La Vie en Rose class


Class: La Vie en Rose
Ships of the line: La Vie en RoseLa Vie en Rose IVRosa Gigantia
Unit type:
 space dock ship
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator(s): Anaheim Electronics; League Militaire
First deployment: unknown
Dimensions: overall length 618.0 meters
Weight: max gross 98,535.0 metric tons
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; 4 x docking arm
Fixed armaments: none

The La Vie en Rose was a class of space dock ship created by Anaheim Electronics. The large ship functioned as a dry dock for spaceship maintenance and also featured a mobile suit production factory. Throughout its service history, the lead ship provided support services for both the Earth Federation Forces and the AEUG. In UC 0083, Anaheim personnel conducted tests on the RX-78GP03S Gundam GP03S Dendrobium Stamen and its support unit RX-78GP03 Gundam GP03 Dendrobium Orchis, which were both part of the EFF’s secret Gundam Development Project. After the Delaz Fleet initiated Operation Stardust with a plan to drop space colonies on Earth, the assault carrier Albion stole the GP03 to combat the Zeon remnants. Starting in UC 0087, the ship provided maintenance support to the AEUG during the Gryps War and First Neo Zeon War. However, in early UC 0089, the ship was heavily damaged by an attack from Ple Two’s NZ-000 Queen Mansa. Decades later, the La Vie en Rose IV supported the League Militaire during the Zanscare War of UC 0153.

Captain: Emary Ounce (La Vie en Rose)
First appearance: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Original mechanical designer: Kazumi Fujita


Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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