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King Gainer Ep. 7: Railway Tycoon Kids Munt


Gain and Sara travel by an area where people are polishing the train tracks, claiming that the President’s train is coming by that evening. Gain thinks it must be President Kids Munt of the Siberian Railway. Sara says they are unable to leave since one of the city units is still lying in the snow unable to move. King Gainer works on pulling up the damaged city unit with no luck. Bello suggests pushing it up from underneath but the ground melts under King Gainer’s feet, causing the city unit to sink even more. Gainer lets it slip to Bello that Gain has a child whose mother is the sister of the Golame pilot. Bello gets worried about what Gain might do with Sara upon hearing Gainer speculate that Gain has been with many women. Mamado comes by and asks Bello and Gainer to gather some wire. A Siberian Railway car drives down the tracks, shooting at elephants as they pass by the tracks in front of it. Aboard, President Kids Munt laughs and says the trains will never stop running. Kejinan is nervous, but Enge thinks they did the right thing by reporting St. Regan. Kids Munt has the real Meeya Laujin perform in front of them. Aboard the Bachclone, Gain and Gainer talk about Gain’s plans to attach wires to the passing train cars so it can pull up the city unit. Gainer wonders if King Gainer can use Blackmail’s overcoat to disappear so he can go on the train without being seen. Bello worries about whether the plan will work. Meeya’s manager asks Asuham about if he wants any Meeya merchandise. Asuham thinks they are wasting time, but Kids Munt just thinks he’s being impatient. Gainer and Cona work on putting Blackmail’s overcoat on the King Gainer. King Gainer activates the overcoat but is only able to cause the top half of King Gainer to disappear. By adjusting it, he is able to cause the entire Overman to disappear. On the train, Meeya’s manager complains about the St. Regan officers not purchasing much merchandise. She tells Meeya to change out of her costume before eating. They talk about Meeya’s part in the Exodus and the manager thinks they were lucky for being picked up by Kids Munt. Kids Munt tells Asuham to return to London IMA and that the railway patrol will take care of things. Kids Munt says he’ll catch Gain and hand him over, but Asuham is prideful and wants to do it himself. Gain and members of the Gauli squad wait while the train track nears with wires attached to the city unit. Gain grabs a hold of the wires in his Gotchko and King Gainer takes off. Gain tells Gainer to be careful since he can still see his photon mat. The Gotchko throws the wires, which the King Gainer catches and starts implanting into the train car while invisible. Asuham notices how noisy things are getting and Meeya wonders why the train car is shaking. As the train car starts heading away it starts pulling the city unit. Kids Munt orders the Dogodzos to head out after being told of the harpoons attached to the train.

Some of the wires start snapping off the city unit and Mamado works on adjusting them so they don’t snap. Kids Munt grows angry when the train car is stopped, not wanting to be off schedule. Sara thinks they should have King Gainer try and push the city unit to assist in lifting up the city unit. At that moment however King Gainer has his hands full knocking Dogodzos off the top of the train when they try to detach the harpoons. One of the Dogodzos grabs a hold of King Gainer, but Gain is able to shoot it off with his Gotchko. Gain tells King Gainer to be careful to not damage the train. Sara’s Panther and several others head to assist. Kejinan and Enge think that they’ll be able to show off their skills since Kids Munt’s troops are behaving like amateurs. Asuham tells Zakki that he won’t go out since he thinks Kids Munt will claim credit if he’s successful in capturing Gain. He thinks Kids Munt won’t be able to complain about him remaining in Siberia if he fails. Enge and Kejinan jump to the top of the train and realize that the King Gainer is using the Blackmail’s overcoat. The King Gainer appears to fight them. Kids Munt tells his underlings that if the Exodus succeeds, the Siberian Railway will lose money and won’t be able to pay their salaries. Panther silhouette engines jump about the train to help out King Gainer. King Gainer easily tosses aside Kejinan’s Dogodzo. Sara asks Gainer to return to the city unit. Gain wonders why Asuham hasn’t made a move yet. Gainer doesn’t want to leave Sara alone but Gain says he will help out. Gainer is hesitant, but decides to leave. Meeya’s manager is scared and Meeya says they can get off now. Kids Munt tells the drivers of the train to move aside and drives the train car faster such that the wires will snap. King Gainer tosses aside the Blackmail overcoat and starts pulling the wires to assist. The city unit is successfully pulled up, but King Gainer starts to sink in the ground. Kids Munt thinks if they keep going the city unit will topple over again. Sara’s Panther and the fellow units successfully pull out the remaining harpoons. King Gainer is pulled out of the water by the Bachclone. Gainer says King Gainer’s muscle engine was numb and the system got overheated. Meeya and her manager head out on a scooter hoping to catch up with the Exodus. Meeya comments on how beautiful the sunset is. Kejinan and Enge have to walk back to the train station. There they find Jaboli who tells them that they are going to be assigned to St. Regan. Kids Munt agrees to provide Asuham with the Svarozic railway car as well as Yassaba’s squad if he’ll keep quiet about his actions resulting in the city unit being pulled back up. On the Bachclone, Bello apologizes to Sara for them being in danger. Sara says not to worry about it and that he did an amazing job as well. Gain tells Gainer to tell her how good he did and he just walks away angrily. In the city unit people excitingly watch Meeya perform.


The episode introduces the odd-acting President Kids Munt of the Siberian Railway, who is a fan of Exodus supporter Meeya and concerned more with his trains being on schedule than anything else. He’s also got one of the strangest Tomino character names of all time, from a director who often gives us bizarre character names. Meeya also appears in person for the first time after appearing only as a hologram in the first couple of episodes and it was good to provide some development for her. The Exodus using the Siberian Railway cars to pull up their city unit was an interesting concept, although for the first time in a while there’s no enemy overman for King Gainer to take on. Overall, a slightly better than average episode.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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