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King Gainer Ep. 17: The World Without Lies


Bello and Nann serve food for refugees. Bello thinks to himself of what a burden they are, and some of the refugees are able to hear it. Mamado talks to Lioubov who is cleaning up dishes. Gainer and Sara are also working on cleaning dishes and talking about when it will get warmer. Gainer can’t stop staring at Sara and thinks dirty thoughts of her which she is able to hear. Bello also hears some thoughts from some Gangalan refugees about how many problems the Yapan Exodus caused for them. Gainer and Sara come outside and are able to hear the thoughts of the various refugees. Gainer and Sara realize that they can hear what everyone is thinking. This causes the people of Gangalan to start arguing with those from Yapan. Elsewhere, Kashmir is operating the overman Planeta which is sending rings into the sky. He tells Jaboli that the Planeta’s overskill sends out everyone’s thoughts into the world and he is going to reveal everyone’s secrets, which will cause the Yapan Exodus to turn against itself. In the city units, the people of Gangalan and the Yapan Exodus start throwing rocks at each other. Lioubov and Mamado can hear each other’s thoughts about them being in love with the other. Gainer arrives with his King Gainer trying to stop the arguments. Bello, Sara and Hughes come by as well on their silhouette engines. Sara tells Hughes what is going on and they believe it to be an enemy overskill. Sara hears Hughes’ thoughts, which reveals he was the one who took out Gainer’s parents. Gain talks to Citran and Gach about the current goings on. Citran is thinking about cutting out those from Gangalan, but Gain doesn’t want to and wants to end those causing the problem. He talks to Gainer and Princess Ana out in the hall. Ana thinks the ability to read minds will enable them to end their battle without bloodshed. Some Siberian Railway troops talk about the current goings on and the fact that the Yapan Exodus is approaching. Suddenly the King Gainer and Gotchko attack the railway car and the Dogodzos there, hoping to draw out Kashmir.

That evening, Gain and Gainer wait. Gain plays a whistle while Gainer is getting some food. Gain talks about the Exodus destroying Duke Feliba’s family, which Gainer overhears. They talk about his dome, which was in a desert in the south. Kashmir works on a diagram in the Planeta’s cockpit, hoping to make the train diagram more like a diamond. He approaches the King Gainer and Gotchko. Kashmir says they won’t be able to hit the Planeta since he can hear their every thought. Kashmir is easily able to fend off Gain and Gainer’s attacks. King Gainer spins around the Planeta at high speed and tries to attack it from behind, but still is unable to strike it. Gain tells Gainer they should retreat since Kashmir will know all their attack plans. The riots and arguments in the city units continue, with Hughes and Sara trying to keep it down. Sara thinks she should ask Hughes directly about what she discovered of him earlier. Mannan is worried about people hearing his thoughts and runs into princess Ana, who realizes he can’t stop thinking about his mother. King Gainer is able to push back the Planeta. Lioubov and Mamado talk to each other about their feelings for each other, but Lioubov says she views him as a sort of father figure and needs more time. Gainer comes up with an idea and starts repeatedly shouting out that he loves Sara. Kashmir starts getting quite annoyed with Gainer. Gainer’s words are broadcast out amongst all the city units. This starts calming down the people in the city units, although Sara gets very upset. Kashmir shuts down the Planeta’s ability so he can no longer hear what Gainer is saying. As soon as he does so Gain is able to shoot at the Planeta. King Gainer quickly slices multiple limbs off the Planeta. Kashmir ejects the Planeta’s cockpit and escapes, telling Gainer he is now on his blacklist. Gain tells Gainer he likes him a lot. Gainer gets mad, thinking he is mocking him. Gainer gets back to the Bachclone where the mechanics are laughing at him and Bello tells him he has his respect. Princess Ana tells Gainer that everyone was able to hear what he said, shocking Gainer. Sara starts yelling at Gainer and tries to punch him but misses. Hughes looks at the two of them from nearby.


Although another standalone episode, this episode is a fun one and a bit improvement from last time. The Planeta’s ability to broadcast everyone’s thoughts was an unique concept. It was also interesting to see how Gainer was able to counter this ability by annoying Kashmir so much that he shut down the ability. Prior to covering this series for MAHQ, it had been about five or six years since I saw this show, but Gainer shouting out his love for Sara and having it broadcast among all the city units was a scene that I wasn’t able to forget and provides one of the series’ funniest moments. This episode also has an interesting revelation about Hughes possibly being the one who killed Gainer’s parents, and it will be interesting to see where they take that now that Sara knows about it.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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