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King Gainer Ep. 23: Resurrected Overdevil


President Kids Munt calls out for Cynthia as Asuham holds him back. Cynthia pounds inside the cockpit of the Overdevil, asking to be let out. A strange song is heard. Gainer and Sara approach in the King Gainer. A blast of cold wind bursts from the Overdevil. Even Gain can hear the song and asks the old woman in Emperanza‘s hands if she’s alright. Asuham tells the Overdevil to obey him and calls for a Dominator, which he gets in the cockpit of. The Overdevil starts moving on its own and rises upward. As it ascends, ice starts breaking off and several shards hit Asuham’s Dominator. Several of Kids Munt’s Dominators grab hold of the Overdevil and Kids Munt calls for it to let Cynthia go. The Overdevil continues to ascend. The Crystal of Agate starts falling as Bello and the five Wise Men watch. Pieces of the Crystal of Agate fall off as the Overdevil bursts out of it. Kejinan, Enge and Jaboli watch in shock, worried about the fate of the Siberian Headquarters. Kejinan tries to catch it on his own, but at the last moment flees with his colleagues. King Gainer departs from the Crystal of Agate in pursuit of the Overdevil. Sara thinks it is some kind of engine. Cynthia hears a song start again and the Overdevil starts rotating. The old woman with Gain calls it the ice song of the Overdevil. Gain warns Gainer not to head towards the Overdevil. He thinks the old woman knows the meaning of this song. King Gainer fires at the Overdevil, but the Overdevil easily dodges and freezes all attacks lobbied at it. Asuham bursts out of the ground in the Dominator. Kids Munt follows with his Black Domis as well. The Black Domis surround the Overdevil. Cynthia starts involuntarily chanting as ice starts bursting through the Overdevil cockpit. She says she can’t become the ice queen. The Black Domis fire at the Overdevil, angering Kids Munt who simply wanted it to be stopped. Several Black Domis are frozen when they are struck by the Overdevil. As more attack the Overdevil is held still. Suddenly the Overdevil starts glowing and emits black and pink lights into the sky. Kids Munt thinks that the Overdevil is trying to open the icing gate. The light of the Overdevil can be seen from far away and the sky suddenly darkens. Kids Munt calls for Cynthia to get back. The Black Domis holding back the Overdevil are frozen or knocked away. Asuham watches with glee. Kids Munt is knocked off from one of them, but falls upon the Emperanza’s gun. He begs Gain to help him. Kids Munt recognizes the old woman as Martina Lane. Black Domis taking on the Overdevil are frozen and shattered. Asuham’s Dominator grabs hold of the King Gainer and tosses it aside; telling them that the Overdevil is sacred and no one can get close to it. Asuham, in control of the Overdevil, calls for the icing gate to appear. A large ice crystal starts forming around the Overdevil. Asuham calls for the Ice Castle to appear. His Dominator ascends into the ice crystal and they both vanish. King Gainer pursues but its photon mat ring is frozen and shatters. Cynthia continues to say she isn’t the ice queen and won’t go along with what the Overdevil is doing. Asuham laughs and says that he’ll turn Yapan into a field of permanent ice.

Aboard the Bachclone, several people argue. Hughes wants to continue to Yapan, but Bello doesn’t want others to be in danger of being harmed by the Overdevil. Adette sways her opinion both ways. Gain, Gainer and Sara try to interrogate Kids Munt and Martina. Kids Munt complains about the shirt he’s been given. He refuses to talk but Gainer asks him if Cynthia is important to him and if he’d do something to save her. Gain thinks Martina is related to Cynthia and Gainer is angry she won’t say anything. Princess Ana comes in with some food. Ana gives Kids Munt and Martina some soup. Martina says she almost forgot how wonderful the warmness feels. The Overdevil passes over an area that turns to ice as it passes. Asuham gleefully calls for the Overdevil to sing loudly. Asuham, while telling people he is in fully control admits he isn’t really and will tell people differing locations is his target based on where the Overdevil leads him. Sara asks Gainer what he thinks about the recent events. Gainer is thinking about Cynthia and says they’ll have to fight on their own now. He believes he’ll have to fight against the Overdevil. Sara is happy about this. Gain, talking to Mamado, thinks Gainer has finally put his heart into things and that he’ll need to work on uniting people’s feelings. Later a large crowd watches another holographic performance by Meeya and Gain dances along as well. The Wise Men also watch, sitting in a room with Kids Munt. Kids Munt is dismissive of the unity of the people. Ana leads Martina to the King Gainer. Gainer thanks her for some tactical advice given earlier. She tells him about oversense and to exceed over 100 percent of the Overman’s abilities. She asks Gainer to not let Cynthia become like her mother. Jaboli complains about having to do menial grunt work connecting power cords among the city units. Kejinan is angry at Kids Munt for letting the Crystal of Agate being destroyed. Kejinan wants to unite the people and become President of the Siberian Railway. Adette yells at them to work faster or they’ll be turned into a human sushi roll. A crane is emitted from the Bachclone. Cona works on realigning the energy streams of the city units. Power starts going out throughout the city units. Kids Munt, who had helped provide information about this, complains about the heat being turned off in his room. Kids Munt says he didn’t want to awaken the Overdevil, but rather wanted to reveal to her that she had a living grandmother. Martina laughs, thinking Kids Munt wants to control the Overdevil. She says he has to become the same as him to do so and shows him her frozen legs. Gainer works on reactivating his video game system, wanting to become the video game king again, thinking this will help him save Cynthia.


The action and plot developments continue. This episode features an action heavy first half with some more character time in the second half. The Overdevil springs into action and appears by far to be the most powerful overman we’ve seen, having little trouble with a large number of enemies. The old woman is revealed to by Cynthia’s grandmother, who seems to know a lot about the Overdevil and overmen. As the series is quickly drawing to a close it is coming off as though Asuham will be the main villain in the end, although the scene at the end of the episode between Kids Munt and Martina implies that there still may be some malicious intent on his part as well. The episode features a lot of comedy, including Kejinan trying to catch the Crystal of Agate and desiring to become new President of the Siberian Railway. Kids Munt also has several comedic scenes.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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