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King Gainer Ep. 4: Taste of Victory is Taste of Kiss


Nann carries Toun through the street shouting out that he’s dying. Above, Bello and Sara walk Gainer through the city unit and say there’s a rumor that the last city unit contains a warehouse. Sara says everyone is going to need to share the food and medicine due to the short supply. The three of them come up to a large crowd where they find princess Ana as well. Everyone is watching a boxing match, which features and was suggested by Gain. Gain quickly wins the fight. Gain asks Gainer if he likes the fight and Gainer says it must have been rigged for him to win. Gain wonders if Gainer still has a grudge against him. Gainer says he changed his life without asking him. Gain invites Gainer to the ring to fight against him. Cona tells Gainer she’ll always keep King Gainer in shape if Gainer wins. Meanwhile, Lioubov who is nearby looking for Princess Ana, is surprised to find that people are gambling on the fight. She notices that Gain is one of the fighters and is impressed by his body. Cona shows up and pesters Lioubov. The clown-like referee asks Gainer what he is going to bet on the fight. Gain says they should bet on Sara’s lips. Bello complains since Sara isn’t even Gainer’s girlfriend. The fight begins and Gain knocks Gainer over with a single punch. Bello tells Gainer to stay down while Cona tells Gain to beat him in the first round so as to triple their winnings. She argues with Lioubov over gambling and the two start fighting each other. Gain punches Gainer again, knocking him over for the second time. Seeing Sara watching him, Gainer returns to the fight and blocks Gain’s punches, but is eventually knocked out by an uppercut. Meanwhile, Yassaba overhears Kejinan and Enge talking about how pathetic he was to lose to a kid. Yassaba is about to pull out his sword when he overhears Adette arriving and yelling at the two, saying they should take on Yassaba personally if they feel that way. Yassaba starts crying over how dedicated Adette is to him and they notice that he is there. Yassaba hugs Adette and the others apologize for what they said. Yassaba says he will defeat the enemy personally and gets into his overman Rush Rod, putting on the stop coat, a forbidden technology. Yassaba takes Adette with him in the Rush Rod’s hand as he takes off. Later, Bello lies in the ring, having been defeated by Gain as well. Gain meets up with Sara who sitting in her Panther silhouette engine, asking if he will let her choose where they should kiss due to losing the bet. Gain tells her no woman should have to do that. They receive a call from Dr. Pelhar who says he needs a Lexington ampoule to save Toun. Toun only has ten minutes to live. Sara remembers the warehouse in city unit 9, which is back towards the end. Gain gets into the cockpit of Sara’s Panther and starts heading there. He heads outside and jumps from their city unit to the next one, just barely making it by hanging onto the edge. Once they arrive at city unit 9, Sara runs off telling Gain to follow her. Gain is surprised a warehouse is somewhere like this and Sara says someone told them about the medicine being hidden and others’ plans to sell it once it became in short supply. Sara blows open the door with an explosive in her hairpin. Gain is surprised that a girl like her carries something like that and she says an orphan girl like her needs to be resourceful.

Toun is down to his last couple of minutes to live. Yassaba and Adette transport nearby in the Rush Rod. Yassaba says he’ll stop the Yapan Exodus singlehandedly. Adette kisses him. Yassaba comes down from above the city units. Meanwhile Cona and Lioubov are taking each other on in the boxing ring. The time stop energy from the Rush Rod pass over the city unit, and when it runs out he lands on the ground nearby. The first city unit has stopped moving and the next unit crashes into it, bringing the entire Exodus to a halt. Adette says she is very impressed and kisses Yassaba again. Sara and Gain call up Gainer and tell him time has stopped in city unit 1 and he needs to head out on King Gainer. Yassaba calls out for King Gainer to come out and fight him. Three of the wise men come out and ask him if he stopped time. Yassaba tells them yes. If he’s defeated, he will restore time, but if he wins, then the Exodus needs to stop, settle here and start paying taxes to the Siberian Railway. Yassaba says he’ll call it Adetteville. The Five Wise Men agree to the fight and King Gainer heads out. Adette gets off of the Rush Rod and Yassaba tells her to watch. Gainer asks if a duel is old fashioned and Yassaba calls it tradition. The Rush Rod and King Gainer fly into the air. Yassaba charges up his bellows and bursts a large fireball at the King Gainer, which is able to deflect it back. The Rush Rod stops time to avoid it. Sara runs outside where many others are watching as well. Gain carefully walks through the first city unit, trying to avoid the time frozen people. Gainer thinks the air current is acting bizarre and heads into a dark cloud, a trip set by Yassaba. Yassaba restarts time in the storm, knocking around the King Gainer, which slams into the ground. Adette watches, laughing. Gain heads into the room where Toun is being treated; time having stopped one minute before his heart stops. Gain thinks how ironic it is that Yassaba stopping time has enabled him to save Toun. Gain wonders if he can inject the medicine into him since he hasn’t done it before. Yassaba fires at King Gainer, but King Gainer is able to stop time itself and escape from the Rush Rod’s line of fire, also knocking it to the ground. Gain injects the medicine into Toun and leaves. King Gainer fires at the Rush Rod, but the thick barrage prevents him from finding where the Rush Rod is. Adette notices that Gain has headed out on a silhouette engine and runs up to him, saying he can’t interfere in the duel. Gain knocks her off the silhouette engine. Sara tells Gainer to not hesitate in using his Overskill. Gainer apologizes to Sara about losing the fight and she wonders if he lost on purpose. He says that isn’t the case and that he wanted Sara’s reward. Rush Rod is able to knock King Gainer to the ground. Yassaba declares himself the strongest man in the world and is about to finish King Gainer off but Gain fires at the Rush Rod, preventing it from defeating King Gainer. Sara says she can give Gainer the reward anytime. King Gainer slices the arm off the Rush Rod. Yassaba calls out for Adette to not look since he doesn’t want her to see him defeated. Rush Rod punches at the King Gainer, but King Gainer is able to kick it away. Time resumes; Lioubov and Cona punch each other out while Pelhar and the others notice the Lexington Ampoule attached to Toun, wondering how it got there. Toun wakes up. Trying to depart the city unit, Adette is knocked into a cage that falls off. Yassaba is pulled out of his Rush Rod, frozen. Gain tells Bello to bring both Yassaba and the Rush Rod to Bachclone. Sara and Gainer watch the sunset together. Sara tells Gainer she has a memory of being kissed by someone like a mother when she was young. She kisses him on the cheek.


This is almost completely a filler episode, with probably Yassaba’ s capture and Gainer and Sara’s growing relationship being the only takeaways. The episode does show more of every day life in the city units and features a boxing match between Gainer and Gain which is later done via Overmen with Gainer and Yassaba. Yassaba’ s obsession with Adette provides some comedy relief, particularly when he starts crying and calls out for her to not look at him being defeated. Still, it does seem a bit out of nowhere and I wonder if Adette is faking it.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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