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King Gainer Ep. 16: Fight On, Adette Troop!


The city units move forward along a river. Adette heads out in King Gainer. In the Bachclone, Gainer is being attended to by Dr. Pelhar. A group of men come in saying they belong to the Adette troop of Gangalan. They claim to have put together a group similar to the Gauli squad. They don’t have any combat experience, but have been inspired by Adette and made her their team captain. They claim to be here to pick Gainer up. Suddenly the ceiling is moved aside and Adette, piloting King Gainer, grabs hold of Gainer. A silhouette mammoth traveling along the river crashes. It was caused by Enge and Kejinan, who are piloting a Mexbrute Overman. Sara tells Gain that Adette has kidnapped Gainer. Gainer watches with Adette as a train car passes through a tunnel, showing it to be a Siberian Railway hologram projection. Adette plans to steal weapons for her troop from the Siberian Railway. Inside the hidden tunnel, Kashmir complains to his men for them stopping 30 seconds late. Cynthia steps out of the train car and meets Kashmir. Asuham is being held in a cell aboard the train, being transported to President Kids Munt’s Liman Megalopolis. In his cell, Asuham is brought food by Jaboli and sweet-talks her. She lets him into a Golame overman and he tells her he’ll welcome her into St. Regan when he returns. Adette appears from a vent in the ceiling along with Gainer and several members of her troop. Jaboli hides but is found by Adette. Adette wants to steal a Dorbeck and Jaboli refuses to help, pulling a gun on her. Adette doesn’t think Jaboli would be able to fire and Jaboli flees. Jaboli reports to Kashmir about Adette’s arrival. A soldier tells Kashmir about Asuham’s escape. Cynthia asks Kashmir if he’s trying to get her in trouble since she is responsible for him. Despite having stolen multiple silhouette engines, Adette still wants to steal an Overman from the Siberian Railway. Adette tells her men to head off with King Gainer. The city units approach the Mexbrute, which is leading them towards a cliff. Kashmir orders the two of them to return to base. Despite their pleas, he forces them to return. As they leave, Bello realizes that the city units are about to go over a cliff and stops the Bachclone. They see the Mexbrute take off. The Mexbrute arrives in front of Adette, who demands the Mexbrute be handed over to her. The Mexbrute is able to avoid Adette’s attacks due to its ability to create illusions of itself.

Asuham heads off in his Golame, thinking he has sunken as low as Gain due to him having to rely on womanizing to escape. Cynthia appears before him in a Golame, since her Dominator is being repaired. Asuham thinks he’ll have an advantage, but Cynthia stops his attack with a single finger and knocks him to the ground. She tells Asuham he has no imagination. Adette continues to attack the Mexbrute illusions. Kejinan tells her it is helpless to fight him. Adette tells Kejinan he’s ugly and he uses the Mexbrute’s overskill to change his appearance. He then shocks everyone by asking Adette to be his bride. Adette tells him a toad like him isn’t in her league and fires at him. Meanwhile Gainer and the Adette troop wait for Adette outside. Gainer worries about her. One of the members of the troop talks about how she agreed to be her leader since the only thing she’s been able to do is fight. The Mexbrute continues to avoid Adette’s attacks with its illusions. King Gainer heads back towards the Siberian Railway base. Adette is knocked out of her Dorbeck. Kejinan is about to finish her off when the King Gainer arrives. Adette complains about Gainer not following orders. He says he isn’t in the Adette troop, and she says to follow him as her teacher. Gainer tells Adette what a terrible person she is, but she is like part of his family. Kejinan starts whining, saying Gainer is not suitable for Adette and starts attacking the King Gainer. Adette tells Gainer she’ll make him a nice dinner when they get home. The King Gainer slices through several more Mexbrute illusions. Kejinan complains about whether Gainer can hear him. The King Gainer emits an attack that wipes out all the illusions at once. Kejinan creates more illusions but he finds it is not happening fast enough. The Mexbrute’s cockpit starts shorting out and all the illusions disappear, revealing it to be hiding in the corner. The King Gainer slices up the Mexbrute into several pieces then makes its escape. The Mexbrute destroyed, the illusion covering the Siberian railway base disappears. Later, Kashmir yells at Kejinan over the giant mess he has created. Jaboli spies and sees Cynthia come back with Asuham. Cynthia complains about being too late to fight the King Gainer. Asuham tells Cynthia he thinks Kids Munt is hiding an even more powerful overman. Cynthia agrees to play along, but threatens him if it was a lie. Back on the city units, members of Adette troop work on fixing up the city unit. Adette chases Gainer into the classroom trying to get him to put on some new clothes so as to match her.


Like the previous Adette-centric episode, this episode comes off largely as filler. The Mexbrute was an interesting Overman, and Kejinan and Enge came extremely close to stopping the Exodus once and for all had Kashmir not interfered. Cynthia continues to show how strong an overman pilot she is, stopping Asuham with a single finger. Similar to how Yassaba suddenly was in love with Adette out of nowhere earlier in the series, Jaboli’s sudden love for Asuham comes off as poorly developed and as just a plot device. And since he immediately got captured by Cynthia that part of the storyline came off largely as pointless. There were several other ways they could have had Cynthia and Asuham talk to each other as they had at the end of the episode. Likewise, while the episode is trying to bring Gainer and Adette closer together, I think there were other ways they could have done it instead of wasting an episode on it, particularly when we’ve already had an Adette filler episode earlier in the series.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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