since they’re part of the Ome Foundation and not the military, they won’t get paid until they take the Giant God. He says capturing the Giant God is the only way to beat Harulu.


The action continues on Kyaral with another pretty good episode. The Solo Ship continues to face hardship from their fellow earthlings, but are by the end of the episode able to get the supplies they need. Gije manages to actually capture the Ideon, but is soon defeated by Cosmo once again. Since the main objective of Daram’s forces is to capture the Ideon, I wonder why he simply didn’t flee as soon as he got it rather than trying to defeat the Solo Ship. Although it pales somewhat to the previous episode, still an overall fairly good one.

Overall Rating

Ideon Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Toshifumi Takizawa (movie 2)

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Yuuji Watanabe
Hiroyasu Yamaura
Arata Koga

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koichi Sugiyama

39 episodes; 2 movies

Japan 05.08.1980 – 01.30.1981

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.10.1982 – 08.10.1982


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