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King Gainer Ep. 5: Eyes Shining on Siberia


A Siberian railway car drops off a yellow Overman, the Blackmail, for Kejinan and Enge. Enge tells Kejinan that with both Yassaba and Adette missing, he is now leader. He says he needs to confirm whether their leader is dead or alive. The Yapan Exodus continues on. Yassaba is held in a cell in one of the city units. Gainer drops off food and water for him. Gainer asks him if the names Harolden Sanga and Mariachi Sanga, his parents, mean anything to him. Yassaba says that the Siberian Railway isn’t underhanded enough to murder people like that. He says the only parent he ever knew was his mother and his father was part of an Exodus before he was born. Yassaba is able to knock Gainer out and escape his cell. Meanwhile, Gain tends to his gun. Mamado comes by, and calling him “Charle,” says he shouldn’t be eating food off the floor. Mamado has a hard time dealing with the fact that Gain is an adult and independent now. Princess Ana eavesdrops on them. She heads to see Sara, Bello and Cona, telling them that Mamado is Gain’s father. She excitingly tells Gainer as he arrives and gets into King Gainer‘s cockpit. Sara receives a phone call informing her of Yassaba’ s escape. King Gainer heads to the deck of the Bachclone and takes off. Gainer searches around the nearby city unit, thinking that Yassaba hasn’t had time to get out of the city yet. Yassaba heads through the city on a motorbike and civilians angrily throw food and other objects at him. A mob quickly grows and chases after him. A young girl offering horoscopes helps Yassaba hide in an alley as the mob passes by. Yassaba tells her his birthday so she can tell him his fortune. She hands him a slip of paper that says in a difficult situation a new path will open for him. Adette, who is wearing a heavy coat to hide who she is, asks the mob about Yassaba. Gain, Gainer and Sara have searched for Yassaba with no luck. Gain thinks he has headed to someplace where there aren’t any people. Yassaba has snuck away to a wooded area atop a city unit, but Gainer quickly comes upon him in King Gainer, asking him to surrender. Yassaba falls off the edge of the city unit, but Kejinan is able to grab him, hiding in the invisible Overman Blackmail, which appears before King Gainer. Blackmail immediately turns invisible again and Kejinan chuckles as he is able to push the King Gainer over. Gainer tries to sense where the Blackmail is firing from and shoots at it, but misses. The Blackmail appears again as it heads away. Yassaba says he’ll say good words for Kejinan with President Kids Munt, but Kejinan pulls out a gun, saying he’ll become leader of the Siberian Railway if he brings back his corpse. Yassaba tells Kejinan he’ll pay him a lot of money and when he pulls it out he throws it in Kejinan’ s face, enabling him to throw him out of the Overman’s cockpit. Yassaba gets into the Blackmail’s cockpit and heads back towards the Yapan Exodus to prove himself.

The fortune telling girl who had helped Yassaba earlier is beaten by a fat man for only being able to sell one fortune. Suddenly his cane starts hitting him on its own, and the man and the others flee. Yassaba appears in the Blackmail, telling the girl that her fortune was correct. Adette overhears that an Overman has been spotted in the city. Sara notices the Blackmail. The girl tells Yassaba that the fat man is always like that. Sara charges towards the Blackmail in her Panther silhouette engine. Yassaba tells the girl he’ll take her to a good place and takes her in his hand. He announces to the Gauli squad that he has taken a hostage. Adette calls out to Yassaba from the ground. The mob calls for Yassaba to release the hostage. Yassaba says she’s not really a hostage and takes off. Hughes is about to fire on the Blackmail when it disappears. The Blackmail then appears below him and attacks his silhouette engine. Yassaba says he’ll finish off the Exodus by himself. Gainer arrives in King Gainer, but Blackmail disappears again. Nann suggest spraying it with paint, but the Blackmail is able to topple the silhouette engines with little trouble. It then attacks Mamado, who is helped out by Gain. King Gainer swings wildly in the air trying to find the Blackmail. Mamado asks Gainer to let him aboard the King Gainer. Once he is aboard he tells him to head up. Gainer tells him that people now know that he is Gainer’s father. Mamado says that he isn’t really his father and that Gain’s real parents were killed long ago, similar to what happened to Gainer’s parents. Yassaba tells the girl that if he can take down King Gainer, he can make the Exodus head to wherever she’d like. Gain and Sara along with other silhouette engines head to the top of one of the city units, ready to implement a new plan. The Blackmail charges at King Gainer and is able to knock it over, then vanish again. Blackmail is able to repeatedly topple over King Gainer without being seen. The Blackmail attacks the King Gainer again and temporarily appears, enabling the silhouette engines to fire upon it. King Gainer takes off, evading the attack. Blackmail is repeatedly hit despite Yassaba’ s attempts to avoid the attack. Yassaba starts crying and the girl says since he has no place to go back to he should join her on the Exodus, to Indus, her hometown. The Blackmail heads to the sky and Gain shoots at him, knocking it to the ground. Gain says he was impressed at Gainer being able to avoid their fire. Later, Adette heads to the remains of the Blackmail, finding the cockpit empty. Adette is sure that he’s not dead. Yassaba is riding off on a motorbike with the girl, singing about Indus. They come across a St. Regan Overman, which fires at them.


This is an interesting episode, and a bit of an improvement over the last one. Although it only lasts one episode before being destroyed, the Blackmail is an interesting looking Overman (appearing to be inspired by a hammerhead shark), with an interesting ability to turn invisible as well. Yassaba is made a more sympathetic character with revelations of some of his past history, as well as his relationship with the fortune telling girl. Him singing a song with her at the end of the episode was a funny sight to see. After how obsessed he was with Adette in the last episode, it is surprising to him turn his back on her though. This is also the first episode of the series to feature the show’s interesting claymation eyecatch, featuring Princes Ana’s squirrels and various female characters.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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