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King Gainer Ep. 6: St. Regan’s Assassin


The city units and silhouette mammoths continue their journey through the wilderness. On the deck of the Bachclone, Gainer removes the coat from the remains of the Blackmail Overman. The mechanics and Mamado look over the remains, seeing what they can salvage. Suddenly a barrage of missiles comes down from the sky. Gainer shoots at them and is able to destroy them with the King Gainer‘s photon mat rings. As the missiles explode, pamphlets fly out all over the city. Gach, one of the Five Wise Men, reads over the pamphlet, which orders that Gain be turned over to London IMA. Bello wonders if London IMA and its St. Regan forces are more concerned with capturing Gain than stopping the Exodus. Gainer thinks they should hand Gain over and doesn’t want to be in London IMA’s doghouse, but Sara and the others disagree. Gain, Hughes, Sara and Bello head out to patrol the area. Gach tells Gainer that the populace will be unsuccessful in the Exodus if they don’t have Gain. Princess Ana wants to join the attack and is held back by Lioubov. Gain tells Ana that she has a very important role in the Exodus as a hostage. Ana asks Gain to bring her pet squirrels along and she sets up a communication unit on them so she can pay attention. Ana tells Gain she thinks that he knows the person who sent the message. Hughes and Sara look out from the front of the Exodus and see a single Golame Overman approaching. Sara contacts Gainer to tell him about the Overman. The Panther units fire at the Golame, which jumps forward and grabs hold of Sara’s Panther. Meanwhile, a series of missiles head out from the sky which King Gainer fires its photon mat rings at. This causes the missiles to veer off course, but they still strike the ground near the city units and Panther units. Gain fires upon the Golame and it releases Sara’s Panther. Gain and the Panthers continue to fire at the Golame, which has no effect. Gain thinks Asuham is the pilot and he has revamped the Golame’s systems. Realizing that Gainer is busy keeping the missiles away, Gain asks the Panthers to assist. The Golame makes it to one of the city units. Gain warns Hughes and the others to not shoot or they’ll hit the city. Sara gets out of her Panther and notices that the Bachclone has stopped. The Golame is able to lift up the entire city unit by itself. King Gainer approaches and swings its chain gun at the Golame’s side. Hughes and Gain tell him to back off since he’ll endanger people in the city unit. The Golame knocks King Gainer away, holding the entire city unit with one hand. The Golame throws the entire city unit at King Gainer, which emits photon mat rings as it hits him.

The Exodus has come to a complete stop due to the recent events. Lioubov comes to see Princess Ana, who is unharmed. On the Bachclone, mechanics look at King Gainer while some of the others wonder whether to hand Gain over. Gain says that if they came after them with the Golame then he’s probably not the only one St. Regan is after. Gainer thinks they should get the city units back running again. The Golame heads off to the woods where a Dogodzo unit piloted by Kejinan meets up with it. Kejinan tells the Golame pilot to get off and Asuham, the Golame pilot, tells Kejinan who he is. The Golame and Dogodzos return to a Siberian Railway car. Inside, Kejinan complains to Asuham about St. Regan taking action in the area where the Siberian Railway has jurisdiction. Asuham says they didn’t respond to earlier requests for assistance and he’ll need to talk with Yassaba. Kejinan and Enge say that Yassaba is missing and Kejinan is in charge now. Asuham says if they don’t cooperate he’ll throw them somewhere that makes Siberia look like paradise. Gain and Gainer spy on the Siberian Railway from nearby. Kejinan and Enge are walking outside complaining as Gain and Gainer start their attack. Kejinan thinks they should flee rather than assist in defending St. Regan. A cart that Gain and Gainer are riding in crashes into the railway car. Gain runs off into the car. Asuham thinks his men are too slow and considers heading out himself. His guards are shot in the hallway by Gain, who confronts him. Asuham calls Gain unfaithful and Gain shoots at him. The two fight each other. Gain tells Asuham he should come after him and no one else. Asuham says he doesn’t want to make him a martyr and that he’ll stop the Exodus. The Golame, piloted by one of Asuham’s men, Zakki, comes out of the Railway car to take on King Gainer. King Gainer attacks him with its chain gun but it blocks the attack. Gainer slams Asuham into the wall and tells him to no longer interfere. Asuham tells Gain that surrendering will set things right with Karin, Asuham’s sister, and her child, Gain’s daughter. Gain is surprised to hear this. Gainer flashes back to his romance with Karin, a relationship that wasn’t approved by Asuham. Asuham tells Gain he’s bringing him back with him. The Golame throws King Gainer’s chain gun away, which lands in the railway car between Asuham and Gain. The Golame charges the King Gainer, which punches the Golame with an overskill of his own, knocking it back. Gainer realizes something is different with the Golame this time. Gain runs out of the railway car, being chased by Asuham. Gainer overhears Asuham yelling at Gain about his daughter. King Gainer recovers its chain gun and takes off. Asuham heads to the Golame cockpit and pulls out Zakki, berating him. Zakki says the King Gainer may have not shown its full abilities. Asuham says he will not be defeated and still needs to go after Gain. Lioubov, having overheard about Gain having a child from the communication equipment with Ana’s squirrels says she’ll still love Gain, even though he has a child. Gain heads back to the Exodus in his Gotchko.


This episode reintroduces Asuham Boone (who had a brief appearance in the first episode) and sets him up as a significant antagonist for Gain. The revelation that Gain has a child is a surprising one. This episode introduces another interesting Overman, the Golame, whose overskill allows it to lift up an entire city unit with one hand. The Golame throwing a city unit at the King Gainer reminds me of a scene from the video game Xenogears. The episode also features some comedy relief with Ana’s squirrels heading along with Gain and even peeing on him. Gainer continues to show animosity towards Gain and is even willing to hand him over to London IMA at one point in the episode.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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