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King Gainer Ep. 12: Battle of the Giant Stones


Aboard the Bachclone, Gach looks out at the horizon. In class, Sara fights with Gainer, who claimed that the Exodus was meaningless despite them being halfway to Yapan. Gainer asks what Sara will do once they arrive at Yapan and she says she wants to be a farmer, saying that food made that way will be better tasting than that provided by London IMA and the Siberian Railway. Sara and Gainer are called away to the Bachclone and head over there. King Gainer heads out and Gainer spots some stones off in the distance. When he arrives there he wonders if they are man-made or natural, and also spots a large chasm. Gainer wonders if this is Meeya’s town and spots some flowers on the ground. The Wise Men discuss it, saying they should keep the city units away from here. Hughes, Gain, Sara and Bello head out on their silhouette engines. Pelhar explains to Princess Ana that they are speaking of the original Meeya, who led the first Exodus. They continue to explore the ruins and Gainer sees some puffin birds flying by. Sara is amazed at how warm it is and says when they get to Yapan she’ll build a place like this. Suddenly the ground starts shaking and a Golame Overman piloted by Asuham appears nearby. Asuham tells Gain he’ll never let the Exodus succeed. He recalls getting an order from London IMA to join the regular military and focus on Kids Munt rather than the Exodus. He’ll be forgiven if he takes care of the Siberian Railway. Asuham decides to do whatever he wants regardless of the order. Another Golame appears and throws a ring that manages to slice off the top of several of the rock formations. Asuham tells Zakki, the other Golame pilot, to follow his orders and capture Gain alive. Gain asks Gainer to act as a decoy, but Gainer says Gain would be the better decoy since Asuham won’t kill him. Zakki’s Golame lifts up a giant rock. Asuham continues to argue with him, thinking this is a special place. Gain fires at the rock they are standing on with his Gotchko, calling them to fall off. Sara asks Gainer to cut back on his attack since this is Meeya’s town. Bello throws a ball that Zakki fires upon, causing him to be entrapped in an electromagnetic field. Asuham comes by and helps him out. Asuham yells at Gain. Suddenly the ground starts shaking and the Overmen and silhouette engines try to evacuate. A large overman comes out of the chasm and starts growling.

Gainer and the others look at the weird overman. Gainer and Sara wonder what this overman is. Hughes asks Bello if he has anymore of the grenades. Asuham charges towards the giant overman, which blocks his attack with a giant rock. It then sends several more rocks flying at him. Gain calls the Overman Brunhilde and says it can control gravity. Gainer asks if Brunhilde is the legendary Overman. Sara is worried about Meeya’s Town being destroyed. Gainer wonders why the Overman was hiding here and Gain thinks Brunhilde built the town. Gainer has a hard time believing it since Brunhilde would be so old, and wonders who is piloting it. Brunhilde heads out of the chasm and several rocks knock back Asuham and Zakki’s Golames. Sara notices more flowers, and the Brunhilde lands nearby. Sara notices that the Brunhilde is missing one of its arms. She wonders if it is trying to talk to her, and its cockpit opens. Sara notices no one is inside and wonders if it is on some sort of auto program. The Brunhilde reaches out its hand towards Sara and she gets into it. Sara tells Brunhilde to be careful with Gain since he’s her friend, but Brunhilde still throws rocks at it. Hughes asks for a grenade from Bello. King Gainer launches a plasma attack at the Golames. Zakki takes on King Gainer to enable Asuham to head out. Sara gets into the cockpit of Brunhilde, who she tells to be a good boy. Gain tries to avoid some falling rocks and is saved by Asuham who wants to take him back to Karin. Asuham tells Brunhilde that Gain is his and asks the Brunhilde to surrender to him. He notices weird crests appearing on the stones that Brunhilde had thrown. The Wise Men believe the crest belonged to Meeya. Asuham attacks Bello and Hughes’s silhouette engines. Brunhilde creates a black hole which starts drawing in some rocks and even Asuham’s Golame. King Gainer launches some photon mat rings into the black hole. Sara tells Brunhilde she’ll get out of the cockpit if it doesn’t start listening to her. Asuham jumps out of the Golame cockpit and jumps into Brunhilde’s. The black hole starts drawing King Gainer in. Bello and the others tell Gainer to use his overskill to try and escape. Gain approaches on his Gotchko and is able to dissipate the black hole using an arm that originally belonged to the Brunhilde. Gain tells Brunhilde he has come to deliver its arm to it.


A strong episode, introducing Meeya’s Town and the mysterious Brunhilde. The Brunhilde is the most interesting looking Overman we’ve seen yet, with a drastically different form than any others we have seen before. This episode features some good CG animation during the battle when Brunhilde is throwing rocks at our heroes. It is also interesting to see some discussion of what people’s plans are after the Exodus is concluded. Although the majority of the episode is spent with the battle in Meeya’s Town, it’s overall the strongest episode we’ve had in a while.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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