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King Gainer Ep. 24: Overmax


A harsh wind blows through the forest as the Overdevil flies overhead. Asuham gloats, thinking news of the Overdevil has spread around the world. He calls out to Cynthia who remains frozen in the Overdevil cockpit. Meanwhile at the city units Princess Ana finds Gain sitting atop one of the units. He declines to return when she tells him the five Wise Men want to discuss strategy with him. She tells him Gainer is in King Gainer’s cockpit training. Gain asks Ana if she’ll be there for him if Gainer breaks off friendship with him. Members of the crew sleep aboard the Bachclone as Gainer continues to play video games within King Gainer’s cockpit. He asks for others to challenge him. Jaboli, Kejinan and Enge struggle to get warm together underneath a blanket and are found by President Kids Munt. He tells them he has a special assignment for them. Outside Hughes and others work on repairs. A Siberian Railway pilot complains about helping out the Yapan Exodus and is surprised to see Kids Munt and the others passing by. Gain leads the Bachclone and the city units as they move forward along with the Cernobage. The Cernobage prepares to fire its cannon. Gainer continues to play video games, wanting to take on 3 challengers at once. Gain questions Siberian Railway men about how to fire the Cernobage’s cannon. Suddenly a huge icicle flies towards them and crashes through the Bachclone. Sara tells Gain that it’s not ordinary ice, but an overskill of the Overdevil. Asuham, in the Dominator, throws additional icicles that crash into various vehicles. Ana goes to Martina to see if she’s alright, seeing Lioubov on the way. Martina tells her to be on her way and that things could be much worse. Ana believes they’ll be okay due to King Gainer. The icicle that had struck the Bachclone is revealed to have a Black Domi inside which attacks the Bachclone. It tears through the ship as Ana and Lioubov flee, bringing Martina with them. The Black Domi is pulled away and pile-drived by the King Gainer. Another icicle flies by and King Gainer tries to cancel his video game. He doesn’t want to forfeit his game champ title though and continues to play the game while fighting. Sara, Adette and Hughes fire at the Black Domis attacking the city units. Adette manages to blow one of them in half. King Gainer fires at a Black Domi which freezes and shatters once hit. Asuham orders the Black Domis to attack the King Gainer instead of the city units. Gain approaches in his Emperanza and fights against Asuham’s dominator, landing many blows.

Adette and Sara fire upon the Black Domis, but they group together to attack the King Gainer. King Gainer pulls out its chain gun and slices a Black Domi. Meanwhile Kids Munt leads the others as they search for Cynthia’s Dominator in the wreckage of the Crystal of Agate. Kejinan opens its cockpit. Kejinan asks for a promotion leading to fighting with Jaboli and Enge. Meanwhile in Katez a crowd of people, including Meeya watch King Gainer battling the Black Domi. Suddenly the Overdevil appears and strange music stars emanating. The Overdevil emits a pinkish light which envelops the King Gainer. The people in Katez are immediately frozen solid. Asuham complains about the Black Domi not following his direct orders as Gain launches another attack on him. Cynthia tells Gainer they are going to start a new game. Gainer hopes he can still save Cynthia, and thinks she isn’t fully frozen yet since he can hear her. Gain fires upon Asuham’s Dominator but the Overdevil appears above them. Bello tells Gain that the Cernobage’s photon mat cannon is ready. Ana asks what’s going on and Bello says that Gainer appears to be fighting inside a video game as well. The Emperanza fires upon the Overdevil but Asuham says it is too late and it will prevent the Exodus from reaching its destination. As the Overdevil walks by the train tracks twist and shatter. Gain senses the power of Brunhilde and asks if it is going to just watch. At a restaurant, Meeya wants to catch up with the Exodus and starts dancing, hoping that someone will bring her there. Gain tells Bello to fire the photon mat cannon. A large amount of energy grows over the Cernobage and it fires a giant ball of energy. Gain finds that they have shot it too high, so he uses the Brunhilde’s arm to knock it further. Trying too hard however, it bounces off the rail tracks. Gain is able to throw a black hole from Brunhilde’s arm and it causes the photon mat ball to hit and shatter the icing gate. The Overdevil is struck by a blast causing its cockpit to crack open. Gain aims his gun at Cynthia, about to fire, but Kids Munt arrives in the Dominator, proclaiming the Overdevil to be his. Martina says she had a dream about this but no one will be able to control the Overdevil. Kids Munt, who has changed the Dominator’s form to resemble his face, tells people to follow him, however he is shocked when the Overdevil grabs hold of him. Asuham proclaims him a fool. Gain thinks that there is no way to control the Overdevil. Martina says the Overdevil will draw all the oversense to it as its resurrection is completed. A Black Domi appears and fires upon Kids Munt’s Dominator. Another electrocutes him. Gainer battles his way through various Dominators, which transform themselves into various other overmen. Kids Munt’s Dominator explodes. In Katez, everyone thaws out of the ice that had formed around them. Martina says it appears that the King Gainer’s oversense may have been about to exceed even the Overdevil’s power. Ana says he is able to fight his best when he focuses and how much his video game playing has helped him. Martina says the Overdevil was created by a human too.


Another action heavy episode, a bit too much in fact as the plot doesn’t seem to go as far as it had in previous episodes. There’s some interesting stylistic choices with this episode, with a lot of stills of the characters being used during the battle scenes. It was also interesting to see some of Gainer’s foes take on the forms of the various overmen that have appeared throughout the series. Gainer’s obsessed enough with his game title that he refuses to stop playing his video games despite being in an actual battle. Kids Munt had yet another plan up his sleeve although it completely failed and it appears that it may have cost him his life.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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