Unit type: prototype close combat mobile suit
Armament: beam spear x 1, missile launcher (can be loaded with ABC warheads) x 1, suspension smokescreen x 1
Note: A prototype mobile suit created by M’Quve for Kycilia Zabi’s personal use. Its main weapon was the beam spear, a telescoping double-edged sword; other equipment included ABC armaments and the suspension smokescreen, a bullet charge which spread a smoke curtain, which enabled the suit to approach enemy units and destroy them without being detected. Apparently never used during the One Year War, the Karyovin was discovered by Zeon guerrillas during an attack on the Istanbul coast art museum, and then employed against the RMS-117 Galbaldy β sent by Titans to fight them. After this battle, the suit was sent to Anaheim Electronics for repairs, but its subsequent whereabouts were unknown. Featured in “RPG Magazine Great Volume 3.”



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