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King Gainer Ep. 22: The Crystal of Agate


Dwellers of the city units are shocked at the appearance of the Crystal of Agate in the sky above them. Meeya is surprised at its ability to float and senses a photon mat light inside. Cynthia and the Dominator crouch inside the Crystal of Agate. Kids Munt comes to see Cynthia and tells her he’s not angry and to show him her face. Cynthia doesn’t want to show herself. Kids Munt says it is okay and to leave everything to him and that she can rest. Cynthia wonders what she should do and is worried about Gainer and Sara. She doesn’t think there’s anything she can do. The Crystal of Agate nears the city units. Kids Munt proclaims he is going to punish those of the Exodus. The Crystal of Agate smashes its way through glaciers and then smashes right into a city unit. The Gauili squad helps people evacuate. Gain asks Gainer where he is going. Gainer says he will destroy the Crystal of Agate. Gain questions if he is concerned about Cynthia and Sara defends him. Sara points out to Gainer an entrance into the Crystal of Agate. Sara wonders if this is the Siberian Railway headquarters. Gainer wonders if it is man-made. They feel cool air but see that there is water flowing through the area. A Dorbeck piloted by Kejinan and Enge fire upon them. Gain arrives in his Emperanza to assist, but is followed by a number of Black Domis. Gainer thinks that the overskill of freezing was used to create the Crystal of Agate. He warns Gainer, but Gainer heads further in. Meanwhile Asuham is hiding in a Golame under the water. He says that the core of the Crystal of Agate is the legendary Overdevil and that having information about it from Kashmir, he is going to steal it. Suddenly a yellow humanoid light appears in front of him and points him to some lights nearby. Asuham thinks the lights of the Overdevil are calling him. The Black Domis continue to chase and fire upon the King Gainer. Gain appears in his Emperanza and fires at them, enabling the King Gainer to slice the limbs off of one of them. Gain wants them to go but Gainer wants to rescue Cynthia. Suddenly King Gainer starts glowing and liquid starts flowing up from around them. Kids Munt contacts the wise men and tells him he is permitted to do this as a railway tycoon. He says they have committed an unforgivable act by departing the railway tracks. He says he’ll destroy more than just this one city unit. He suddenly realizes that the Overdevil’s parts have been activated. Cynthia walks through the Crystal of Agate wondering what’s going on. The Emperanza arrives nearby. Gain asks if she is Cynthia and that Gainer has come into the Crystal of Agate to rescue her. A blast from the ground appears again and Cynthia is knocked out of the Dominator. Asuham continues to head through the Crystal of Agate wondering if the light around him are parts of the Overdevil. The being of light in front of him takes the appearance of his sister Karin. He wonders if the Overdevil is reading his mind. He asks the Overdevil if it thinks it can control him due to this. He says he won’t be manipulated and will take control himself. The King Gainer continues through the Crystal of Agate, with strange lights surrounding it. Gainer tells Sara she is the most important person to him right now. They don’t want Cynthia to feel alone either.

Asuham’s Golame rises from the waters, Karin’s form still in front of him. He exits the Golame’s cockpit and heads out on foot through a region that appears like a frozen forest. He finds a large spherical form frozen nearby with a frozen old woman near it. He believes this to be the Overdevil’s cockpit. He wonders about the old woman he sees frozen nearby. He climbs aboard the cockpit and starts smashing his way through the ice surrounding it. He is able to break through and falls into the cockpit. He laughs maniacally about having this ultimate power in his hands. Suddenly, the cockpit around him vanishes. Kids Munt appears in front of him with multiple Black Domis. Kids Munt says he was aware of his scheme and seeing his gun nearby, tells him to not get any funny ideas. He tells Asuham to tell him what he knows. Suddenly King Gainer bursts through from nearby. Kids Munt orders his Black Domi bodyguards to take care of the King Gainer. Asuham is pleased at these series of events and knocks away a Black Domi with his Golame. Asuham charges Kids Munt, knocking him off his floating chair. The two start fighting each other, first to fist. Kids Munt knocks him down and holds him down. He pulls out a gun, about to shoot him, when something emits from the ground below them. Gainer and Cynthia notice Cynthia conscious nearby but are held back by a couple of Black Domis. Cynthia wakes up and tells Asuham to not doing anything to Kids Munt. Asuham simply knocks her to the ground. She is upset at Asuham for deceiving him. Asuham says he’d use any lie or deception to get his hands on the Overdevil. Cynthia says she won’t let him hurt Kids Munt and holds out her hands, being able to summon the Overdevil cockpit around her. Kids Munt realizes that Cynthia is the overman pilot he was looking for after all. Asuham tries to get in the Overdevil cockpit as it closes but is kept out and knocked away. Asuham’s arm is frozen as a result. The King Gainer arrives over the Overdevil cockpit but is attacked by a Black Domi, which is knocked away. Multiple hands appear from the ground and cause a blast inside the Crystal of Agate. The old woman frozen is unfrozen and asks who was foolish enough to move the Overdevil. Gainer thinks this explains everything. The Overdevil’s form is revealed. A song starts being emitted. Cynthia clutches her head, scared inside the cockpit. Outside, Meeya hears the song as well, saying that it is forbidden. Asuham is upset at not being able to get what he wants and asks if the Overdevil made a fool of him. He shouts out to the Overdevil saying he will dedicate his soul to it. The Overdevil shines its light upon him. More people are able to hear the song from outside. Hughes thinks they are past the point of no return. Adette wonders what happened to Gain and Gainer.


A very interesting episode taking place largely through the Crystal of Agate. The Crystal of Agate has some unique looking scenery and is a nice contrast to many previous episodes where we see battles across the frozen wilderness. After the plot of the show moved along so slowly for much of the series, things are moving a long a lot quicker now and this doesn’t come off as an episode that still has four remaining after it. For an old, fat man, Kids Munt was impressive in his fight with the much younger and fitter looking Asuham. The bizarre looking and very powerful Overdevil makes its appearance and appears to be the most powerful overman there is. I’m looking forward to what we have coming to us as the series draws to a close.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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