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King Gainer Ep. 19: Lionnetor’s Nightmare


Gain waits in the woods as a group of elephants walk by. Gainer flies down in the King Gainer and takes some of them away with him, back to the city units. He comes across a vehicle that has gotten stuck in the snow. Gainer says he’ll take it to the city units and one of the two men inside, named Ariel, tells him he has something to deliver to Black Southern Cross. On the Bachclone, Ariel hands a receipt to Gain, telling him he has things to deliver. Gain heads off with Ariel, telling Cona to work on what he has delivered. Sara and the others wonder if Gain and Ariel know each other from a previous, failed Exodus. Ariel and Gain talk about Gainer and the Exodus while eating dinner, thinking about how people aren’t willing to tough things out as much anymore. On a Siberian Railway car Jaboli reports to Kashmir, telling him that their agent has been able to infiltrate the Exodus. Kashmir tells her to move forward as planned. On the Bachclone Gain and Mamado talk over their planned adjustments to Gotchko. Cona asks Gain about Ariel and why he hasn’t joined them. Gain tells her they are working on an Overman. Ariel walks through some of the streets of the city units, overhearing about trouble between the general public and Gangalan people. Ariel sees the former mayor of Gangalan and they plan to do something to advance the cause of Gangalan, including support from President Kids Munt. The mayor dismisses the ability of the Exodus to succeed, angering Ariel. On the Bachclone the mechanics and others continue to work on the Gotchko, turning it into an Overman. Gain says he is going to call it Emperanza, after an overman he piloted a long time ago. Ariel shows up and confirms when Cona asks that he was involved with a prior Exodus. Gain carries her away. A group of Gangalan people gather together and shout their grievances. Adette says she’ll negotiate on their behalf, but the crowd remains angry. On the Bachclone Gach and Bello talk about the recent events, surprised since the Gangalan mayor agreed to cooperate. Gain, Hughes and Sara show up and try to calm down the Gangalan refugees. Bello asks Sara to head to a control room as they pass over some railway tracks. Gain wonders why the riots are suddenly starting now as they pass the tracks. The wires connecting one of the city units breaks apart due to meddling by the Gangalan mayor, stopping the city unit on the track. Kashmir and Kejinan soon arrive. Kashmir yells at Kejinan for firing while the enemy is over the railroad tracks, not wanting them to be damaged. Kashmir heads out on his overman, Lionnetor. Adette catches the Gangalan mayor and tells him the Gangalan people will be killed when Kashmir attacks. The mayor reveals Ariel’s involvement. The Lionnetor fires at the King Gainer. Lionnetor then generates a copy of itself which attacks the King Gainer.

Gain has some difficulty as he heads out on the Emperanza, having not yet done a test flight. He jumps on a vehicle being piloted by Ariel, who is trying to stop the train. Adette catches up with Sara in her Overman and asks about Ariel. The Lionnetor generates a copy of itself which looks just like the King Gainer and grabs hold of the King Gainer. When Adette and Sara arrive they fire away at the fake King Gainer. The train approaches the stopped city unit. Ariel and Gain fire upon it and cause the vehicle to crash into the train, but it is only harmlessly bumped away. Ariel heads into the railway car, punching out Kejinan and Enge as they try to head out. Kashmir generates a giant slug that jumps on Adette’s silhouette engine, and then creates a giant frog which does the same to Sara. Gain heads to the engine room and tries to stop the train. Ariel tells him it’s over and reveals that he has been hired to stop the Exodus and kill him. Kashmir generates more frogs and slugs to attack Sara and Adette. King Gainer realizes that the overskill of the Lionnetor is to generate things the enemy hates the most. Kashmir laughs as Sara and Adette cry out over the slug and frog attack. Jaboli tells Kashmir that the train has been hijacked by Gain. Ariel puts his gun at Gain’s head, but reveals that he doesn’t really want to kill him, but rather have him help out their old, failed Exodus. Ariel says he had to become an anti-Exodus specialist but with them around their failed Exodus is not over. The Lionnetor jumps onto the front of the train, causing Gain and Ariel to see images of people dying from their failed Exodus. Gain tries to convince Ariel that these visions aren’t real. Lionnetor pulls away from the train. Gainer tries to concentrate on what he does when he’s failing in his video games and attacks the fake King Gainer. Gain fires at the railway tracks, while telling Ariel that he had wanted to become just like him. Gain is able to cause the train tracks to pull away from the city unit. Kashmir becomes upset over this. King Gainer defeats its fake enemy. Jaboli tells Ariel to hand Gain over to him. When an Overman hits the train car Gain is able to crawl out of the train car. Jaboli tells Ariel about the traitor’s fate he’ll face but he decides to shoot himself. Gain tells Gainer to step back and that he’ll take on Kashmir. Gain blasts away both of the Lionnetor’s arms. Gain says he typically doesn’t shoot at those running away, but will do so this time. He destroys the Lionnetor, killing Kashmir. The visions of slugs and frogs attacking Adette and Sara disappear. After the battle Gain, Gainer, Cona and Sara stand before a grave Gain has put together for Ariel.


This episode’s a bit of an improvement over some of the more recent episodes. It was good to see some development for Gain, by bringing in an old comrade of his in Ariel. It was surprising and didn’t make all that much sense to me when he killed himself though. Given the ineptitude of Jaboli in the past you’d think he’d be able to escape from her, especially if Gain or Gainer could have helped. This episode features two new Overmen; Gain finally acquires an Overman of his own with the Emperanza and Kashmir pilots yet another bizarre enemy Overman in the Lionnetor. The Lionnetor’s ability was an interesting one and led to some very funny moments when he created slugs and frogs to attack Adette and Sara. With Kashmir meeting his end, hopefully the plot will start moving forward again and we’ll see a return from Cynthia, who’s now been missing for several episodes.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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