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King Gainer Ep. 21: Overman’s Darkness


Princess Ana and her squirrels head to the dock, where an injured Gainer is being brought aboard the King Gainer. Kejinan and Enge receive an order to stop going after the Exodus due to their Dorbeck silhouette engines being damaged. Kejinan thinks this is the perfect chance due to Cynthia defeating the King Gainer. Cynthia has locked herself up in the Dominator. Asuham brings Cynthia some food and tells her President Kids Munt is coming. Cynthia says she can’t see him and he won’t be pleased with her anymore. Nann and Toun find King Gainer’s arm to be heavily damaged. Gainer lies in bed unconscious, having been treated by Dr. Pelhar. Sara and Princess Ana watch over Gainer. Ana lends Gainer her elephant doll and squirrels. In the dock of the Bachclone Adette complains about needing something to clear her mind. Cona tells her to grade her student’s homework. Gain asks Sara if it is true that Gainer is friends with the Overman pilot he fought. Sara talks about the mysterious things that happened in Katez. Gainer thinks King Gainer may have powers similar to early overmen like Brunhilde. Asuham tells Jaboli to increase surveillance on the Dominator. Asuham thinks Cynthia will attempt to escape before the President arrives. Asuham comments on the bait being in place as he leaves and heads to a Siberian Railway car. Cynthia thinks of President Kids Munt telling her how strong she can become, the strongest overman pilot of all time. She flashes back to practicing as an overman pilot via a video game at her home. She also recalls piloting a silhouette matching Machon. Cynthia attends a dinner with President Kids Munt who speaks of a battle to decide the final trainee. Afterwards he speaks with her again, handing her a photo which he claims is all that is left of her mother. Back in the present, Cynthia continues to look at the photo of her mother, and saying that Gainer is the only friend who continued to stick by her after being beaten by her. Cynthia stares at a projection of her with Sara and Gainer which causes her to start crying. She heads off in the Dominator. Jaboli notices a strange light in the sky which passes her by. She thinks she heard some music. Gainer wakes up, having dreamt about music himself. Ana’s squirrels activate the same projection that Cynthia had been staring at of her, Sara and Gainer. Ana’s squirrels return to her and wake her up. In the dock Cona declares repairs on King Gainer done. Gainer shows up and gets in the King Gainer, saying that he needs to rescue someone. He ignores the pleas of the mechanics to not go and that it is too soon. Outside Adette leads some troops along with Hughes. Gain shows up soon afterwards. They are worried about how quiet it has been. Sara catches up with Gainer, telling him how selfish he has been. Gainer asks Sara to take back Linse, which he brought along with her. Gainer forgives Cynthia, saying she hadn’t been raised to realize that her actions would cause him harm. Sara tells Gainer that King Gainer has unknown powers which may be stronger than Brunhilde’s, asking why he isn’t scared. Gainer wants to rescue Cynthia and teach her right from wrong. He says he befriended Cynthia playing video games right after his parents died and that he wants to help her out now like she did him. Gainer gives Linse to Sara and Bello to return. Sara gets in the King Gainer’s cockpit, not wanting to leave Gainer. Sara says she’s felt lonely in the past too and wants to rescue Cynthia together. Meanwhile on his private train the Cerneboge, President Kids Munt speaks of the Crystal of Agate bringing this powerful blizzard before them. Kejinan and Enge, at Katez, comment on the recent change in weather to a massive blizzard. Kejinan realizes that President Kids Munt is coming. Instead Adette arrives, telling them to surrender. Asuham thinks Kids Munt has fallen into his trap.

The Dominator flies over a forest, noticing that Kids Munt is coming. Jaboli orders Cynthia to return but Cynthia disconnects the communication. The Dominator crouches in the woods, but Gainer notices her. Gain and the others are having a hard time finding who is the enemy. Kejinan fights against Adette, not wanting to be humiliated in front of Kids Munt. Gain realizes that Cerneboge has generated a shield. The King Gainer lands in front of Dominator. Gainer tells Cynthia that his injury wasn’t too bad. Gainer asks Cynthia to come along with them to Yapan. Gainer tells Cynthia the Siberian Railway shouldn’t be the only thing important to her. Cynthia says Kids Munt raised her and she won every battle she ever fought. She became an overman pilot and he loved her for it, so she can’t betray him. Cynthia starts crying and Sara goes out to see her, getting into the Dominator’s cockpit. Jaboli spots the King Gainer and Dominator, firing upon them with her Dorbeck. Cynthia notices two Black Domis, Dominator type-Overmen. The Black Domis start attacking the King Gainer and block the Dominator. A group of elephants stampedes towards the Exodus. Gain realizes they’re being controlled by Asuham, who is riding on one of them. Gain tries to shoot at Asuham but wants to avoid shooting at the elephants. Asuham tells Gain that he and Kids Munt have one foot in their coffins. Hughes notices an odd light from the forest. It is the Dominator, being attacked by the 2 Black Domis. She receives a message from Kids Munt, who tells her to eliminate all in his way and show that she is truly worthy of his affection. She calls out to the King Gainer to stay away from the Black Domis. King Gainer doesn’t want to attack them while Cynthia is right next to him. He starts luring them away. The Black Domis attack with the strength of lightning. Gainer is motivated to protect Cynthia. Asuham wonders if recent goings on have been due to the King Gainer. He desires to reveal Kids Munt’s secrets. Gainer starts seeing a strange vision and numerous colors start emanating from the King Gainer. The Black Domis continue to try to attack King Gainer. The Cerneboge stops and its crew notice the strange light emanating over Katez. All of the silhouette engines and overmen stop as well. Asuham believes the King Gainer belongs to the overdevil family like Brunhilde. Gain realizes that this is why Asuham wasn’t using a silhouette engine. Gainer and Sara notice a light emanating from the Dominator. Sara tells Gainer that he’s starting to feel really cold. Black Domis fly down and recover the Dominator, bringing it to the Crystal of Agate, a giant fortress that appears in the sky.


This episode continues right where the previous one left off and continues the storyline in interesting fashion. It was good to get some detailed back story on Cynthia, making her a more sympathetic character. Asuham is revealed to have a secret plan of his own and knew how to get around the King Gainer’s special ability revealed at the end of the episode. He joining the Siberian Railway makes more sense now since he is trying to set up a trap for President Kids Munt. Kids Munt returns to the scene in a notable role for the first time in a while, and we also get to see his floating fortress the Crystal of Agate and the Black Domis overmen. After languishing for a while in the middle of the series it looks like things are finally starting to build towards the climax.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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