Layzner Ep. 22: Showdown with Folon


Layzner dodges fire from the Bloodykaisar and wonders again if Gale is the pilot. Several Bravers and Solomcos open fire as well, so Folon activates V-MAX for self-defense. Layzner rushes toward Giulla’s Braver, but Eiji states that there’s no need to fight and orders Folon to retreat. Julia fires at Layzner, but it flies away at high speed and escapes. On the flagship, Gresco wonders how Eiji got his information and decides they can’t let him run free. Hiding in some satellite debris, Eiji thinks about how people have died so that Layzner can maintain the secret of Grados’ origin. He wonders again about Gale and if he really died or not. The Edwards Air Base prepares for battle with the Gradosians, but Anna is only concerned about Eiji’s safety. David wonders if Earth can really win against Grados, but Rohan notes that ignorance knows no fear and that the Gradosians are being underestimated because they’re unknown. Arthur is annoyed that he had to come back after finally being reunited with his mother. Simone shares with Anna that she is also worried about Eiji’s safety. In the flagship’s SPT hangar, Karla confronts Julia and mocks her for letting Eiji get away. She states that the Bloodykaisar is Gale’s unit, and its red color scheme represents Gale’s grudge, so it should only be piloted by someone who can avenge him. Karla questions whether Julia can do that since Eiji is her brother, but Julia says nothing. Karla thinks she should pilot it because of the affection Gale had for her, but Julia says their relationship was only that of an officer and subordinate. Karla refutes that and claims that Gale came to her to bury his feelings for Julia. Julia says that’s all a lie because Gale is alive in her heart, and Karla shoots a gun near her face. Julia leaves and thinks that she’s betrayed her parents again because Ken wanted the entire family to escape and warn Earth of the impending invasion. However, she chose Grados because of her love for Gale, so Eiji was entrusted with warning Earth. But then Eiji killed Gale, which causes Julia to cry. Zuhl’s coffin is ejected into space, and Gresco informs his senior staff that the third phase of the invasion is starting, so he wants to settle things decisively with the final plan. Computer displays show the plan, which involves destroying the ozone layer to inflict severe damage with UV radiation. One of the staff recalls that this same plan was used to suppress the planet Nemein, but this time the layer will only be destroyed around large population centers.

Eiji wakes up from a dream about Gale’s death and is angry that Folon activated V-MAX and killed Gale. Eiji asks if a secret is that important, and Folon answers that it trumps everything else. Eiji unstraps himself and declares that he doesn’t want anything to do with a logical murder machine. Folon notes that Eiji knows the secret of Grados’ creation, and Eiji asks if Folon is going to kill him for that. He dares Folon to kill him, so Folon targets Eiji with Layzner’s rifle. Eiji then recites the secret, which is that ancient Gradosians came to Earth as their species was dying out and used the genetic patterns of kidnapped humans to infuse new life to the species. Because of this, Earthlings and Gradosians are the same. Folon states that this was all kept secret because the Gradosians didn’t want the descendants of abducted Earthlings to know their history and take over Gradosian civilization. Eiji notes that Folon doesn’t have any proof that contact between Earth and Grados will result in the downfall of Grados. Folon states that its existence is proof, but Eiji counters that his own existence is the proof. Eiji demands that Folon either acknowledge his existence and withdraw, or kill him. After calculating for a moment, Folon withdraws and returns control to Rei, who provides a status report. Layzner flies over to Eiji to pick him up, and Rei relays a message from Folon, which entrusts everything to him, including V-MAX. Eiji asks Rei about V-MAX, and Rei explains that it’s an emergency system. Rei then picks up the approach of Guerlain satellites used to destroy an ozone layer. Rei reports that the satellites were used on Nemein, and Eiji recalls that the massacre is the biggest disgrace in Gradosian history. Eiji takes off to destroy the satellite, which opens fire on him. The heavy fire from the satellite prevents Eiji from getting close, so Rei recommends using V-MAX. With the extra speed from V-MAX, Eiji is able to penetrate the satellite’s core and blast it, causing its destruction. Rei then picks up the approach of five SPTs, and although Eiji wants to retreat, that’s not possible due to the V-MAX energy consumption. Eiji asks Rei to quickly make calculations for atmospheric re-entry. Giulla grants Julia permission to fight Eiji alone, and Eiji’s shocked to hear her voice. She wants Eiji to fight her and atone for killing Gale. He tries to explain what happened, but she refuses to listen and opens fire. Eiji says that Earthlings and Gradosians are the same species, but Giulla orders Julia to ignore that. Eiji states that their existence proves what he’s saying, but Julia only wants to fight him. Layzner begins atmospheric re-entry, so Giulla orders his forces to pursue. Gresco’s flagship activates the other Guerlain satellites.


The major secret of Gradosian creation has been revealed (at least to us as the viewers). Dying ancient Gradosians kidnapped primitive humans from Earth and used them to infuse new DNA into their species. Whatever those ancient Gradosians looked like, their DNA has faded into obscurity since modern Gradosians look entirely human and can breed with Earthlings. Given the superior attitude that some Gradosians have displayed so far, it would be too shocking for them to accept that they’re descended from lowly and primitive Earthlings. After confronting Folon, Eiji is finally able to gain control of V-MAX and accept that Gale is dead, but that’s unfortunately not enough to convince Julia. A confrontation with a highly obsessive Karla triggers a minor flashback that gives us a look at the Grados homeworld. Ken Asuka wanted the entire family to escape, but when Julia chose Gale, it fell to Eiji to warn Earth. The Gradosian invasion begins in earnest, and it’s a devastating plan to damage the ozone layer. Eiji had to use V-MAX just to take down one of these massive satellites, so I don’t see how he can do it for an entire network of them.

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Layzner Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano
Tsunehisa Ito
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Endo Miego

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Moriyasu Taniguchi

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

38 episodes; 3 compilation OVAs

Japan 10.03.1985 – 06.26.1986

38 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 08.21.1986 – 10.21.1986


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