Ideon Ep. 29: Glinting Swords


Repairs are made on the Solo Ship on the Moon and supplies are slowly brought aboard. Bes tells Cosmo to assist in transporting the Ideon Gun. Cosmo goes to see Joliver and Sheryl, who are investigating the flow of Ide energy into the Ideon gun. Cosmo tries to cheer Sheryl up. Meanwhile the Buff Clan ships led by Rukuku Kil depart from Null Space near the Earth. Daram’s escape capsule is caught and brought aboard Rukuku’s Garowa Zan. Daram hands Rukuku his data on the Giant God, on the condition that she treats him with respect. The Solo Ship finds missile satellites that prevent them from heading down to Earth. The children Ashura, Fard and Lou ride a transport chair into the Ideon’s cockpit. Joliver finds the energy flow of the Ideon Gun going up. While transporting the rest of their supplies, the Solo Ship is suddenly attacked by troops from Moonland. Sheryl wonders if the energy flow of the Ideon Gun is connected to this conflict. During the battle Sheryl is saved from an attack by Gije. Gije tells her his name then knocks her out. The Buff Clan sends out its forces, including the Barume Baram, a Heavy Mobile Mecha with the ability to emit a Gel Zone at the enemy. The Solo Ship attempts to depart just as the Buff Clan arrive and launch their attack. Karala warns Bes about the new Buff Clan crafts Adigos, which have powerful particle cannons. Bes orders the Ideon to take off. The children, still aboard the Ideon are scared by the attack.

The Adigos manage to cut through the barrier and score direct hits on the Solo Ship. The Ideon units battle them. Lotta tells Karala and Bes that the children are missing. The three Ideon units dock. The Adigos are unable to damage the Ideon due to its barrier. Cosmo realizes that the children have snuck aboard and has them sit down. Sheryl awakens in a storage section of the Solo Ship with Gije. Gije explains that the more he fought the Giant God, the more he wanted to know about the Ide and that he doesn’t care if he lives in shame now as long as he can see the Ide show itself as an altruistic power. The Barume Baram separates into two separate units. The two units surround the Ideon and spread out a Gel zone, stunning it. Rukuku thinks that she has beaten the Ideon and that the pilots will soon be dead. The children cry out aboard the Ideon and it suddenly starts moving on its own. Large beams of light emanate from the Ideon’s wrists. The Ideon’s pilots awaken and notice the power flowing from the Ideon’s wrists. The Ideon easily destroys the Barume Baram using them and escapes. Rukuku has her forces retreat and admits to Daram that she’s been defeated. Cosmo thanks Lou, saying that they were saved thanks to him. Sheryl hides Gije in a room on the Solo Ship and thanks him for saving her life.


While not as good as the previous two episodes, this is still another great episode. The last of the Ideon’s ultra powerful weapons, the Ideon Swords appear. Gije, completely abandoned by the Buff Clan sneaks aboard the Solo Ship. Like Sheryl he seems obsessed with investigating the Ide. The strangely named Rukuku Kil arrives in the Earth sphere with additional forces to attack the Solo Ship with, including the new mechas Barume Baram and Adigo. The battle in this episode would eventually be combined with the one from episode 27 in the compilation movie.

Overall Rating

Ideon Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Toshifumi Takizawa (movie 2)

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Yuuji Watanabe
Hiroyasu Yamaura
Arata Koga

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koichi Sugiyama

39 episodes; 2 movies

Japan 05.08.1980 – 01.30.1981

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.10.1982 – 08.10.1982


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