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King Gainer Ep. 2: Pay Me Back


Destruction occurs as the city units of Domepolis start moving. A man asks some friends who are watching the Meeya festival if they are coming and they say they’ll catch up later. Gain asks Gainer what is wrong with him. King Gainer swings its chain gun. The cockpit opens and Gainer and Ana come out. The fact that Gainer is exhausted is revealed to Gain and Hughes. Hughes tells Gain to head to Bachclone where the Five Wise Men want to congratulate him on how well he’s done so far, despite Exodus having not yet started. Ana tells Gainer to be proud of his performance and asks to be taken on the Exodus. Hughes tells Gainer that Gain is an Exodus specialist. Having realized that Gain faked being captured, Gainer grows angry and attacks him. Gain punches Gainer and it knocks him out and to the ground. Bello calls for everyone to fall behind Bachclone as it moves forward. Inside, four of the Five Wise Men, which includes one woman, are pleased with how the Exodus is going and thinks that neither Duke Medaiyu nor the Siberian Railway expected that the whole town would start moving. Gain pushes King Gainer into the Bachclone, which lets some of the weather in. Ana climbs inside and the wise men are pleased that Gain was able to acquire them a hostage as well. Ana says she came out to see the festival and was pleased by it. Outside, a Siberian Railway pilot calls for the vigilante silhouette engines to be taken out. They start firing back at him. Adette is knocked out of the cockpit of her Dogodzo but noticed Jaboli coming along piloting her own. Adette tells her to lend her the Dogodzo and the two fight over it, with Adette being successful in taking it. A vehicle carrying the Duke walks by and he says that London IMA prohibits battles inside the dome. Yassaba shows up in his own Overman, the Rush Rod, and proclaims that it’s necessary to stop the Exodus so those who buy goods carried along the railway don’t all leave. Duke Medaiyu tells Yassaba he’s shown up because his daughter has been kidnapped by those in support of the Exodus. Lioubov says this is her fault and that she’ll negotiate with Gain for the return of the princess. Adette and Jaboli continue to argue. Gainer wakes up and wonders where King Gainer is. He climbs on a scooter and drives off, wanting to find Gain. Lioubov climbs onto a vehicle looking for Gain as well. Gainer runs into Sara and is surprised that she’s piloting a Panther silhouette engine. Sara tells him he shouldn’t be surprised as she’s mentioned Yapan Exodus several times before. Gainer sees his teacher Mamado piloting a craft as well and is surprised that he’s involved too. Gainer refuses to join up with Sara, saying he hates those who have anything to do with Exodus. Lioubov realizes that the moving city is two different crafts which Mamado connects through a small bridge. She asks where she can find the Five Wise Men and is told they’re on the Bachclone. By saying she’s friends with Gain, she’s told where to find it.

On the Bachclone, Gain is treated by a nurse for cuts on his face and tells a mechanic named Cona Madaya to make sure the King Gainer is ready. Gain tells the wise men that he wants to change the city unit formation so one doesn’t fall behind. The wise men tell Gain they’re behind him and to not disgrace his name. Gainer comes inside and says he’s in charge of the King Gainer, surprising some and leading to complaints about him having thrown up in the cockpit. Gainer tells Gain that he wants to take King Gainer, Ana and her pets back as well as the trust he temporarily had in him. Gain says he can’t have any of them back. Gainer heads up and tries to get into King Gainer’s cockpit. Gainer claims that he’ll take the King Gainer out despite Cona saying Gain’s a better pilot than him. The King Gainer rises out of the Bachclone and Gainer tells Gain that his view is obstructed. Gainer looks for Sara. Ana goes to the bridge of the Bachclone where she meets Bello and calls out for Gainer to fight like a man. Yassaba plans to teach those of the Exodus a hard lesson despite Duke Medaiyu saying they are taxpayers and source of funds for the Siberian railway. Duke Medaiyu calls the Siberian Railway vicious brutes. Rush Rod moves forward, towards Sara. King Gainer flies overhead and Gainer is surprised to see how many city units are moving. Yassaba melts the Panther’s shield and gun and lifts it up. Sara is able to climb inside the cockpit while Yassaba says she’s pretty and can join him. She kicks the Rush Rod in the head so he throws her aside, where she’s caught by King Gainer. Sara is surprised that Gainer is piloting the Overman. Adette yells at Jaboli to push forward towards the King Gainer. The Dogodzo slams into the Rush Rod and Adette tells Yassaba to not drop his guard against the Overman. King Gainer rushes towards the Rush Rod, which fires flames at it through its bellows weapon. King Gainer knocks the bellows out with his hands. Yassaba leaves the cockpit of his Overman and says that Gain will be disgraced. Gainer reveals that it is not Gain, but he who is piloting the King Gainer. He jumps into the sky and tries to fire, but the chain gun won’t fire. He loads a bullet into it while he fights back, and Yassaba calls him an amateur. Siberian Railway troops push forward towards the Bachclone, hoping to take out the Exodus leaders. Gain moves forward, looking for King Gainer and punches the Dogodzo carrying Adette and Jaboli. He tears the Dogodzo’s leg off and continues forward, surprised at Gainer using the photon mat as a shield for King Gainer. Gainer realizes he can’t aim as quickly piloting an Overman. Yassaba plans to use the city units as a shield while fighting him. King Gainer flies above and finds Yassaba lifting an entire city unit, using it to shield himself. Gain arrives and shoots at the Rush Rod, causing the city unit to fall. King Gainer is able to grab hold of it and prevent any damage as it hits the ground. Mistaken as being part of the Gauli Squad, Gainer is thanked by those inside. The Rush Rod heads back, carrying Adette and Jaboli’s Dogodzo. Yassaba plans to avenge them after bringing them back. On the Bachclone, Gain tells Gainer that he took too long in fighting and it was his fault that the city unit was endangered. Duke Medaiyu comes aboard and yells at Gain for stealing his “art,” the Overman. Citran, a member of the Five Wise Men, tells Duke Medaiyu that they’ll be able to pay more taxes by getting to better land. Believing Ana to not be here, Medaiyu leaves. He calls out to the moving city units to return to his Domepolis Wulgusk. Once he’s gone, Ana gets out of the cockpit of Gain’s Gotchko where she was hiding. Gainer calls Gain disgusting and says he’s leaving once he is able to pay him back.


Continuing on directly from the previous episode, this one is a bit more understandable and action-driven. It’s interesting that the main concern of Duke Medaiyu and the Siberian Railway is not wanting their taxpayers/customers to leave rather than some nefarious desire. Although Yassaba later shows himself to be a bit of an evildoer by putting a number of civilians’ lives at risk. Gainer’s anger at Gain seemed a bit much, but since he is revealed to not be in support of the Exodus, it can’t be too surprising. The scale at which the Exodus is taking place is quite impressive with the sheer size of the city units that are departing. Princess Ana doesn’t appear to mind being a hostage one bit and in fact hides from her father when he shows up.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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