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King Gainer Ep. 10: Asuham’s Grudge


Sara sits in a vehicle with Hughes and calls up Gainer, telling him to hurry up with the shopping that he is doing. Gainer says that Gain tried to make some money due to how expensive supplies are. Gain has just won a boxing match while Gainer sits in the audience in a disguise, posing as a woman named Cathleen. Gain calls out to “Cathleen,” embarrassing Gainer further. Jaboli, who is sitting next to Gainer, asks him if he knows who the person in the ring is. Asuham steps into the ring as Gain’s next opponent, also posing under an alias. Armed members of St. Regan stand in the crowd and Jaboli pulls out a gun at Gainer. Asuham asks Gain to make a wager on the fight; if he wins he can leave but if he loses Asuham can arrest him and bring him back to London IMA. The fight begins. Meanwhile, a Siberian Railway train car approaches which is spotted by Sara. When Asuham manages to hit Gain in the face, Jaboli cheers for him, distracting her long enough for Gainer to get away. Gain thinks Asuham has improved since the last time they fought. Asuham manages to hit Gain with multiple punches to the stomach. He then repeatedly punches him in the face, complaining about what he had done to Karin. The referee stops the match and Zakki holds Asuham back, telling him he’s won. Asuham tells him to keep a watch on Gain, who collapses to the ground. Gainer heads below the ring. Jaboli tells Zakki she failed to find the kid who accompanied Gain. Zakki tells her to stop those from the Exodus approaching the train. Gainer watches as Gain is carried off on a stretcher. Sara calls him about the train arriving. Hughes says he’ll go in himself to save Gainer, having changed his clothing. Gain is loaded on to the Svaroric train car and is held to the wall using an iron mask. Asuham comes in to taunt him. Gainer approaches, wanting to rescue Gain to repay his debts to him. Gainer is confronted by a Siberian Railway soldier who is quickly taken out by Hughes. Hughes fights off several other Siberian Railway soldiers using ninja techniques. As the Svaroric heads away, Hughes tells Gainer to not head after Gain and that it will be better if St. Regan is no longer after the Exodus. He says Gainer is much more important to their cause than Gain due to his ability to pilot the King Gainer. Gainer is able to convince him to head after Gain though, and they separate as explosions rock the area nearby. Sara calls out for Bello and jumps out of her vehicle as Enge fires at her in his Under Golame Overman. Sara runs over to a building where King Gainer is being held and gets in the cockpit, calling out to Gainer. Enge’s Under Golame approaches the King Gainer and punches it out of the building. Enge laughs at how bad Sara’s piloting is.

Hughes takes off on a small tank-like train car, calling it “Blazing Car.” He approaches the Svaroric. Inside, Asuham orders the Siberian Railway to take on the Exodus forces. Asuham laughs at Gain and leaves the room. Sara uses her Photon Mat shield to shield the blasts from Enge’s Under Golame. He attacks her with his understick attack and she chops away at it with the King Gainer’s chain gun. Enge’s Under Golame manages to knock the King Gainer to the ground. He is blasted by Gainer, piloting Gain’s Gotchko, just as he is about to finish Sara off. The Under Golame ascends into the clouds. Sara apologizes and lets Gainer climb into the cockpit. Gainer asks Sara to remain in the cockpit with him and takes off. Kejinan and Jaboli approach in their Overmen. Asuham is told that Hughes’ Blazing Car is approaching. Hughes jumps off of it onto the Svaroric and then manages to knock the guard out of the car where Gain is being held. The 3 Under Golame Overmen surround the King Gainer and shoot a fire ball at it. King Gainer ascends then dives down towards them, hitting Enge’s Under Golame, which causes it to short out. Hughes breaks Gain free of his chains, but isn’t able to take off his iron mask. Hughes gives Gain a shotgun then fires a flare into the sky. Soldiers fire into the train car. Noticing the flare, the King Gainer heads towards the Svaroric. Jaboli attacks the King Gainer with her understick, but ends up hitting Kejinan, who is on the opposite side of the King Gainer. Asuham complains about the Siberian Railway soldiers being unable to use their Under Golames properly. King Gainer approaches the Svaroric and slices off the last two cars. Jaboli attacks with her Under Golame. Nearby, Asuham attacks, asking why those of the Exodus are interfering with his train. Sara says there have been no orders from Wulgusk to head after the Exodus and therefore St. Regan has no orders to go after them. Asuham says he’s no longer a member of St. Regan. Zakki tells Jaboli she’s getting in the way, but she attacks the King Gainer anyway and manages to slice it at the waist. King Gainer throws grenades at Asuham’s Golame, but it manages to throw a series of bracelets that wrap around King Gainer’s arm and start squeezing tightly. Gain and Hughes continue to fight back from within the train car but are grabbed by Asuham’s Golame. Gain feigns not having much left. Zakki charges at the King Gainer in his Golame, but King Gainer is able to shake off the bracelets and take off. One of Zakki’s bracelets is knocked away by the King Gainer and slices off the arm of Asuham’s Golame, enabling Gainer to escape. He is thrown a gun from Hughes and shoots at the eyes of Asuham’s Golame. King Gainer then shows up and knocks it over. Asuham asks for Zakki to be his eyes as he heads off. Nann complains to Hughes at the parts provided when they return to the Exodus city units. Cona is surprised to see Gain’s iron mask, while Bello is surprised to see that both Gainer and Sara were in the King Gainer’s cockpit. Nann, Toun and Cona work on trying to get off Gain’s iron mask. Hughes realizes that he has the keys to taking off the mask and Gainer is able to unlock it off of him. Gain thinks Hughes hid the keys on purpose and fights with him.


The storyline continues to not really go anywhere, giving us yet another filler episode. Aside from revealing a new side to Hughes, who takes on a ninja-like persona in this episode, there isn’t much that is new here. The boxing ring and Overman fights, as well as Asuham’s grudge against Gain have all been done before. Hopefully the plot starts moving forward again in the near future as the show is starting to get into a bit of a rut. It’s a little better than the previous episode, but not by much. A main character cross-dressing is a common Tomino trope, having also appeared in shows like L.GaimGundam ZZ and Turn A Gundam, and appears here as Gainer pretends to be Gain’s lover “Catherine.”

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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